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Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go

Within my book of poetry, Love Letters: The Timeless Treasure, I had written the poem, “Never Let You Go,” from which my book Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go was born. This is an eternal love story where love lives eternally for the question throughout time was and shall always be, what is love? When do you know you are in love? Does love end eventually?

Here, I have gifted all of you an eternal love story, a historical romance fiction.

Within these pages, the characters will prove to you what love is through their lives lived. They will answer your asked questions about how you know you are in love. They will also show you love never dies as love is eternal. The answers to all of your unanswered questions regarding love will be answered through the magical love stories of my characters as they become alive through the pages of this enchanting book.

Travel time with them and enter another world where time will forever stall through the magical world of love. Within these pages, you will enter the Spanish Netherlands in the sixteenth century, when the Netherlands was fighting for her freedom and independence.

In this war zone, however, you will get acquainted with my evergreen beloved Jacobus van Vrederic.

Evergreen he will be within the eyes of his readers throughout time. Today, you will want to travel to his land and find out all about his love life and his belief. Did he find his beloved? Was he able to recite to her “Forever You Are Mine”? When his beloved told him not to spread tears as his eyes they may be but the tears are hers, did he keep the promise he had given her?

An evergreen lover travels through the Spanish Netherlands through a war zone, while fighting through his own inner war. Get to know him today and meet his ever beloved through his eyes. Find out how he keeps his given vows, “I Shall Never Let You Go.”

Forever Jacobus will remain evergreen as today you the romantic soul will hold on to him, so shall tomorrow a romantic soul be seeking a simple love story. Through all of you, Jacobus and his beloved twin flame shall live on eternally.

As the book title says, Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go, so just like they won’t let go of one another, neither shall you let go of them.

This is a passionate, heartwarming, everlasting, tear-jerking, historical romance fiction placed in the sixteenth century. When love was charming and enchanting. When love made a powerful impact to the inner soul of all humans. A clean soul touching powerful romance fiction will take you back in time and to a place you won’t forget or want to leave. As the readers of this book had sat with a box of tissues and told me, they want to find out where Jacobus was, and if they could meet him or go to his neighborhood.

I have a surprise for all of you as this is a full individual story yet this is part of a series.

The characters will be back in the sequel, Evermore Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go.

The setting is also the Netherlands. The story takes place through a real war zone that did take place. Yet the characters are only available within the pages of my book. You actually can visit the places and cities mentioned even though the story and characters are fictional.

A reader has sent me a letter saying the characters within her eyes will always be alive as they are so powerful and impactful. Today, you too can be a part of this historical romance fiction as you order your copy of the enchanting romance fiction.

Travel time and land within the time period of Jacobus van Vrederic.

Join him as he fights time and tries to keep his vows and his given promises to his beloved. Learn secrets that he will uncover through a war-ravaged country. Join this enchanting lover as he fights a war within his inner soul through a war zone.

Come and become a fan of Jacobus and replenish and rejuvenate your faith in true love. Love is eternal and immortal throughout time. Today, like true twin flames you too can rise from the ashes and be like the rising phoenix who believes in twin flames and eternal love stories.

Believe in love and true love stories. Rekindle your love life and love story as you learn from the characters of this eternal love story. Love stories do become historical evermore as they reawaken our inner faith in love and ever after through vows made and vows kept.

After thousands of nights, life gives us such love stories that awaken us to the faith of the land of true love and your ever beloved.

This book is one such book where you too will say to your beloved, Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go.

Available worldwide on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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