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THE HEALER / Spiritual Songs
Part of the Spiritual Songs series:
Editions:Paperback: $ 13.00
ISBN: 978-0692852279
Pages: 241

This is a prayer book for all race, color, and religion. May all unite for there is one Creator and we are the creation. This book contains 100 prayers and is not affiliated with any religion. May this be an inspirational friend throughout your journey of life.

Songs are the sweetest energy of life. They bring to union all race, color, and religion. A song for me is also a prayer, a spiritual awakening where my love for all humans comes to life. Through this, we the creation unitedly can call upon our Creator without any religious affiliation, where peace, harmony, and bliss exist. Nothing more. Nothing less. Here, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a religious individual, or one with no faith at all can unite in a heartfelt song we sing together while keeping our own faith and including all humans as the children of The Creator. Let us the judged not be The Judge. Every day, I repent for the unknown sins of the mind, body, and soul. I pray for all humans to be just friends, to be just nice to each other. May our actions not ruin a day for a neighbor or a stranger because we choose our own way of life. May our paths, even though different they may be, create a bond of humanity amongst all the humans.

These thoughts came pouring down onto my lap as I was gifted with blessed dreams from Heavens above. I believe in dreams as they have guided me throughout my life. Some dreams I have shared with others and some I have kept within my soul. I have kept a diary of my dreams as they have been remarkable as time passed by me. Never had I thought I would share them publicly. I have followed my dreams as I know dreams are just that, dreams, until we convert them into reality. So, I have now taken my dreams and created a prayer book for all race, color, and religion. May this book be the bridge of mercy uniting all humans and give back to us the basic moral value called humanity. So, from my chest I give you, "Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest."


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