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In my mind as I recapture 2021, I only wonder what a year it has been. At the beginning, I wondered what would the world look like, in one year? Would we all come out safely at the end of this year?

Here we the world population were forced to hide within our personal grottos for safety. Our common enemy was a virus, that spread all around the globe, not sparing anyone. I must say I appreciated my log cabin in the foothills of a mountain range. I could safely create another world. Also, I could hide the pain of this world and bring out for you and me another paranormal world. This world would be written within the pages of my diaries.

I would call these diaries my Kasteel Vrederic series. This year we all watched how pain and suffering had engulfed this world. Yet I wanted to give you all something to hold on to during this time period. Like a shawl on a cold winter morning, a cup of coffee during the early morning hours. I, with the power of my pen, tried to give you some hope, some love, and a lot of paranormal love stories. 2021 gave birth to the Kasteel Vrederic series. 

In my dreams, I had painted a picture of twin flames, where a small home would be created purely out of love.

There two hearts would become one in the moonlit world where the aching heartbeats of half of a twin flame is only felt by the other half of the twin flame. Where the walls of a home would be the only witness to an infinite love story written throughout time. Here we could say if only walls could talk. Here a paranormal lover’s lighthouse would guide twin flames to one another life after life. For within my heart I believe one lifetime with you my beloved is not enough.

For I want you to be mine, life after life. I love you so much I repeat throughout time, if only you are mine. So like the rising phoenix I drew out on my imaginary canvas, the twin flames of the Kasteel Vrederic series. As my gift to all twin flames of this one world, I now have placed my imagination onto the pages of my books. I call this paranormal infinite love stories my Kasteel Vrederic series. 

Travel with me through centuries, where love stories were buried within the walls of a castle. Here you will see lovers calling out to one another like the nightingales throughout the moonlit skies over centuries. For even though you might not find your beloved and wonder, if this unjust life has kept you two apart. Yet would you stop loving your twin flame because you remain apart? Would your heartbeats not sing his name? For the musical rhythm of my heartbeats created for all of you my Kasteel Vrederic series, where the common thread between all the books is the castle I call Kasteel Vrederic and the leading character, the original diarist, Jacobus van Vrederic. 

Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go, the first book in the series is written to introduce you to a paranormal romance family saga.

This series starts in the sixteenth-century, war-ravaged country known to you all as my dreamland the Netherlands. Here twin flames are separated. A father’s eyes search the world for his child’s living heartbeats. Here you will realize how not everything in life is found, yet even in loss you find everything. For all of you know my favorite line. Tears are my best friend, for I have found out if I can’t laugh with you, then I will cry for you. At least all my love and joy are only for you. In this book, you will be introduced to the sixteenth-century diarist Jacobus van Vrederic and to the forbidden daughter of Kasteel Vrederic.

Evermore Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go is the second book in the series where I found the paranormal activities had begun.

From the witch burning trials through the war-ravaged Netherlands, an infinite love story takes birth. For is it not our inner wishes, if no one on this world could help, then maybe someone from the beyond would. Yes in this book we see paranormal activities begin, as we are introduced to the spirits of the Kasteel Vrederic series. Here you will also meet and greet a gallant knight and a family seer. In this book, you will realize love is found everywhere. At times, it knocks upon you when you are not even watching.

Jacobus van Vrederic asks all to follow their heartbeats, as he too follows his and realizes they never lie. A child will enter this book where she will be known throughout time as the beloved grandchild of Kasteel Vrederic. I realized my heartbeats kept on saying I shall never let you go as I only imagined of my evermore beloved, and created the second book in the Kasteel Vrederic series. Here you will find another paranormal love story from the beloved diarist Jacobus van Vrederic.

Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond is the third book in this series.

I wished in my heart to my twin flame, as I wrote this paranormal love story for all of you. Here we watch the stories from two different perspectives as the love story takes birth. Don’t you ever wonder if your twin flame is thinking about you at this moment? Is he watching the same moon glowing upon the night skies, you too are under? Here I will take you through these feelings of a beloved. In this paranormal romance novel, you will see how I a dream psychic take you through the world of dreams. I will also take you on a journey through reincarnation.

As we could not travel this year, I have through my book taken you on a journey through the land of mystery, India, the land of my dreams the Netherlands, and my hometown, Seattle, Washington, USA. In this book you will see the true meaning of eternal love and faith in one another. In this paranormal romantic family saga, you will see how Jacobus van Vrederic united his parents in the twenty-first century. You too can call upon your twin flame through all your faith and repeat you don’t believe in destined destiny, but Be My Destiny.

Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond is the third book of this series.

I had repeated throughout this year as I reminded myself as long as my heart beats, it will forever beat his name. My pen took upon herself this phrase as I wrote this infinite paranormal romantic murder mystery. My thought was, it matters not if your heart beats or not my name, my heart beats your name. You will see how a Kasteel Vrederic family son who was born blind, can’t sleep as he keeps on hearing the musical sound of heartbeats. With newly found sight, he follows his sixth sense and tries to solve a murder mystery.

Throughout his journey, he knows if all fails he still has the blessings and guidance of the inhabitants of Kasteel Vrederic. Come and get into the boat with him as he lets the Grim Reaper know, he will not allow his twin flame to float away from life toward death as long as his heart beats. Here you will watch how Jacobus van Vrederic’s reincarnated form united his brother and his twin flame. For within this family saga, we see another set of twin flames call upon one anotheras they say, Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond.

Entranced Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go is a phrase I repeat like a prayer. This is the title of the fifth book in this series.

For I believe time and tide pass us by yet love lives on throughout time. For all of us can keep the memories alive throughout time through our memories and give this gift to our future generations through the pages of a diary. Yet what happens if there are no diaries left behind? What if throughout time you become nothing more than dust? It’s then I again brought on my pen and have brought for all of you another paranormal romantic family saga.

Here you will see how the twenty-first century inhabitants of Kasteel Vrederic with the guidance of the incarnated form of Jacobus van Vrederic, fight even time and destiny to save their ancestors of the seventeenth-century Kasteel Vrederic. A time traveler I had become as I took all the inhabitants of the twenty-first century Kasteel Vrederic on a journey crossing even time. For love crosses all obstacles even time, where and when you too the beloved only believe. All you have to say is, Entranced Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go.

Love became immortal and infinite through the pages of my books.

The year began as I introduced you to Jacobus van Vrederic and the forbidden daughter of Kasteel Vrederic. So as the year ends and five books of the series are out, I would want all of you to follow me and welcome the year 2022 and introduce yourself to my next book releasing in the new year. Life is a circle and everything ends where it begin. I had started this year as I introduced you to the Kasteel Vrederic series. I ended the year as I gifted you all with five infinite love stores from this series. The year had begun with Jacobus van Vrederic and ended with his reincarnated form Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip. 

The family saga of Kasteel Vrederic will continue in the New Year.

Remember I had begun the journey with Jacobus van Vrederic and the famous forbidden daughter. So 2022 will begin again with the famous diarist Jacobus van Phillip and the famous forbidden daughter. I give you my next book in the series releasing in 2022, Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic: Vows From The Beyond.

Keep on dreaming as all dreams are just that dreams until they become reality. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from the Kasteel Vrederic series.


Ann Marie Ruby

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