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In my mind as I recapture 2021, I only wonder what a year it has been. At the beginning, I wondered what would the world look like in one year? Would we be able to cross the pandemic safely? Every single human living on Earth wanted to get back to normal, yet what is normal, hence going forward? I know the river of life only goes forward. We the humans too can only go forward. Even if we want, we cannot freeze time, nor can we reverse time, or make it go faster. Our individual gondolas we all are traveling in are all floating in the same river of life. For in this river of life there is only one entry in and one exit out.

During our journey through life, we all deal with individual problems and individual success in life. Yet I wonder how then we the humans of this time period are all going through the same pain and are crossing the same obstacles. Yet I know pain is differently managed and tolerated by different individuals. Even though we the humans of 2022 are traveling through the same twirling tunnel, we must all patiently sit tight and row patiently within our gondolas, as we pass the tornado crossing the river of life.

Yet how do we deal with each individual obstacle and cross this obstacle unitedly?

I believe during the past two years, we all attended the same school of life. We all are learning from the same obstacle of life. Like I had said in my book, “Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.” Today we all are learning from the past two years of the pandemic’s journey through our time and combined destiny. 

The journey was and still is very hard as at all times we are all driving our individual vehicles in the dark with bare minimum guidance. I keep on watching out for my vehicle’s blind spot. For remember even if you are in the right and are traveling safely, someone just might appear and be in your blind spot. You don’t see them and know of them yet they are there.

So today if you are the person who has taken all the vaccines and are following all the given guidance of the scientific scholars, you still might be at risk. For in your blind spot, there still are people who are not vaccinated nor are they taking any precautions. Yet I still ask you the one who has his or her hands on the oars trying to keep your own gondola safe with your loved ones on it. Don’t travel with fear but travel with knowledge. Travel slowly and steadily. Remember there is a tornado we are all amidst. Keep the distance from one another and do wear your own protection, your mask. Protect yourself and others through this small and kind gesture.

While you are stuck within this tornado, the ferryman of your gondola will ask you to wear your life vest.

If you are riding a bus, the bus driver too will ask you to wear your seatbelt. If you are traveling through air, the pilot of your plane would ask you to wear your seatbelt. Now the ferrymen, the bus drivers, the pilots are all replaced by the faces of our scientific scholars. For within this storm they are the only ones who can guide us through this sci-fi real-life drama, the nightmare pandemic of the twenty-first century.

Today our guides, the scientific scholars, are asking and showing us to do as they are doing and had been doing for centuries. They wear a mask as they treat and heal their patients. This gesture is done to save oneself and all others from one another. I ask you to be a part of the healers and get vaccinated while you wear a mask to protect yourself and all others.

Empty vessels floating in the river within the ferocious tornado are powerful and very annoyingly loud. They are obstacles for themselves and all others around them. I ask you, why are you letting these empty vessels drown you within the anger-filled tornado in the cold freezing river? Why don’t you become a gondola and throw life vests to all who can catch them? Then pick up as many as you can on your gondola and take them to safety. For I understand the empty vessels and their noisy noises sound very attractive.

I hear so many of you listening to these empty vessels.

For it’s easier to float within the crowd rather than stand alone on your feet. Yet I would want to be alone and be on the path of the right, rather than float with the wrong. For I know it’s easier to drown with a popular group of people than stand within a storm all alone. You the powerful voice of the wrong will not make me commit the worst sin of my life. For I will not listen to you and place in danger my human brothers or sisters. For I know your furious unjust mind and voice are just unjust and wrong. Invisible virus you spread through just breathing around your own group of people, for what? Just to prove a point. What if you are wrong and have placed in danger one single life? One life is a life too many for my satisfaction.

I know the musical storms of life are not always sunny. Mr. Thunder, Mr. Lightning, Ms. Rain, and Ms. Wind too give us a concert we can all join and enjoy without placing ourselves at risk. Mother Nature brings dangerous storms upon our paths. Yet her anger-filled storms are visible and noticed by all of us the children. For we the humans and the animals can take shelter from Mother Nature’s furies until they pass. Yet how do you take shelter from a storm you are not aware of?

Recently a friend of mine was placed in danger by the powerful wrongful hands of the unjust humans.

Knowing a person had tested positive for COVID-19, a certain person did not disclose this incident to his management team. It took him more than forty-eight hours to know the simple fact as words had traveled from mouth to mouth. I had asked my friend why he did not complain to the HR about this. He said he was the sole bread earner and if he does say something, his job might be in jeopardy. I had asked him what about his family, as he was the only bread earner? What if something had happened, what would have happened to them? He had broken down in tears and said he has no words as he was an essential employee. He was taking the burden of the society on his shoulders. Yet we the society place our burdens on their shoulders without any basic guilt. Where have we come and landed upon, I ask you all. Does this society not carry any basic moral values?

Humanity has lost the inner souls of the human minds. So many big companies, banks, doctors, pharmacies, groceries, and all essential employees are being placed at risk. They are not looking out for their own employees. I know one such employee asked his own organization’s HR, why is it the employee’s health does not matter, yet if the employees fall the company too would fall. Yet I knew he went to work the next day without his work place even being cleaned out properly.

I know blind spots are dangerous driving situations on any given day.

Then why are we the people placing ourselves or are being placed, in the big and noisy vehicle’s blind spot. Everyone is trying to only move forward without even thinking about the person who is by force left at your blind spot. Then I watched another friend cry as she was furious of being stuck inside of her house as she has underlying conditions. I listened to all of these voices and knew each person had his or her own troubles.

Children too are being placed at risk as I had a dream in 2017 where I had seen this virus spread throughout this world. I told you about the three doses of vaccination being administered for the virus. I had written about the virus in my book published in 2017. Yet I had another dream where I had seen a child. She walked into a restaurant with her parents who were vaccinated. They were all enjoying a nice dinner. The child broke out in fear as she cried she would be dead. I asked her why she spoke like that. She had told me, her parents were all vaccinated and they are now going out everywhere as they were free. Yet because she was still four years of age she had no vaccines. She cried as she said no one in her family cares she might die. I hugged her and told her in my dream she would be fine as I would pray for her to the Lord.

I woke up crying for an unknown child years ago.

Yet today I know so many children under the age of five are at risk, because you the parents are placing their lives at risk. Try to keep them safe until we do get a vaccine for them. No dinner outings means more family time together. Instead of a movie night at the theaters, let’s do movie nights indoor. So what if we can’t go to a concert, or have dinners out? It’s all still worth it if only we could all in union save one more life.

I heard the Holy Spirt say it’s all alright.

I asked him how will everything get back to normal. He said it is normal. For a person who can’t see, it’s all normal for him. A person who can’t walk, it’s all alright for him. So now since everyone on Earth is going through the same unnatural disaster, I call a tornado through the river of our lives, it’s all alright. Everyone shall be alright if only you work with one another not against. You are the driver who must keep an eye out for your vehicle and all of the vehicles who are driving without maintaining the laws of the land, or even the basic moral values. I alone can’t do anything so let’s all in union look out for one another.

Let’s row our gondolas safely to shore with one another. There is no competition in this tornado as we must be safe first. We must keep an eye out for all the essential staff, the medical personnel, and the young unvaccinated children who can’t get the vaccines even if they wanted to. Let’s hold on to all of them in safety cuddled within the arms of their aunts and uncles of this society. If only I could, I would open my house up for all of you and keep you in the safety of my home until the storm passes by us.

Until then, do know for your emotional support, I have my personal prayers sent out to all of you through the pages of my prayer books. Spiritual Songs and Spiritual Songs II, I have written for all of you looking to recite a sweet prayer for your own comfort of mind. Like a reviewer had said about Spiritual Songs II:

“This book is great for those who may be searching for prayers to guide them through all life has to offer. Whether its reassurance, affirmation, sadness, loneliness etc… this book has a prayer for it all.” (Amazon Review)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For all of you who need to travel, do read my two books on the Netherlands as they will keep you busy until it is safe to travel again.

We the world population were forced to hide within our personal grottos for safety. I must say I appreciated my log cabin in the foothills of a mountain range where I could safely create another world. This world would be written within the pages of my diaries. I would call these diaries my Kasteel Vrederic series.

Why don’t you enjoy these books and dream a little with these characters tonight in their home, Kasteel Vrederic?

Don’t feel lonely tonight for we are all floating through the same river within the worst unnatural tornado of this century. Yet as you try to guide yourself and your family to safety, do keep an eye out for the stranded strangers crying out for a helping hand. You can give them a helping hand by guiding them through the words of the scientific scholars. Spread words of precaution, spread safety rules, spread love, but do not spread the virus. Remember everyone spread only love not hatred through your journey of life.

This century’s worst nightmare is upon us. This storm we must all cross in union. For it is like the biblical periods of Moses where they had to cross a river and Moses was there to guide them through. Today we have his guidance and know if we hold on to one another and help one another, we too can cross this storm safely. So hold on to one another and for one another, let’s keep our distance and wear our masks, get vaccinated and wait out in our own gondolas as we row our own gondolas to safety through the unnatural tornado brewing through the journey of our lives. You the reader, be safe and take the precautions you need to keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe for right now there is a tornado crossing the river of life.

Be safe, spread love, not the virus.

Ann Marie Ruby

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