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Standing by the seashore, I wonder why is it I can’t see the end or the depth of the sea? I knew the sea flows from one country to another changing her name at times. I waited for the sunsets to appear on the sea before I headed back home. It was then I realized the sky too doesn’t end or at least I can’t follow him either. Yet as I came home, I watched the beautiful rays of the sunsets appeared above my home. I said to myself as I told Mr. Sun, I had traveled so far to see you set over the amazing sea.

Yet here as I watch you over my small cottage, I must say you are miraculous. I thought my destiny was at the seashore watching the sunset and running toward it. Yet I realized with astonishment why am I chasing destiny? For destiny is what I the traveler shall make of it. For where I stand at the end of my traveling journey is my destination. So you the reader too should always remember, not to give up on your dreams.

For do know even destiny remembers destination is still waiting ahead. 

I realized even if I had missed the miraculous sun setting over the sea, I could still catch the sun setting over my small cottage. The difference is what I want and where I choose it to be. For destination has not skipped a beat and left us behind for always destination is our future. We are always in the present and our dreams and desires are always in the past, the present, and the future. So why lose hope for the future that still is ahead of you? Today I want you the one losing all of your hope to wake up and remember to hold on to the hands of Mr. Hope as your created destiny still awaits your arrival in the future.

A person told me she felt let down by her life. She was tired of searching for her preplanned future goals. For always she missed her final goals as somehow they never united. Yet I told her maybe the destiny she so hoped for was not her destination. For her journey still continues and she could create her own destiny in due time.

I sent her a card which read, “Pick up Mr. Patience during your journey through life, for he will take you safely to your destination. In the meantime, do dream of your future and with your blessed feet you can slowly create a path to your selected destination. Even if you have encountered an obstacle on your path you must keep on moving forward. This hindrance you have encountered just means you just have to walk around this difficulty and keep on going forward. For that’s the only way you will meet up with your destination.”

I know life does not always agree with us as at times different foods chosen by ourselves too don’t agree with our physical bodies.

As a diabetic, I had to give up all of my sweet cravings and my love for carbohydrates too had to be redirected. All my life I had welcomed dawn with fresh baked breads. On Sundays after church, I had stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee and a donut.

Yet I realized the donut, the bread, and I had to redirect our connection. I did not allow my destiny to be destined, yet I chose my destiny. As I let go of my sweet and carb craving, I learned to bake low-carb breads and make low-carb doughnuts. I understood it’s not what I planned or hoped for. Yet as I held on to the hands of Mr. Hope and Mr. Patience, I walked toward my destination holding on to the hands of Ms. Dream. 

Don’t ever stop dreaming or let go of your dreams.

Remember with hope and patience, you the traveler will end up at your destination. Our chosen destinations change with time as the rough seawater comes and at times wipes away all on her path. The dream sandcastles we had built on the shores of the wild sea, get washed away in the cold waters of life. Believe these seawaters were all created from the tear falls of all humans knocking, seeking, and asking for their lost destination. Like a fog these dreams came upon us and as the fog lifted, these dreams too faded away like a mist.

Yet we the humans must remember we have the power to dream again. We can recreate our dreams as we move toward the future. For remember dreams are just that dreams until they become reality. For you alone have the power to dream and convert your dreams into your reality. Keep on dreaming for it is the only way you can make them your destination.

Mr. Destination is waiting for all in the future. As always where and when we meet up with the obstacles of life we should remember to replace our plan with a new one and keep moving toward the future. These achievements and rejections of life are our life’s journey. They are our buried sorrows or our joyous memories, yet they are our footprints of life. Keep on walking forward as that’s the only path you can walk upon. Why not teach all along the way, about your experiences of life? Leave behind the pages of your life’s journals for all to share and learn from. Yet remember to never give up on your destination as the night is still long and so is your journey. 

So tonight if you are reading this and feel hopeless or lonely, remember life is a journey where if you miss one opportunity, you just have to wait until you meet up with the next opportunity.

Either way remember you can choose your next entry or destination. Dawn will appear and you can rebuild your home on a mountain or by the lake or even on the beachfront. Maybe this time not a sand castle but a cabin that will withstand the unforeseen storms of life. It’s your dream and you can make it your reality. You just need to remember you are not destined to your destiny. For how could you be destined today if your next destination is waiting for you in the future. 

So everyone remember whatever life brings upon your path never give up on life. For the road is long and your journey continues in the future. There might be a big storm ripping all around you today. Remember tomorrow this storm will pass and until then it is you who must be strong. Today you the hopeless do remember to hope for your future destination. You the impatient do wait patiently for your destiny to find its destination. Then you the nonbelievers believe in your own dreams and dream a little about your next destination. For remember to never, ever give up on your chosen destination. I ask you how could you give up on your destination if you have not found it yet? For even your own destiny remembers destination is still waiting ahead. 

Be blessed, be happy, be safe, be healthy, spread only love and blessings,

Ann Marie Ruby

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