Ann Marie Ruby at Kasteel De Haar in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
I am braving out the pouring rain within the safety of my umbrella at Kasteel De Haar in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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Hope is immortal.

We are all traveling through the dark storms in a small boat. Yet we are floating in the vast ocean with something no one can visibly see. It’s called the life vest of eternal life. To you and me, it’s known as hope. For remember even though you and I are all mortal, hope is immortal. So I ask you to hold on to this oar called hope and sail through life with her as your guide. Keep on reciting, “Even though we are mortal, hope is immortal.”

Life is a journey where our own footsteps make up the path. Yet it is true we are at times forcefully placed upon our path, through false guidance. Then at times, we take the wrong path following the wrong people. Also it seems there are so many people trying to put the slippers on our feet. Maybe they think we are all Cinderellas looking out for a Prince Charming. 

Yet in the daylight, we realize they were not our fairy godfather, nor Prince Charming. Yet selfish people trying to complete the race with their own footsteps.

Remember life is not a race nor a game where there are winners or losers, but only a journey completed through your own footsteps marked with your own memories. So why worry about bad memories or the memories implanted by others? Create your own memories through your inner wishes. For when everything fails and there is nothing to hold on to, there shining like the brightest star in the sky, is written the blessed word hope. 

I have a quote I had written years ago in my book of quotations Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey Of Timeless Quotations:

“Don’t give up on hope for remember hope is but immortal.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Today we are nearing the end of yet another year. This year again was filled with sorrow, tears, and fear of lives lost due to the devastating pandemic. It was a year where we all wondered which path should we take? Should we wear a mask or not? Should we take the vaccine that would save our lives and give us freedom or worry about the side effects of the vaccine?

Again the path is there and we the travelers are also there. Yet which path we take will become our own destination.

Were we wrong or were we right will be answered through the journey of life. Yet I will not get onto the last boat of hope without trying to take all I can to safety. I will call out upon all the lost and stranded travelers to take shelter on the only boat we have in the stormy ocean of life.

Maybe you are a great swimmer and can get to shore trying to swim across the storms of the rough ocean. Yet I would try to be safe and maybe seek a boat and try to get to shore within it. 
I remember when I was a teen, I would dream about getting lost in the stormy ocean, where the water would be rough and the winds would pick up, as my small boat would float to safety. It was actually a dream of mine to watch the rough storms that ripple through the oceans. I wondered how did people survive through the rough storms of the wild oceans? As I watched the movie Titanic, however, I realized it’s a nightmare I wouldn’t wish even upon my worst enemies. 

Today I watch people all around me are trying to get out of the storm called COVID-19.

Like the wild stormy waves of the dark ocean, it is hanging around us. It calms down as we try to act normal and then we watch another round of wild waves come dancing toward us like a wild dancer only filled with anger and revenge. Whatever or whoever she finds on her path, she takes with her without even being merciful. 

Yet my question to all is we were foretold about these storms. We were warned about them ahead of time. Yet I realize one day I too had day dreamed about riding out the wild storm on the wild ocean because I just wanted to feel the rush. Yet today a little older and wiser, I know it’s not a path I would take. Why would you then with open eyes take this path? The storm is upon us, so is it not wise to stay inside and be out of the wild storm’s path? All the skippers would ask their passengers to take shelter and wait out the storm. 

Similarly, the doctors and the scientific scholars have advised us to get vaccinated with caution. For they too know it is better to take the protection then be in danger. They do advise all to wear a condom and have protected sex rather than unprotected sex and risk getting infected with any unwanted diseases. Yet I know even in this situation, there are no guarantees. For there are so many side effects and risks related to this too. I would advise abstinence, as that is my choice of preference. 

Yet today we are required to go out and live our life as that’s the only way we all will have a shelter above our heads and food on our plates.

Yet that means we must get out and face the storm, with caution. It’s a dark stormy day where we must go and walk into the wild storm yet with caution. So we must now hold on to the hands of the scientific scholars and take their helping hands as our saving grace. We must all give them our faithful hands in return with complete faith, knowing there still are unknown dangers which even they are not aware of as of yet.

At least we shall have one another to hold on to if we fall. Remember this storm is not just banging on one door or the other, as it is banging on all doors around the globe. So we are all on the same boat. If we all try to balance ourselves properly, we shall all sail safely to our desired shores. The journey through this devastating journey is hard yet remember to hold on to hope. For she is holding on to you too. For I know even when all is lost and nothing can be found, hope will never be lost. Let’s keep sailing through the stormy nights together as dawn will break through with a better day.

Lives have been lost, yet memories left behind are our saving grace.

These memories are our found oars and we are the crew who will find the unseen shores that loom around the dark corners of this world. We will bring ourselves to safety as we try to save one and all along the way. For we are the travelers who are walking along the path we create with our own footsteps. As we go ahead, we must make sure to guide one and all along the way, informing all of the unseen unknown dangers that loom around them. At all times as your companion, do hold on to the hands of hope as your guide. When I find myself in troubled waters, I keep on reciting for even though life is mortal, “Do not give up on hope for remember hope is but immortal.”


Ann Marie Ruby

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