I was standing by the North Sea in Scheveningen, I watched behind me were my own footprints.


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Walking through the journey of life, we all leave behind our footprints. Travelers we all are and our journey is recorded through our footprints. As a child, our birth certificate is recorded using our fingerprints and footprints. Throughout life, it matters not which path you take and which path you yourself decide not to take is imprinted with your own footprints. 

If you have taken the wrong step, or life has placed you on the wrong path, all you have to do is look back at your own travel journey. You can always find all the proof you need as you yourself try to find your own footprints.

This journey of life be it one hundred years or a few, I compare it to a day. The day begins at dawn, and at sunset your footprints will be erased by the waves from the seawater. The calming sea will erase all footprints on her path. For she prepares to clear the path for her newly arriving guests of dawn.

So today before you enter the amazing sunset of your life, do look back at your footprints. Try to figure out your life’s wrong turn through your taken steps through life as you alone have walked upon your path through life.

Circumstances, people, whether they were your friends or they were your enemies had also influenced you upon your life. Yet take a break at sunset and before nightfall, and adjust your route through life. It’s easy to just look back at your own footprints and redirect your own life. Throughout my life, I know I have taken the wrong steps or was placed upon the wrong path. Yet like driving, I had stopped and either asked for help or read the map of my life. I observed my own footprints creating my own path, before darkness fell. It was then I was able to see my own mistakes, or which path I wanted or should take rather than walking blindly with arrogance, ignorance, and anger.

In the white sands, I would take a break and stop to watch the angry and wild sea. I could think clearly as I saw in front of me others too were walking on the wrong path. I readjusted my path accordingly. With the calm sea by my side, I walked. I walked underneath the bright skies filled with glowing stars of the night, who have finished their journey through life. I asked, sought, and knocked for help from their diaries of life. Also, I knew as they became a star, their footprints too became invisible, as the seawater washed away their footprints as she calmed their tired feet.

Yet it was then I realized it’s not who I should follow or who should follow me. Rather, it’s an individual journey we must all take. Yes guided by our elders guiding our young, we should all walk yet with our own feet. 

The journey you must take today is on your own.

For the footprints of life are your own. For guidance look upon your own religion, your own society, your elders, at times even our young generations too could guide you. Yet it is your walk, your life. 

So when at the sunsets of your life you look back and ask but why did I walk upon that path? It’s then you should know tomorrow is yet another day and tomorrow you can change your walking path. For guidance, you have your footprints that you placed upon the sands of life. 

We the humans create a castle on the sand where we plan our life and it’s a complete journey. Yet if we could all just take a break and observe our own footprints, we would learn from our own journey through life. It’s not easy as we are able to see the others yet we can’t see ourselves other than observing ourselves in the mirror. 

So why not stand by the biggest mirror of life, the sea, and observe our footprints on the sand?

Look at the map you have created and then before darkness falls and you have no other guidance other than the floating stars, change your path as you are the only one who can create your own footprints.

Take life as a blessed journey, a walk on the beach, where you too can see your own footsteps. You must stop and look behind yourself for that’s where you have left your own footprints. It’s easy, for you to know when you must stop and look behind, without a stop sign signaling you to stop. It’s your own intuition that trickled on your neck when you know there is something or someone behind you asking you to stop. At that time, do stop and readjust yourself and you will see everything will be just all right.

For you are the traveler. You are the guide. You are the one who has created and left behind your own footprints as your journey yet through life. As a guide for others and yourself, you have become the beholder of your own footprints.

Be safe and be blessed,

Ann Marie Ruby

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