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Do not feel depressed or let anyone put you down. The only person that can put you back up on your two feet, is yourself. No one can take your spirit away from you. Believe in your inner spirit and believe in karma. The world teaches us through our own footsteps from the past, the present, and through the future, about karma. Our footsteps are but reflections of our own self. 

We the the humans take a long journey by foot, where the footprints are only ours. The waves of life even wipe out the footprints you have left behind for the lost and stranded souls. As a human, you must walk for yourself. At every corner, you must watch out for all the obstacles of life. The human traveler I but am, walking upon this path with my basic moral values where I have my inner spiritual wisdom always guiding my mind, body, and soul. I only have the positive vibes to hold on to when a cyclone from the ocean but hits me hard.

I try to avoid walking too close to the ocean in fear of being wiped out by the angry waves of the wrong. Also, I try to avoid waking upon the heated Earth as I know these arguments but only bring misery. Yet, what do I do when and where these angry furious waves of injustice and the heated scorching words of injustice but strike at me from nowhere? I call these events the hurdles of life. They either take away everything from you. Or, you stand strong and let them know they are just wrong and you shall but stand your ground.

Storms come and go, sometimes not touching us. Yet, at times, drowning or burning the grounds we but stand upon.

The wrong of the society is always hard. At times, they take away even the blessed souls of this universe. Yet, we the hurt, the injured, or the victims of this unjust society must awaken from this unjust world. Awaken and find dawn as you remove the veil covering your private cave of protection. Let the unjust waves touch you and let the unjust heat burn you for you shall be the voice of the truth. Burnt and scorched you are, yet this lesson shall be your guide for the future generation, whom but shall take the same journey as you have taken. Remember, your footprints might be washed away. However, all of your personal memories shall be carried only by you as keepsakes within your inner soul.

The lesson learned through your journey of life shall be alive guiding all from the past, to the present, through the future even when your footsteps are but lost.

Your life lived upon this Earth shall be the saving grace for this one world you had tried to guide. If we are blessed, we get to see the fruits of our achievements, yet, I know as a spiritual soul I only plant the trees for all of the future generations to enjoy. I had lived in a house for only two years where I had personally planted a wide variety of fruit trees and evergreen flowering trees. My neighbor had asked me, why had I planted so many trees if I knew I would only be there for two years?

My answer was that I planted for Mother Earth to share with her children. For am I, but not a daughter of this Mother Earth? Then, are all the humans not my family? It matters not which one of my siblings or their future generations but enjoy this gift of mine.

The best gifts given, are the ones that but arrive from the unknown giver for the sake of humanity.

My only gifts to give this world today, tomorrow, and forever are but my words of wisdom. Through these sacred words, I but have given you all my inspirational quotations. I have given you my sacred dream diaries. With all my love, I have written for the humans with humanity, my sacred prayers which I but call sweet songs. Now for all of you, I have another book coming out soon where I have asked all
of the humans to awaken with humanity.

Let us not worry about what we could receive or give anyone, but in union let us bring back ourselves. Let us awaken spiritually within humanity. For when you have your inner self wisdom guiding your mind, body, and soul, it is then you are but the blessing. For all humans awakened to spirituality, are gifts which this world with all her love shall keep safe for all humans throughout eternity.

It is then, the humans but shall say, it is not the footprints we search for but the path that but guided the feet to safety.

On this day awaken from your inner soul, and remember not to be the unjust human, for when this unjust human but knocks upon your door it is then you shall see yourself in the mirror. The tears that have spilled from the eyes of an innocence are but the oceans the innocent bathe in. For all the teardrops of an innocent soul but goes back to the hands of the one and only mother we all but share, our Mother Earth. She holds on to these tears and spills her tears for her innocent child she but holds on to forever. I ask you the human, even if you do not see the inflicted pain you but cause the others, please see the pain you but hurt from.

If it hurts, then why have you inflicted this upon another soul? Hold on to each other as we the travelers of life walk through our journey of life. Leave behind your learnt lessons as a guide. Know as you awaken, so shall all whom but knock, seek, and ask for peace. Spread peace throughout this world by bringing peace within your inner soul. Guide yourself through the dark nights. As you find dawn upon your door, open the doors of dawn to all whom but seek her.

Be in peace first, then spread peace throughout this one world.


*The cover image is a photograph taken in the Netherlands, of me at the Scheveningen Beach. 

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