Have a blessed day!


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Have a blessed day!!

It’s finally Friday!

Let me talk about a simple human trait we the humans have. The unjust anger of the unjust mind. These days I see this trait brews even faster than the weather brews up a storm. A simple harsh word said with anger or in jealousy or out of ignorance can ruin another person’s day. Yet why don’t you try to send the person off by saying “Have a blessed day“?

Friday is the day of recollections, the day you walk through your whole week’s journey through life. Saturday you rejuvenate through your inner soul, as Sunday you repent and rekindle with faith and virtues. You realize your committed mistakes and recollect forgiveness for yourself first and then forgive others around you too. 

Please be positive and do not let habitual behaviors, such as self-proclaimed importance or ignorance, be your guide. Be guided by the light of the eternal truth only. Let the magical words of sorry and thank you heal your inner self and others around you.

Let the morning’s ray of sunshine glow blessings within your heart. The same blessings you would then spread around the globe through your blessed smiles and give your kind and gracious thanksgivings to all around you. For what you sow is what you shall receive as it grows from within you like a tree. Let the tree you planted be filled with knowledge, not ignorance. May this tree be known to your inner soul as the tree of life that only grows from love, joy, and peace.

I hope this day becomes a blessed day through your positive vibes.

Remember those of you who are so angry and spread anger through your eyes will only burn yourself and all of those you love around you too shall burn. No one else will feel it, or no one else will see it or hear of it until it is too late. As you too will only realize when you see all that you have worked for and loved are ashes, burned through your unjust anger.

Let there be peace and love within the eyes of all.

See all through love not through anger. Love heals all, where anger only burns all. Go and breathe in some some fresh mountain air. Walk to the beach and smell the fresh seawater and rejuvenate as you discard all negativities for all positive vibes. 

You don’t need to travel to the mountains or the sea to feel this magical feeling. As you can feel your anger through your mind, you then can convert this anger to love through your mind. Close your eyes and just imagine the mountain breeze. Imagine the calming waves of the sea. Let this be your inner rejuvenation. Now let go of all the anger and pick up only peace and blessings.

Tomorrow is another day. For let go of all the obstacles you created today through your self-proclaimed anger and unjust. Tomorrow let there be love, joy and kindness in the air. Be the teacher who had walked through life as a student and now is ready to teach right and wrong. You are the perfect teacher to do this job as you were the student who gained the knowledge through living your own life.

“Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.”

-Psalms 37:8
So everyone before this weekend comes and passes by, let’s hold on to the lessons of the day.

We know all the days do just pass us by before we can even grab our thoughts. So today let us grab the lessons of this day and keep them as a keepsake. For we can’t freeze the days but can freeze the memories to learn through or hold on to. Look back at the days gone by and learn from your own footprints

Allow your own footprints to guide you through your journey of life. Do take in the notes before another wave comes by and wipes off your footprints. For they are your only path. You are the traveler and your footprints are your guided path that has brought you here. Learn from them and let them guide you and all others traveling behind you. 

Dear everyone, do remember life is only a day. It is filled with lessons created through your journey through life. It starts with sunrise and ends with sunset. So learn from your own path and be the guide for all others who will follow your path and create their own path and own lessons. 

Remember this is a new day. On this blessed day, spread love, spread peace, be in peace as you spread only peace, and don’t forget to say to all you encounter today, “Have a blessed day!!”


Ann Marie Ruby

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