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I am thankful and blessed I was able to author and gift you my Kasteel Vrederic series. This Thanksgiving, I spent my time with my Kasteel Vrederic series. Aside from a very few close friends, my books are my guests at my dinner table tonight.


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Gratitude and gratefulness are found within the hearts of the appreciators. Free gifts given are not appreciated until the gifts are missed. Free advice given by the scientific scholars around the globe is only appreciated by the receivers. Yet is lost to the eyes and ears of the neglecters who walk past and kick the gift at its face. Yet these gifts will be only appreciated when you too might need them and not find them at your dispense.

Today I talk about our scientific scholars who are trying to guide us out of the worst pandemic of the century.

My learned lessons from this year are my Thanksgiving message. As the year ends, let us give our gratitude toward these scientific scholars and at least try to follow their free advice. Let us remember this day began as a day to give thanks for the blessed harvest of the year. So we should give our thanks to the biggest harvest of this century, the COVID-19 vaccines.  Also let us pay heed and wear a mask and keep a six-foot distance amongst one another so we don’t end up six feet under. I would want to hug all of you one day, yet today I only want you to be safe. So for this reason, I will stay far away from you. The reason is because I love you, not because I don’t.

I would like to give my thanks to the blessed scientific scholars around the globe, who have sacrificed their lives to give us a better and safer world.

Their sacrifice and our acceptance of their achievement in union will be our path to overcome the biggest obstacle, the dark pandemic of this century. So please join the effort team and let us in union cross the poisonous sea, within the guidance of the scientific scholars. Today let us not judge them and start questioning if the vaccine is safe or not, rather we could in union help them guide us to safety. The storm is upon us and we are all drowning in the poisonous water. So let’s try to stay afloat and get to shore first. We can achieve this in union as we appreciate the gift and not throw it away before we even accept the gift.

Also I give my thanks to all the world leaders who are trying to keep us safe even at the cost of being unpopular as they enforce the mask wearing and safe distance rules. It is easier to be popular and do and say what everyone wants to hear, like going with the wind or sailing with the waves. Yet it’s hard to sail against the rough tides of the wrongful voices of this society. Like I see today so many around the globe want to make the world mask-free and do a whatever-you-want movement.  I watch you all demonstrate against wearing a mask, you all demonstrate against the COVID-19 vaccine, yet I wonder do you have a better solution? Could you steer all to safety? I watch you all say it’s a disease for the people with underlying conditions, not you.

Yet is it not you who have placed the people with underlying conditions at risk?

So why are you demonstrating against your world leaders? They are only trying to bring all of their citizens to safety. Yes you the fittest and those with underlying conditions. I ask you why are you demonstrating when you are the problem? Even through your demonstrations, you are forcing innocent people to become victims. If you are so certain the scientific scholars are wrong and the world leaders are wrong, then why don’t you conjure up a cure? Why don’t you make this pandemic go away? Then you could have your freedom and do as you wish. You the artist or the fan can go out and party all you want. Let your nights be spent through dancing and drinking as you only care about your own personal pleasures of the night.

You can all take comfort in one night’s pleasure. Yet in the morning when you sit and read the morning newspapers, I hope you don’t read what your actions had done to another family. The dark night’s event had a mother and father stay awake worrying if their children or parents will survive through another night. They prayed with their health advisers, let this night not blow out another candle of hope, because you wanted to party. Yet at what cost do you want this freedom? Will you go and bury all the lost lives of this pandemic?

Will you sit in the hospital room with them? Also, will you guarantee the victims of the pandemic will all be safe and healed? Then why are you so forcefully out there causing people to follow you? You want to lead people, then why don’t you lead them to safety, not into the wildfires you have started?

Don’t judge the world leaders as they are on stage and you are not.

It is easier to judge than to appreciate all who are trying to take us the citizens to safety. I ask all of you who are judging the world leaders and the scientific scholars tonight, can you bring back the dead if you are the one who has caused their death? For remember, it’s easy to judge yet it’s another story when you are the one being judged. I know it’s unpopular and it’s hard to say don’t drink and drive. For then you will be left alone at home while your popular friends go out and party their nights out. Yet in the morning, you might be the one to pick up the phone and bear the bad news of yet another drunk driver and his or her victim. This time, the predator or the prey both might be your friends. 

It’s hard to say wear a condom and be safe. Yet I know in this society where there are deadly viruses hiding to just be free, one must wear a condom to protect themselves. If it was up to me, I would ask all to wait and just practice abstinence. Yet if you can’t, then please protect yourselves and do wear a condom.

It’s hard to say wear a mask and get vaccinated, save your life and all others around you.
Another picture of myself in front of my books that I am blessed to have been able to write and gift this world.

Yet today I know it’s not the popular thing to say. The world leaders have their own citizens demonstrating against them as they only said to use common sense. However, this world has seen the worst pandemic of the century. The death rates and hospitalization rates have risen beyond anyone’s expectations.

The hospital beds are filled up to the brink with COVID-19 patients. The doctors are worried about people with other illnesses, who are not even showing up in fear of contracting this virus. Why don’t you the rioter see this? Or, why don’t you go and help bury the lost family members of this pandemic? Why don’t you help out the doctors and the world leaders who are trying to steer you to safety? Why are you asking the world leaders or doctors to join you and have a drunk night partying with you rather than becoming the stern leader and scientific scholar?

A good and selfless world leader will say, he or she wants to do the right thing and not just be popular amongst you. A good and selfless doctor would ask you to protect yourself and others by wearing a mask, keeping the distance, and getting vaccinated. Also, a good world citizen too would ask you to be safe and keep all others safe even at the cost of being unpopular.

So I too ask you to do the safe thing and wear a mask and please get vaccinated. Why do you want to take a life rather than trying to save a life? We are all sailing through the same storm, yet we all are responsible for our own actions. Remember your personal action does involve other innocent victims, if you the infected just cough or sneeze on even vaccinated people. For then even the vaccinated would fall off of their safe boats, into the cold poisonous sea where they would become another innocent victim.

This action of yours should be compared to a criminal who walks in with a loaded gun and starts to fire in the open air. For on one hand, the criminal with a gun could be seen by the victims and witnesses. Yet on the other hand, the victims of the infected people won’t even have the benefit of knowing their invisible predators.

A very simple pescatarian Thanksgiving meal for only a few of my close friends.
Be responsible for your own actions.

Don’t blame the world leaders or the scientific scholars and do your share. Save a life by saving yours first. Be there for others as they too will be there for you. Put a life vest on yourself and then help to put the life vests on as many as you can. This Thanksgiving, I would like to give my gratitude, my personal thanks to all the scientific scholars, the world leaders, the frontline employees, the doctors, the nurses, the police officers, the firefighters, the grocery store workers, the bank staff, and most of all, to you the individual for wearing your mask and getting yourself vaccinated, so I a person with diabetes, as this is a underlying condition, too could be safe. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may you tonight with gratitude, accept my Thanksgiving message.


Ann Marie Ruby

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