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First day of the last month of 2021. Another year ends as this end marks a new beginning. The true color of nature is always destined to display its colors as it marks its end while around the corner await the new blooms of colors. I awakened early today to witness the first day of the last month of 2021. I still remember how eagerly I had waited for the ringing of this new year. Yet today I know this year will soon bid its farewell as the month started its countdown. We shall all eagerly welcome the new year as today I realized the end marks a new beginning.

Darkness evolved all around the skies at dawn.

I kept watching the vast skies to turn on the amazing light upon this Earth. Slowly the dark skies became clear as daybreak was upon us. I love watching the transition between the dark nights and daybreak for this sacred transition awakens my faith. For it is then I realize miracles are just that, miracles.

This coming new year will not bring changes for us, within a blink. For the transition from the ever so dark nights to the amazing daybreak too takes time. Yet I know this transition will come. In the meantime, why not enjoy all the miracles of the dark night? Even for a while, let’s forget all the pain and loss and just rejuvenate within the blessings of hope

I will never forget all the pain and loss this year had brought upon this world. Living life carefree like our forefathers had lived became impossible. Everyone in the bus, trains, or airplanes had masks on. I could not see if you the stranger were smiling at me or were angry at me. I could not go out of my way and give a hug to the kind strangers on the bus. 

Yet this is all normal and a blessing as while I stay afar from you might seem unkind and strange, it’s actually all my love for you. 

Yesteryears it was normal to show you care by giving a simple hug. Yet now it’s showing you care by staying six feet apart. This is so everyone can travel in union together to the new year.  

While we wait in the dark for the new daybreak to arrive, let’s hold on to the candles of hope. Within my hands, I shall hold on to my candles of hope. Through my open windows, I shall send the glow of hope on to your home. Why don’t you accept my candles of hope and send them to your neighbors? Watch how our combined candles of hope shall glow brightly throughout the dark nights. 

Let there be light through our combined faith of hope. For I believe where there is hope, there is a way. All we have to do is believe in the only sacred word known to us which is hope. For remember daybreak will come after a dark night. The frightening memories of the night will remain as a bad nightmare. The lost memories that we want to keep and not let them be lost, shall travel with us through our memories. 

Together we shall all rewrite new stories and new pages will be filled within our diaries of life.

Some diaries will be filled with tear marks as some diaries will be filled with sweet stories of ever after stories. Yet in union these diaries will be known as the stories of the human lives. This world is the only library which keeps buried within her all the different stories of the humans across this globe. 

As this month comes to an end, we shall all place our diaries safely tucked away. New diaries shall begin and I know some diaries will be lost within the windstorms of this Earth. The lost diaries of history they all become. Yet they too will find a place in the future through your memories. Your words and your written stories, they too will again rejuvenate within new hope. 

Nothing is lost, not a single fallen leaf that fell off or a single life that had left without even bidding farewell. For how can anything be lost if only you and I can carry them within our memories? Like a torch, we shall pass them on to keep them glowing. I call all of these memories my candles of hope. I carry them from my heart to yours as we are united through humanity for one another.

Don’t fear the dark, moonless, starless nights. For I shall be there holding on to my candles of hope for you.

Let the year end, and let there be a new daybreak waiting at the beginning of the new year.

For even through a starless, moonless, dark night I know humans across this globe shall light their candles of hope for one another. Open the windows of hope for one and all. Let the magical breeze of the cold night pour in and rejuvenate all humans across this Earth with only love and blessings. The dark night shall glow within hope, from our candles of hope. In union, we shall all pass this dark night in union. 

Tonight as you wait in the dark all alone fighting destiny and another course of obstacles, remember hope is immortal even though life is mortal. So with complete faith, believe in the blessed word hope. The dark path will end as we are all on this together. We are all the travelers walking upon the same path, at different points and junctures. Remember even though everything might stop and become standstill, time never stays still. So it means we too shall cross this dark night as dawn will come with daybreak around the corner.

Until you meet daybreak just keep glowing your candles of hope. Remember this month will come to an end, and mark the end of yet another year. For a new year waits for us at the other end of the dark night. Dawn always comes with a bright new day at the other end. The end of the dark night shall be greeted with a bright and new dawn at daybreak. As the new day comes upon this world, we shall all greet one another as our greetings shall unitedly sing a new song and say to one another Happy New Year. Yes, maybe we shall all sing with our windows open at daybreak. 

All the residents across this world will open their windows when they see the new year’s sun has reached their windows too.

Do remember in the new year, don’t lose your hope as you must remember one year has ended yet another one begins. Let’s say our farewell to December and welcome January who is waiting at the other end, to enter this world. Now keep a prayer in your sacred soul and keep on reciting the end marks a new beginning. 

Love and blessings,

Ann Marie Ruby

P.S. “Candles Of Hope” is a prayer I had written in my book of prayers I call my songs. 
Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest
Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul

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