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Journey through life comes to an end, with the arrival of the ferryman. I watch so many people cross the ocean of life as their canoes come and call for them. Even then I know there are no fears or tears except leaving one’s loved ones behind. I only hope all twin flames can go and board upon the final canoe that awaits them together. I know we journey to this world alone and must journey back alone. Yet I ask myself, how could twin flames live on, without one another as twin flames are made for one another? Separated at birth to be an individual yet in union they are complete. Then why is it they are separated again at the end of life to unite again in another life? All my unanswered questions found an answer as I realized, even though we the humans are mortal, remember everyone, twin flames’ love is the immortal nectar of life.

Today as I sit and watch yet another amazing sunset over Mount Rainier, I know the sun too bids his farewell to this side of Earth, until we meet again. Yet I will never say goodbye to him the amazing sun as I know he will return again tomorrow with a bright and sunny day. Tonight, however, I will remember him through my memories. For everything ends yet nothing ends when and where memories are kept.

I call these memories my nectar of life. As I believe in reincarnation, dreams, and twin flames, I know this life on Earth is but a day.

Do you the travelers get tired and lonely searching for your twin flame?

I ask you why? Then I ask you again, is your belief system that weak and your love for your twin flame not immortal? For when and where there are twin flames, know it and do believe it, they will unite be it in this life or another. Love lives on through twin flames, through reincarnation.

Like the rising phoenix you too will rise over and over again. Yet you alone know the journey is ahead of you, not behind. So don’t stop walking through life yet, for your journey still continues ahead. In the meantime, have some faith watching and helping other twin flames unite along the path. What an amazing mysterious miraculous journey it is to watch other twin flames unite. Enjoy the journey and keep faith alive. Be happy for others as that’s how you will keep your faith alive. For where and when one set of twin flames unite, that’s when all of the twin flames too rise through hope.

Remember and do read the fictional stories that are given to us, about twin flames.

Not all stories are our cup of tea. Yet all stories were written by the blessed hands of various authors, who will one day write or give you hope to write your true story. Even when you or your twin flame have crossed over, your stories would be written through the blessed hands of an author. So today I ask you not to criticize an author but encourage all even if it is not your cup of tea. Dream a little today through the pages of these amazing miraculous stories.

For tomorrow when the brightest star shines again in the morning skies, your story just might take birth, not in the pages of a fictional book but within your heart that calls and hears the heartbeats of your twin flame.

In the future when neither you nor your twin flame is here, a stranger, an author from the future will write your immortal love story and keep you and your twin flame alive through his or her blessed stories told.

Tonight light a candle and keep the candles of hope glowing. For remember your twin flame is trying to find you through the harsh storms of life. Maybe he is sailing in the rough sea, looking out for the candles of hope you are sending him. Never ever give up on hope for I always say hope never gives up on you. For that’s why we have happily ever after stories, fictional and nonfictional out there. Also maybe just like you believe in twin flames you too could maybe open the windows of hope toward the door of reincarnation. For I believe this door keeps all my love and faith intact, as I keep on repeating, “In this life or another, you shall be mine.” Repeat this amazing line and keep hope alive.

Let love be immortal.

Today I read a newspaper article about a lover who could not wed his beloved as she passed away. The world calls him as a stranger and does not even acknowledge him as hers in any bond, but a stranger. Yet he carries the memories of his beloved in his heart as he asks, does love die at death? Or does it live on even after death? If he was not wedded to her as she took her last breath, what does it make him, her beloved or nothing? A piece of paper gives so much weight to this relationship, yet what if life did not give them time to sign this piece of paper?

On this day, I read an article of a stranger and cried for him and his beloved. I know love is immortal even though life is not. I try to teach all along my journey through life, believe in twin flames, believe in reincarnation, and believe in dreams. Believe in infinite eternal grace and blessings as in one life or the other, twin flames will unite.

Today you the lonesome one remember for you I have written my romantic fictional book series, Kasteel Vrederic.

Why don’t you pick one up and enjoy them while you dream some more about your twin flame.

“This is a book that reminds me to always say I love you to the people I care about, as tomorrow is never promised.” -Review by TheReadingWife about Eternally Beloved.

Tonight you the one who has lost all faith in life, pick up my book Eternal Truth, a nonfiction book that will take you through the tunnel of light.

In this book, I describe my thoughts on birth, death, reincarnation, soulmates and twin flames, miracles, and end of time. This book has also been listed by Ezvid Wiki as one of eight thought-provoking novels written by women.

Do you need to hold on to something to go through this lonely night?

Are you feeling hopeless and you only wish you had something to recite or pray with someone? Then like this reviewer, why don’t you open the pages of my book, Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest and Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.

“I think that is great for those who may be searching for words to guide them through all life has to offer. Whether its reassurance, affirmation, sadness, loneliness etc… this book has a message for it all and if you are looking for such, its a great addition to your nightstand. Finding the accurate words to describe our feelings can be difficult, but here there are just an enumerate amount of daily devotional songs, messages, and great reminders that we are not alone and should not ever feel as such.” -Review by Sweet Southern Gumption about Spiritual Songs II.

My message to the twin flames who seek one another, and the lonely ones who had to bid farewell to their twin flames, is love never dies.

Remember love never ends. Memorize this, love never gives up as love is immortal. Then why are you giving up?

Remember if you are traveling through life searching for your twin flame, he too is searching for you. Maybe you could call upon him like the nightingales this night through the door of dreams. For if you only believe in dreams, if you only believe in reincarnation, it is then you would know how to keep hope alive.

If you the lonely ones are sleeping alone as you had to bid farewell to your beloved, remember love never ends even if life does. Read my book Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond where Antonius says he is sleepless as his mysterious beauty lays asleep under the blue skies. A fictional book that empowers the spirit of love, the true meaning of love. True love lives on even after death. Yes we the authors can change the destiny of our characters, yet in life we hope our Creator changes our misfortunes and unites all twin flames in life or in death.

Yet I ask and pray for all of you the twin flames to be together in holy matrimony in life.

I also pray if life comes to an end and the Grim Reaper is standing with his ferryboat for one, then may he have space for both, or may the ones left behind have enough strength to live on. For my belief is twin flames should never be apart, in life or on in death.

If you are reading this blog post all hopeless know hope is always alive. You have to believe in it, for hope believes in you. Your love story, your journey through the better or worst days of your life will be together in union with the beloved twin flames of your life. All of this will be true if only you believe. For throughout eternity, love stories never end, as there are twin flames creating a new story around each and every corner of life. Watch the rising of the amazing phoenixes all around you and believe in the miracles of twin flames. Smile tonight and know your true love story did not die in vain. For even though humans are mortals, love is immortal. For I believe twin flames’ love is the immortal nectar of life.

Sending my prayers, love, and blessings to all twin flames in this month of love,

Ann Marie Ruby

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