Ann Marie Ruby at the Peace Palace international court of justice vredespaleis Den Haag
Ann Marie Ruby standing in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands holding her book The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic. (Vredespaleis Den Haag)


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Humans across the world are born into different races. We are all divided through our respective religious beliefs. We are also separated by land and water as we are born within different countries. Yet I always believed when everything is lost and nothing can be found to us the humans, that’s when humanity finds its way to us. Humans with humanity join hands and create a bridge through humanity, crossing the religious, ethnic, or racial differences. Yet what happens when humans across the globe forget their humanity? That’s when we the humans will fall as we will only survive if we the humans have under our feet the footing created through humanity. Today though as I watched Ukrainian people try to fight for themselves, I realized the basic human base made out of humanity had collapsed. This morning, I watched people across the globe waking up to another storm brewing across the Earth. Today we are waking up with the realization humanity has lost its footing for humans across the globe lost humanity

This world was created with different race, color, and religion. I always assumed religion was created to keep our faith intact, so we could live a life on Earth peacefully with basic moral values. Yet I watch today how religion has divided the humans.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Which religion is more powerful? Who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell? I wonder why is it you the human who will be judged are judging the others? Why not accept the others and show you are bigger than the ones who divide humanity? Be in peace with your house of religion and be respectful toward all the others. For is it not peace you and your family seek? Then be in peace with one’s own self and spread peace amongst your own and others whom you may or may not agree with.

As the world has become smaller due to technology, we the citizens should have united across the globe. Yet I watch these days people are trying to find their own spot in the society even at the cost of removing others from the same society. Should you go with the western society or the eastern? Preferred skin colors divided the humans. Yet if you believe in your own Creator, why don’t you ask Him why He has created different skin colors. Maybe He should have taken your permission, you the self-proclaimed popular one, before He created you? If you too were created by your Creator, then why are you judging Him for His creation?

Do you have the right to go inside another person’s home and rearrange everything to your wishes?

Or do you the invited guest just behave like a guest? Are we all not a guest on this Earth for not you nor anyone else will find a permanent home on this Earth. For this Earth belongs to the Creator who created His humans and all creation on Earth. 

Today I watch a country fighting for their basic human rights to persist on their own land. A free country fighting to be free from the intruders. I watch as burglars try to break into a home, how it leaves a scar on all the inhabitants of the home. I had an intruder who once had tried to break into my home. Yet I opened the door and told him, not today, not tomorrow, not ever will he be able to break into my home. A home is where a person feels safe. A home is where we all want to live happily ever after.

Yet what happens when that home is broken into?

What happens if you come face to face with the intruders? You ask them to leave peacefully or they will be forced out.

Today Ukraine is under the hands of intruders. These intruders have forcefully entered the homeland of Ukrainians. Today I watch how peaceful humans who were living in their own homeland have become warriors. They all have awakened and realized to find peace they must fight for peace. Peace finds herself when you open the door to her and welcome her. Yes at times you must fight for peace. You have to stay alive first, then you need to have a land to live within, and a home you can live in happily ever after with your family and friends.

Yet if someone tries to bully you out of your own land, your own home, and if someone ousts you from your own land, then you must fight for your land, your home, and your country, to find her peace. Try to fight with peace and for peace. Speak up and let your voice be heard by your neighbors, your neighboring countries, and the world. Let your voice be heard above the skies and within all religious homes.

I ask all Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, religious or nonreligious people from different lands and races to not keep silent.

Silence is a virtue only when you know your words will cause pain to another person. Don’t ever be the voice of pain, don’t spread words in vain, but only for love and peace. Let’s become the voice of the humans with humanity. Come on everyone let’s give voice to this one world. Let’s in union become the voice of those who don’t have a voice. They the heartless humans can ignore one person’s words. Yet how will they sleep in peace if we all joined the voices of peace and kept banging until they wake up from their unjust self-ignorant minds. 

Above and beyond religion, race, or ethnicity, let’s awaken humanity. For does your own religion, your own judgment, not say humanity first? 

I had marveled at the idea, how did our ancestors engage in so much war? Where was humanity through World War I and World War II? I had assumed we the humans of the twenty-first century crossed the war zone and landed upon the era of peace not war. I believed we the humans of this century have made this bridge of union through humanity. Like I always say, humanity first, before and beyond any differences. 

Sacrifice for you my fellow human beings is not a sacrifice when I know amongst all of you there are people who will risk everything for humanity. Today I call upon all the citizens of this world to awaken within humanity. I know there are a lot of you who have said, “but how does this involve me.” Some of you are saying, “Where were you when my land was under siege?” I call upon all of you to not be the voice of criticism but the voice of appreciation, the voice of the donor not the stealer. 

Wake up oh the humans of this one world.

Let’s not ask, “What’s in it for me?” Let’s be the human who gives and finds joy in giving, let’s be the voice of humanity, let’s be the voice against unjust. For when we all unite through even our words of just, we can make a difference. For we must all unitedly send our message of humanity to our future generations by seeking peace today. This peace will find its footing through not staying quiet but by giving a voice through your words. For we must bring peace upon this Earth through humanity. 

My passion for humanity and my devotion to eradicate all hate crimes started years ago as I watched humans attacking other humans. I had written about my own journey through hate crimes in my book The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic published in 2019. Also through my understanding, into how I alone can’t do it. Yet with the united citizens of this world we would be able to eradicate all hate crimes. Individual hate crimes, group involved hate crimes, and now crimes against a society or a country. We must all stand up and let our voices be heard.

Now as I watch the Ukrainian citizens fight for their lives, homes, and land, I know we must not think about our division but how we are all humans with humanity and help one another.

Stand with me for one another not against one another. Stand up for the child who needs your voice today so she or he can find medical care they so urgently need. For your silence has taken away the only survival treatment you can never give them back. I hope today you the world citizen do the right thing. Find humanity within yourself. Wake up to a new world where humanity will create a safer and a better world for our future generations. I only hope and pray we the world citizens can unitedly awaken through humanity, for our future generations. For I hope the future generations, don’t say in 2022, not only a pandemic took lives across the world, but across the world all watched on their television sets, an unjust war broke out only because, humans across the globe lost humanity.


Ann Marie Ruby

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