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On February the 28th, 1909, in New York City, the Socialist Party of America had declared the very first national women’s day. After a lot of tears and a lot of pain and sufferings, we the women got our recognition. Socially, economically, and politically women too are recognized as equal. In my eyes it was simple how could the left hand function without the right hand? In my books, I had written the male lead role had said, “Will you stand by me, in this life and beyond?” The female lead had said, “Eternally I shall be yours and shall stand by you.”

In the world of Kasteel Vrederic, I had created my male characters as the son, the husband, the father, the grandfather, and uncle who fight for women’s rights even in the 16th century.

I believe a son will never put his mother down for we the women bear you the men in our womb. We love our daughters and sons equally. So why would a son grow up into an adult and not treat his mother equally as he treats his father? On this day I ask all of you the sons of a mother to find it in your heart and remember we the women are not asking seeking and knocking for what was, is, and shall always be our treasures, own self-respect. So I say to my readers, stand by me and say in union, within the eyes of the children of this world, the future generations of this one world, we are all equal as we celebrate International Women’s Day.

“Within your womb we found our world,

Yet as we entered another world called Earth,

May we never forget you were, 

And shall always be,

The mighty powerful woman.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Today I want all of you who have been victims of child marriages, those of you the child brides, to stand up for yourselves. For today you don’t have a voice as you are being thrown out forcefully by the powerful voices of the mighty wrong. Yet one day you too will grow up and that day I know you will have a powerful voice as the victim who has seen it all, through your own eyes. I want your voice to be heard and not let it drown in the cold rivers of tears.

Don’t accept the wrong fate as your destiny but wait out the trial as it’s a long and unjust hearing through your life where there are no witnesses nor hands to protect you. Yet life is a journey where you will get a fair trial as you become your own witness and your life becomes a testimony for all future victims.

Fear not the force of the wrong, you the victims of the predators.

Hear my voice oh you the mighty wrong and powerful predators. Fear the force of the right for at the end of the trials, the right shall always find its victory within the powerful hands of the blind Judge. For look at the date today, it is called International Women’s Day. You too only a child today will become a woman tomorrow, with your powerful voice to save all the children who have to agonize in pain and become a child bride tomorrow.

I cry for you the victim within a brutal marriage, as I know it seems like the door has closed in front of you. Here in the western society it is easier, than for you in the eastern societies. Yet believe it from a woman who is from the western society and has experiences traveling around the globe, it is never easy. Wherever we live, what happens in a bedroom between a husband and a wife remains inside of the bedroom. Yet I want all of you to know and believe for every one of you, there is a way out. It’s called, open the door and walk out.

Injured, bruised, and battered you are physically yet remember no one can bruise and batter your soul as it belongs only to you.

A long time ago, a teacher in my college had said she was happy, as she chose to be happy. She was a battered wife, who chose to be happy as she told him in simple words, “No.” It’s not easy and at times it seems like impossible as the doors are all shut from all sides. Yet I found out today’s date shows us there is always hope and a way. For the journey is hard yet there is a path to walk upon.

All you have to do is become the travelers. Not all travelers find their final destination. Yet it did not stop Moses from the Abrahamic religion, from seeking the right path. He had traveled years in search of the truth. It should not stop you either. Safely and secured under the umbrellas of this society’s beloved men, brothers, and sons, we the women shall find our protection. For don’t you see today so many men across the globe too are celebrating International Women’s Day?

My family of readers across the globe, I want all of you to recognize how far we the world citizens have come.

After a lot of struggles and tears we now have a day where everyone calls for gender equality. Soon we will see how the society will in union say no more women shall bare the pain of being battered or abused by the powerful hands of the mighty wrong. You shall all see how the daughters and sons of today shall say tomorrow no more moms or daughters will be allowed to fall prey within the hands of child marriage predators. For wrong is wrong and right is right. Remember you cannot drive on the wrong side of the road. You might be powerful and mighty yet you were driving on the wrong side and shall be stopped today by the awakened members of the society.

For tomorrow the future children of the victims shall in union walk you the predator out of this society. For the future children will say, a son’s heart beats for his mother, a twin flame’s heart beats for his twin flame.

A father’s heart beats for his daughter, a grandfather’s heart beats for his granddaughter. So how could you the unjust stop a heart from beating through your physical and verbal abuses of the unjust mind, body, and soul? Remember today had come to our lives after a lot of waves had passed by. A lot of dark clouds too had bid their farewell after refusing to remove themselves from our homes.

Yet the sun shines upon the bright skies today. Just like the brightest star shining above our heads, our sons too will shine for our daughter as they hold hands in hands and say, we are all equal. There is no gender discrimination. No more mothers or sisters or workers will go unheard by the unjust society, for this society has declared all genders as equal. Within your workplaces you too will be heard as equal to the opposite genders.

All around the globe we the women have proved through the journey of our life, we are equal.

Socially we the women have contributed. Economically we have contributed. Politically we have contributed. We have asked the society, our own children, you the sons and you the daughters to fight for our rights. May no woman awaken tomorrow with a bruise on her body she has to cover up with makeup. May no more child brides be given out as awards or by force. I believe all of these problems shall be eradicated from this society, as this society is made out from we the women, men, our sons and daughters.

Tomorrow as the children of this world awaken they will say, we have to protect all women, as they are all our mothers and we are all here because of them. For remember a mother’s words filled with tears who says, “My son, you are the child today and shall be the man tomorrow, please be sure no abuse or unjust takes place through your hands as I your mother have taken those little hands in my hands and made you into the man you are today in this world. Tomorrow my son do remember me.”

May all the children of today and the powerful society of this world tomorrow make this world a better and safer place to live, as all the children of this world were created from a mother like your mother.

Happy International Women’s Day,

Ann Marie Ruby


  1. It is very good women got their recognition and their rights. So sad that it is not acknowledge in every country.

    1. Yes Hanneke, so true. The day was first organized in 1909 yet it was recognized by the United Nations in 1977. Yet to this day there are women all around the globe who are still fighting for their rights. Labor rights, or trying to get the word out on all kind of abuse women have to go through, even as children.
      I will keep on writing on social awareness issues until there is peace upon Earth.
      Take care, have a blessed day.

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