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Life’s unexpected journey leaves behind bittersweet memories. The sounds of my footsteps of the past are the only sign, I too was there. Yet with time as the seasons change, the footprints left behind fade away. The musical sounds we created too fade away, leaving us with only memories. Today I bid farewell to my log cabin in the foothills of Mount Rainier.

I don’t know if I will sell my home or just keep it for my future descendants. Yet today a better and brighter future calls upon me to place my footsteps on her land. So even though this next trip in my life was not preplanned as this opportunity came and knocked upon my doors, I opened my doors to the next stage of my life with gratitude. Yet as the future is not predictable, it always frightens me. Good or bad news overwhelms me, as I always try to see what’s around me. I stop at the four corners of life and wait for my turn to see if the lights have turned green. Now after waiting for so long, the all-clear, the green light has come and told me, it’s time I must continue my journey.

So today I would want to let all of you know, again I packed up my small cabin and am on my way to meet and greet the next stage of my life. This is my life’s unexpected journey.

Tears fall creating a path to the future. Yet tears never take away the past. This past has gifted me with my eighteen books. With the birth of these books, I an unknown name became a bestselling author. So many of you have welcomed my books into your own libraries. These blessed fiction and nonfiction books traveled around the globe to unite with their beholders.

Today I journey to a land where I shall find yet another home, I shall call my blessed home on the hills, or maybe by the sea, or to a place where my destiny is written before my arrival.

I also have a surprise for all of my international readers, which I will announce in a few weeks.

As my upcoming books are getting ready to travel to your blessed homes, I too am traveling to my new home for the year.

This journey too was prophesied through my dreams. Yet I try not to jump upon a dream but let my life take its own course. When a dream from the past however meets up with the present, in the daylight hours, not in my dreams, is when a prophetic dream has taken its course. I always say, let the dreams play out their course. If it is a guiding dream, then listen to the messages hidden within the dream. Sometimes they are warning dreams guiding us though the storms of life. Yet at times they take us through a time period to become a reality.

I had seen this journey years ago. Yet I avoided this dream as just a dream, another call from the beyond which will take its course. Until then I move on with my life. As it happens I forgot the dream and really moved on with my life and bought a home I called my cabin under the mountain. Yet like a lighthouse guiding me in the rough sea, my dream from years ago became a reality. I won’t speak of my dream, as the dream has only taken half of its course. When this dream finishes its course, it is then I will share my dreams of a night that had come to me years ago.

Today as I finally walk ahead for a better and brighter future, I ask all of you to say a prayer for me. This is a hard journey as I had settled down within my cabin to not ever move. Yet I remembered we are to never say never, but welcome the changes of life.

Like the seasons change, destiny and the destination of all human travelers too change.

As I welcome this change I know the next part of my dreams will take me toward another drastic change in my life. All is good as I the traveler will always say, whatever my Lord gifts me is and shall always be blessings in disguise. I accept all the changes, yet I keep all the memories of the past and I will always believe in a better and brighter future.

I will pray for all the travelers trying to get out of Ukraine, leaving their land, their home, and their own families. May you find the strength and faith to keep you going. For remember your journey will take you back to your home, your land one day. It’s just a detour in the unjust wild raging ocean of life. Keep steady as I will keep my candles of hope lighted within my hands. For all of you I shall keep my hands in prayers.

Today as I travel invited by better opportunities and a better future, I pray for all of you my readers too for a better and brighter new future. As I had entered Washington State, I opened my windows to very stormy and fearful skies. I was afraid yet I knew I must befriend this frightening weather. Scared and frightened I used to be by the scary sounds of the lonely night’s thunders. Yet I opened the windows and let all the fear take its course. I was lonely and realized my best friends the lonely stars too would be missing in the dark skies during the thundering storms.

Yet as dawn broke open through the dark nights, I realized I survived the storms of the night.

You too will survive the storms of the night. Whatever situation you might be in, you will be all right. The storm will end and at the end you will welcome a new and better dawn. Don’t fear the dark. Remember to keep your lanterns glowing throughout the night. For let all lost travelers find their way back home through the guiding lights of your glowing lanterns.

Today I found my dawn glowing back at me. I love Seattle and Washington State, for she gave me my identity. Yet today with this new found identity, I walk ahead in the journey of my life. Today I have love and blessings from so many of you all around the globe. Today my books have found their home within the inner hearts of so many of you all around the globe. Also, today I realized I had met a stranger on the bus, who had recognized me and my name, as an author whose books he had enjoyed. I realized how I a stranger love receiving your heartfelt blessings and love.

So today I ask all of you to give me your blessings and love as I begin yet another journey. May your love and blessings protect me, as my love and blessings shall always protect each and all of you.

For a better and brighter future, I begin my journey to a new state.

I will not talk about the place for privacy reasons. Yet I will let you know all about my trip soon. I will say this to my Dutch readers, I am not traveling to the Netherlands, land of my dreams, as of yet. I know in the future I will. Yet I must take this trip as I believe we the travelers must keep on traveling as that’s the core message of life. I believe we are all travelers traveling through life.

I welcome all the expected and unexpected stopovers throughout the journey of my life. For I opened the windows of my life to a rainy day as I braved the storms of Seattle. Today I welcome the future to a better and sunny day as I again open my windows to the call of spring. As the birds are chirping and the new blossoms start to bloom, I start a new journey. Through some journeys, you must hold steady and be brave. I know some journeys you love and welcome.

Some, however, only the future knows what lies ahead. I ask all of you who are walking with or without any destination known ahead, don’t judge the destination as you have not traveled there yet. For when your destiny meets up with its final destination it’s then you and your life shall become a page in the book of history. So today brave out or just enjoy the journey you the traveler. For even though some of us are looking forward to a better and brighter future, only the future knows what lies ahead of life’s unexpected journeys.

I am in between moving so I won’t be on social media as frequently. Yet I will keep you all updated. I am excited as this new opportunity is a welcomed blessing. Send me your prayers tonight.


Ann Marie Ruby

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