Pursing Dreams, Ann Marie Ruby in Den Haag


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One morning, I woke up and thought to myself, if only dreams would come true.

Then I thought what would I do if my desired dreams did not come true? Would I chase them or give up? My answer did not come until that night.

As I walked under the moon, I saw her shadow reflecting on my pond. I wondered how could a person chase the shadow of the moon? It’s only a reflection. Yet I then walked inside and had a documentary on my television set, as I watched how the first man had landed upon the moon. He did not chase his dreams but he pursued his dreams. I realized my message was I must pursue my dreams, not chase them.

“I pursue my dream. If it becomes reality, then I know it was a true calling. If it, however, does not come true, then I know it was only a dream. I only pursue my dreams, I never chase them.”

-Ann Marie Ruby
I placed my pen to paper as I had one book after another published.

I knew my job was not to be scared off by the unkind voices of the humans and their harsh criticism but pursue my dreams, not theirs. One of my nonfiction books, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, received a lot of good reviews. Yet some had asked how would I know the future? I never said I did but only that which I was blessed to witness through the door of dreams. Today you and I have proof of my dreams. You the critic who had questioned and the one who had praised and said the book was amazing. Yes, today in front of all humans on Earth, my prediction dreams of COVID-19 have come true. Also the vaccine too has come true, yet I had seen the cure months before it became a reality.

When I had seen the nightmare, I knew like so many of my dreams, this too shall come true.

I so prayed it does not come true, yet it did. These were nightly dreams, not my wishful ones. The positive side was I knew we would have a cure and we must all pursue the paths to the cure. Some dreams are nightmares and some dreams are like fairytales. One must know how to differentiate between the two and at all times have faith in only the final truth when the dream becomes a reality. Here even when we are being shown a dream from heavens above, we must pay heed to the message. For it’s exactly like pursuing a goal. We must walk the path with caution and not give up on the word hope.

Now the daydreams we all have when we imagine if only we could land on the moon? If only we could fly maybe near the blue skies, or swim beneath the blue oceans touching the bottom of the sea? These dreams are not just a dream anymore as with scientific scholars trying to pursue their dreams, these dreams are now reality. 

“When searching for an answer, it’s usually within your sight. You just need to open your eyes and see it was always in front of you. Yet you never saw it as you never pursued it.”

-Ann Marie Ruby
Become a traveler and land upon the path to pursue your dreams.

If you can’t become a traveler, then how could you even end the journey? Remember there are so many travelers on the same path pursuing their own dreams. You too should pursue your own. Don’t get lost by the negativities or the critical words of the unjust voices. For they can only halt you, not stop you, for your belief is what will pursue your dreams.

I had a dream of becoming an author and maybe having a book published someday.

My first book was Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond.

Yet I never published it as it remained within the pages of my diary. Time passed as I had so many blessed bestsellers published. Then I pursued my dream, once I had landed upon the road called courage. I wrote my series called I Shall Never Let You Go which I based upon my spin-off series Vows From The Beyond. Today I am blessed as I have all of them either out or on the way to be published very soon.

My message is if you are trying to pursue something your heart says you shall be successful at, then don’t let any criticism stop you.

Pursue your dreams even within a dark thunderstorm, for remember the storm will end. You will be under the very open and bright sunny skies as long as you do the walk yourself. You must be the one walking.

Life is a blessing filled with obstacles where we must not fall prey to the obstacles. Come on everyone, let us in union keep walking until we end up at the destination we have chosen. On this path, give a helping hand to all the strangers who are trying to pursue their destinations. If you see someone falling, don’t start criticizing by saying, “Why did you not see the fall?” Instead, give a hand and try to stabilize the fall and let him or her know, “It’s all right, I have your back.”

A stranger, an unknown person in front of you is falling. Would you have his or her back?

I had an unknown stranger, an unknown person place his very kind and caring hands on my hands and back once as I was about to trip and fall on a very dark road in a foreign country. He came from nowhere and saved me from falling. He saved my vacation and the pain I would have suffered if I had fallen. 

This very stranger was the honorable Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte.

Yes, he had come from nowhere and held on to me and saved me from falling. There were no cameras or people taking pictures but just a very honorable man who did what first came to his mind when he saw a person in need. 

I respected him for his deed that day and I thought to myself, “What an honorable person he is.” Yes, that day I too knew I must do my share for this world. I must spread the good vibes of humanity around this globe. For when we the humans lose hope and think this world is only made out of pretense and only for show, it is then we are shown there are humans with humanity left upon this world. 

I saw how world leaders like the Prime Minister every day are on the stage trying to fight to keep their honorable name, while pursuing their final destinations.

I told myself if they can take so much criticism and still fight, then we the people in the audience can too pursue our goals and land at our final destinations. Yes, that day the honorable Prime Minister Mark Rutte had said he would read my books. Then afterward, I had received a note from his office about my books. After this event, I had my courage to pursue my dreams and write some of my bestsellers. On that day, I did have my seventh book published. Today, I have my sixteenth book published and more on the way to be published.

It was on that day, a stranger, who had said I would be all right and just to be careful, had given me my hope and guided me. 

Therefore, my books had become number-one international bestsellers. “Candles Of Hope” is a prayer I had written in my prayer book I call Spiritual Songs, which became my strength and courage to keep moving. This same prayer song was someone else’s courage as she had sent me a lovely note saying it’s her candles of hope for the time she felt she was in the dark. Today the same person has gotten out of her obstacles and is in the light pursuing her goals. I pray she finds success on her road.

In life, some people have their teachers, their parents, or friends who knowingly or unknowingly guide them to their destination. In my life, there was a time when I too was wondering how do I pursue my dreams? That’s when an unknown person by the name of Mark Rutte had either knowingly or unknowingly guided me to pursue my own dreams. He kept on saying he knew who I was and will read my books. I don’t know if he really had time to read my books but either way, his words were my candles of hope.

“Pursuing dreams develops the inner hope. Chasing a dream, one gets misplaced in a nightmare. Be the one who is pursuing dreams, not chasing them.”

-Ann Marie Ruby
Today I have a few bestselling books out and I have much more gifts to give this world.

I know I must not give up hope as she never gives up on us. For at all times when everything in this world seems dark, there is someone out there with a candle in his or her hands, waiting to give us a helping hand. 

Today you too become someone else’s helping hand. At night or during the day, look out for the one person who might need your help. For with this help and encouragement, you too shall be able to pursue your own dreams. Don’t just chase them but pursue them. So when someone asks you, are you chasing your dream? Do tell them, you are pursuing your dreams, not chasing them. 

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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