Washington State, my home, my state, where I own twenty acres of land. This piece of haven is my serenity where Mount Rainier stands tall with all her amazing beauty and glory.

Today, though my sacred land has wildfires burning through her.

To this date, this year we have had 939 wildfires spread through this state. This particular wildfire is a direct effect of the British Colombia wildfire. Tears rolled down as today I cried for my home state. The land that has graced upon this soul food, shelter, and blessings. I wish I could carry her upon my arms, give her a bath, wipe off the smoke, or blow away the smells. If only she was a mother or a child. Is she not our motherland?

Then, why are we not responsible for her wellbeing?

I had never realized how bad wildfires could affect not just the people who have lost their homes and land, but those of us who are but far away from the affected area, but also being touched by this smoke.

I tried to turn off all my social media and just work within my farmland and not let the time pass by me. At the time, I thought another day would pass by without any productivity. Therefore, I enjoyed gardening without any cellphones being a distraction. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. My throat felt scratchy. My eyes and ears hurt. I did not know why I was having these symptoms or what was going on.

As the night’s sky turned dark, I prayed and wished I had more daylight hours. Yet, I know I must appreciate the night and know she too has her blessings and gifts for us.

I felt like I came down with a bad cold as my eyes, my ears, and nose hurt, and my chest felt congested. Therefore, I turned on my cellphone and realized Seattle has made it to number one.

I was happy thinking what did we win this time, as the report said we had beaten Beijing.

I read on as things were clear to me this is not good news. It’s really bad. Seattle’s air quality index was 171 which is within the unhealthy red zone, as 0-50 is good and 50-100 is moderate. Seattle is facing her worst air quality of the century. We had a warning not to go outside for prolonged hours of time. The young and elderly must be kept inside.

Social media is not only a distraction but an attraction as they say in words. It is us who must know when to stop and continue as we follow the traffic rules. I was all over the world within minutes as I read all my Twitter news talking about Seattle’s air index quality due to the wildfires in British Columbia.

If it was a knock on my door, then it is the truth. I never thought about the wildfires and how they affect our lives. Today, I sat and for the first time thought of how we the humans have allowed this to be. I know things will just be. We learn to live with this. However, today I thought if we could prevent even one more wildfire from happening, then we should do all we can to prevent this.

How to stay safer during the smoke

At this stage, the news networks have been advising things to avoid like prolonged outdoor activities, keeping the windows closed, keeping pets inside. Keep an eye on yourself if you are having any serious discomfort and take medical precautions immediately. Keep your windows closed. Wear a N95 mask when going outside. You should find proper masks from Amazon, Home Depot, and other stores. Be sure to do your own research and ask your local authorities about how to stay healthy. 

I sat at my study table and thought natural disasters we are but given and have no control over. Yet, intentionally trying to harm a human, an animal, or even the motherland of thousands should not be accepted. If you are a visitor and you arrive within this land, then be kind to your host land. If you live within this land, then this land is your motherland or your adopted motherland. Treat her like your mother.

If we all hold hands and try to prevent any intentional harm being committed to a person, by a person, we should speak up and not live to regret and say, what if I had spoken up.

Today, I borrow the helping hands of words. I ask all of you to do your share and take care of this land we have. She is but our home and our shelter. The mountains, the oceans, the rivers, and the parks that but surround Washington State are but ours and we in union are all but her caretakers.

May we in union be there for her our home state, all the neighboring states, and countries. May we help each other cope with this disaster we but all face together. Do remember, when and if your neighbor is but suffering, be there for her. If this neighbor is another country, then please treat her as your neighboring country, not the land of strangers but the land of our neighbors.

Please do your share and avoid anything you can to prevent even a small fire burning. This small fire might convert to the wildfires spreading throughout this globe.

Please do your part within this one world. As each individual does his or her share, it’s only then we shall have one peaceful safe haven to live in within this one world.

Please do your share to keep our one world a safe haven for all to live within. Always keep emergency food and medical supplies as advised by your local government websites. Emergency food supplies, and medical kits are readily available all over the internet or your local big chain grocery stores.

Life is a blessing and within each day, we have a blessed message sent to us throughout eternity. Save the sacred messages sent to us throughout time and spread love throughout the lands across nations. Blessed be the day we the creation replace all the wildfires spreading within the air with blessing, mercy, and love throughout the entire world!

***The image used was taken at the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.

Blessings from Seattle,



UPDATE: The situation has since improved. For more updates, visit your local news websites.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I understand your feeling as I also feel the pain for all suffering throughout this world through all the obstacles of life. May we be there for all whom need us. I try to be there through my words. Blessings from Seattle.

  1. Washington is my beautiful Home state too. I was just up there visiting last week when it was hazy . . . but nowhere near as horrible as it is now. Sending blessings to you and Washington from Southern California.

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