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Unwelcoming Storm Of Depression

Are you lonely, even though you are surrounded with family and friends? Or are you lonely because you have no one to turn to? Are you feeling low because you too want to smile yet you don’t find life a happy and jolly place? The other side is always greener. The family next door seems to have everything you don’t have. The woman walking down the street has all the happiness in the world. Or do the woman and man drinking a cup of coffee together make you feel even more lonely?

Depression is a life on its own.

Don’t let depression win the battle. Get up and be victorious against the unwelcoming storm of depression. Depression is a fog in the ocean, where nothing can be seen or heard and the travelers feel lost. How does one maneuver his or her boat to safety within an ocean fog?

Stay put and wait it out. The fog will lift and all will be clear. Just hold on to the oars of your boat strongly and let yourself float through the storms you alone face. 

I asked the sun shining brightly at dawn why he was so happy? He answered it was because he wanted to brighten up my day. I get used to him coming and knocking upon my windows every morning. Yet today I realized my friend, the sun, was hiding under the heavy clouds. I knew he was there yet not so bright and jolly. Yet he told me to give him some time as he will come and shine again as soon as the clouds lift.  

So today if you are feeling low, it’s all right. For tomorrow when you are ready to shine upon the world, we will all be there waiting for you. In the meantime, I saw the skies were turning dark as I knew there was a storm brewing in the skies. I told myself not to be scared of the storms because I was lonely today. I knew the stars too would be invisible as the dark clouds were covering up even the blessed stars that come and visit me when I am lonely. 

No birds were singing as all of them were hiding from the scary storm that was brewing.

So I knew the nightingales would not be putting up a concert for me tonight. Yet tonight I won’t be lonely as I will wait for the morning sun to reappear when he is ready. Tonight I won’t fear the dark storms as I will keep my candles of hope glowing for all lost and stranded travelers like myself. Tonight I will open the windows and allow the cold breeze to enter my home. For tonight I will be there for you. Dear nightingales, tonight I will sing my prayer “Candles Of Hope” for you. Tonight my friend, I will be there for you.

I will recite my poems to you and say,

“Tonight I hold on to the candles of hope for you,

Let the clouds appear,

Pour out all the rain showers,

Let the scorching agony of lightning storm out,

For tonight I know,

You are strong and tonight,

I know you are all right,

For tonight you have overcome

Your worst fear,

For the storm that has come over you,

Will disappear tomorrow.

Yet tonight I will be there for you,

As tonight from my windows,

I shall flow Hope toward you

As I know you pour your light out upon this world every day

And tonight I shall be there for you.

For I know the clouds,

Tomorrow shall evaporate

As tomorrow you shall shine again

For all.

Yet my friend,

Tonight I hold on to the candles of hope for you.

-Ann Marie Ruby
Tonight if you are going through a storm where you see no end for it seems like this storm has evolved everything around you in a fog, let it be. For tomorrow all shall be calm as the storm shall end as soon as dawn appears again within your life.

For all the storms are just an empty vessel which sounds too loud. She screams and shouts her fury upon you. She tries to convince you, she is mightier than you. Yet you need to know you are the stronger one for all the noises of the storms are just that empty noises. 

Yet you are the traveler in the path who was there before the storm came. You shall be here even after the storm disappears. So remember it is you who is victorious. Do not forget you are the warrior who has won this war. 

Today I know there are a lot of you who are going through your own depression.

Please know it is all right to feel the way you feel and let time be your healer. The brightest star shining upon the heavenly skies too was covered under a fog of clouds. Yet he still held on to his place and waited out the storm. For he knew he would shine again as soon as the clouds evaporated. Did you know I had asked the sun was he not lonely? He said shining light into the lives of all humans across the globe got rid of his loneliness. For even though you don’t see him, he does see you as he shines only for you. 

You too will overcome your depression as soon as your fog disappears. Today let the storms come, let it pour, and let it be a cloudy day. For tomorrow it will be a new day. Tomorrow, the sun in your life will reappear as you lift the fog that covers you.

All of you going through your own battles of depression, remember I am there for you.

I will keep my candles of hope glowing brightly for you. Forever from my windows, I will keep them glowing for you. My windows will be open even on a stormy night, for I know there just might be a friend or an unknown stranger who might need these glowing candles of hope, to guide them back upon the path again.

Be strong and keep the oars of your boats steady. For you will be able to guide yourself back to shore all by yourself. I will be there waiting for all of you through my pen and paper, glowing my candles of hope for you and all who need the glowing lights of hope. 

My best friends, the twinkling stars, in the bright blue skies have talked to me. They told me, tonight dream a little, and don’t worry if you are lost. For tonight they will guide you back onto the path, if you only ask. 

Depression is real and don’t bury yourself within it, my friends.

Open the doors and windows and let the storms get out of your home into this one world. For the world is huge and it has enough space to bury all your hidden depressions within the Earth. Bury all the depression within the sea and let it evaporate within the skies. 

Let depression get out from beneath your inner chest and then may you be free. Take your time and know the storm will be over. For tonight I will keep my windows of hope open for you. Tomorrow I know you shall be victorious against the unwelcoming storm of depression.


Ann Marie Ruby


  1. This is really a beautiful heartwarming article. It will guide me to my depressions. Thank you for the oars you gave me. I will surely use them. My love always. Hanneke.

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