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Warm and sunny spring day greets me this dawn. Flowers start to bloom again after a hard winter’s sleep. Ducks and geese are swimming in my ponds as I welcome them back. A pair of ducks swim as a beautiful loving couple waiting for their little ducklings to be born. After a long harsh winter, it is a blessing to see twin flames and their journey through the dark nights.

Time and tide change. Habitual behaviors also change throughout time. The river bends and curves as it changes the landscapes throughout her journey. We the humans also change and adjust to the circumstances of life. One day, we have all that life has to offer and feel like we are on top of the world. Yet within days, the situation changes and we are left alone to face all the difficulties by ourselves.

Today, we the humans are facing one such pandemic where all seems dark and cloudy, yet at all times we must remember the clouds will evaporate as the sun shall come out.

Throughout these days, hold on to your family, friends, and if you have found him, or her, your twin flame. In union, hold on to each other and show us the ones who have not found our twin flames there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

It is hard for me as a single person, to live with all the difficulties of life alone. I sometimes feel like I am in a gondola by myself. I am trying to keep the boat steady, but with the big waves of life, I too drift and try to get back on track. The waves seem high and the winds at times become dangerous to deal with alone. Yes, I do have physical and emotional pain that I must deal with as I steady my gondola.

Pouring rain becomes the teardrops that are left upon my pillow as dawn greets me. With the new dawn, I always find my other best friend knocking upon my door, you all know her as hope. I hold on to her and begin my day with a blessed smile and beautiful prayers I call, “Spiritual Songs.”

These songs awaken my inner soul and have been my strength throughout the days and nights. They are my oars and with them, I have easily rowed my gondola through the rough and gentle waves of life.

Today, you too can find peace and blessings within these prayers that have united all race, color, and religion.

With the sweet words of a song, we the humans can unite and with the same words of anger, we the humans can drift apart. I have chosen the blessed path of love, joy, and peace as my courage through the lonely nights. My words find a voice with the musical songs of harmony. Within my eyes, all humans across this globe are my one family. My songs find a home for all of you within my books. All blessed hands can pick these books up and know they were written for them. I also have a prayer in the Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul which I call “Eternally Yours, Soulmate’s Heart But Beats.”

Twin flames are one half of the whole. In union, you are complete but if single like me then you too can survive as an individual.

Today, the world has brought us upon a shore where we find death and destruction all around us. All night, we the humans are trying to swim through this unknown ocean of life. This common enemy we the world citizens stand against does not disqualify any human because of race, color, or religion. It picks and destroys all of whom come upon its path. Like a wild storm, it travels only to carry all it finds along the way.

If we unite and learn from one another, we can be victorious against this catastrophic storm.

We need to share the learned lessons of life with one another, like twin flames hold on to one another and their future generations. We the strangers can bond in union of humanity and form a family. This family will learn to be strong and love all humans across the globe. Our home will be strong as our foundation begins from twin flames and their children, and all humans across the globe united through a catastrophic storm.

Bonded in union, we the humans go through this catastrophic storm. When we come out from within our hidden caves, we shall find the rainbows of hope uniting us across the globe. Hope and blessings for one another is and shall always be our saving grace.

Remember not to fear anything for the dark nights and the dark days shall end as we all see upon the bright skies, a glimpse of the blessed rainbow. If you are taking shelter within your cave from the catastrophic storm we all are facing, do bond with the people you are taking shelter with. If you are alone, then do take shelter with hope as she will guide you through this time.

I know I am in a gondola by myself and I know my twin flame too is out there in his lonely gondola by himself.

Yet I believe if he is like me, he will find all the oars he can for all around him and try to take as many as he can to shelter. I wish I too had the physical or financial ability to guide and help all of you who I can carry to safety. I do not have the physical or financial ability. However, I do have my words of wisdom and my pen. May my words help you find the hope and blessings you seek tonight.

Like the “Candles Of Hope,” may my prayers glow the glimpse of hope you need to find within your inner strength tonight. May my book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light, which covers birth, death, reincarnation, twin flames, dreams, miracles, and end of time, be there as your hope and blessings. This book touches the unanswered questions of life that shall bring hope and blessings, and remove the inner fears, as it has helped so many others.

Throughout time, we the travelers have always entered this world alone and leave this world alone.

Yet upon Earth, we unite with our beloved twin flame and create a family with whom we fall in love. These families have grown as the human population on Earth. Tonight, the human population upon Earth fight together for each other to get out from beneath this catastrophic storm that has landed upon our shores. Hold on to your gondolas. Hold on to your twin flame and your family members as you find your blessed way out from this storm.

For all the travelers of life, at all times like a glowing candle, a prayer is being recited in my house within my lips to guide you and help you out of this storm.

At all times, I pray for my twin flame and his soul to be safe. Please recite a prayer for us for even though we don’t know one another, I believe in miracles. May my twin flame find his way to me as I pray for my twin flame’s journey through the dark nights.

Be safe and always keep the lanterns glowing with hope,


Ann Marie Ruby


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