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Life is a blessed journey where all around we face hurdles, love, and joy. Throughout this journey we have family, friends or for me in particular, strangers to comfort the soul. In this life, I have been blessed with a four legged sacred boy who watches over me with his cute puppy dog eyes and his wagging tail of affection.

My baby boy, my puppy had a grooming appointment. I had taken him to his regular groomer over an hour away just so that he still finds the comfort of familiarity within his surroundings and feels comfortable with the situation.

He came home a little strange and shaken in fear as he started to hide under the bed. I knew dogs hide under the bed as they get scared or are fearful of the bad roaring thunder or the fireworks that lighten up the night skies to give fun and joy to the humans, yet frighten and give nightmares to all animals.

Why are all animals so scared of the thunder or the similar sounds of fireworks roaring upon the night skies?

I watch the birds flying away as they know danger but looms in the air.

Also, I know animals are much more intuitional than we the humans and they start their journey to safety in large groups through the night skies or the blue ocean or even through the unknown forests. I believe they know much more than we give them credit for and they wait for the day the skies will break open and let all creation know of the complete truth of this universe.

As all of these thoughts came pouring in to my mind as I held on to my baby boy and cuddled him from all of the scary sounds, I think this time it was the hair dryer. 

I thought what do I do when I am in fear or just feel scared and lonely?

Where do I hide as the thought of hiding under the bed seemed really comforting. I really won’t fit under my small bed, but it would be nice. I realized we the humans, the animal creation of the Creator are but completely alike.

We the humans learn to hide within ourselves. We place a comforting face up and learn to be actors and actresses from a very young age, as we pretend all is just fine. My baby boy, my puppy hides within my arms and if left alone, inside of my closet or under my bed.

The similarity amongst all creation is we all need comforting. For me personally, comfort is hidden within the powerful words of wisdom such as within prayers, where I find comfort for my soul. Prayers are written in a sacred spiritual rhythm that comforts my soul.

Sweet, sad, and romantic songs awaken the inner spirituality that comfort the soul. Sometimes, when I am driving all alone I just need to listen to the words of another human soul.

Words from the wise, the scholars, or just an old woman’s tales, are all but comfort my soul seeks throughout eternity.

As I watch the clear skies, I see through the house, the trees within my yard, and Mount Rainier peeking through the trees. I realize my home comforts me and I have this amazing sense of serenity and peace within my soul as I too find comfort within all that is but familiar to me.

My puppy wags his tail and runs downstairs as he finds his fresh bowl of food and water. He wags his tail and enjoys his meal. I guess he too has found his second comfort, food.

I want all of you to know you are not alone as you land upon the obstacles, the complications, or the hurdles of life. Be this physical or be it emotional, never are you alone because at all times there is someone out there who is in the same situation as you. You may not know, or have heard, or seen the other person. Does this mean he/she does not exist? He/she has no knowledge of your existence either. It does not mean both of you don’t exist.

Acknowledge yourself first, then accept there are other travelers taking the same journey through life.

Then, hold on to the stranger as if he/she was you but in the past or the future. Today never meets tomorrow or yesterday, but it does not change the fact that yesterday existed, today is upon us, and tomorrow comes after the dark night skies.

The only connection between time is but the traveler. Hold on to the humans and all of the other creation of this universe. Know we are all different. Some of us have two legs and some have four, yet we are all but the same.

Comfort you seek in another is but found within you too. Be the giver and feel the blessings of this sacred gift. Spread peace, love, and joy throughout the universe and let all open windows of the open hearted souls accept this pure blessing.

Be blessed as you bless all. Be in peace as you spread peace.

Blessings from Seattle,


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