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Life is a sacred journey where we encounter strangers who become a friend or a threat in disguise. Within my life journey, I have always encountered strangers and found out they were all my Angels in disguise.

Today, I had a scary encounter with a person whom I feared for reasons unknown.

I had an appointment with a granite installer. For days, I had awaited as finally my granite was closer to being installed. I have moved into my new home and have taken upon my hands renovation that would take months to be completed. Yet, I still live with unopened boxes, a barn renovation, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, and the list goes on and on.

I have taken the landscaping upon my own hands. Landscaping, I enjoy doing with my own hands. Mother Earth bestows upon my soul, sacred blessed harmony throughout her rain and shine. Within the nature, I rejuvenate from dawn through dusk, and throughout the dark nights I have my candles lighting the paths until dawn breaks open.

After a loud knock upon my door followed by the ringing of an antique ding dong bell as I still need to place a doorbell (I kind of like the huge bell the previous owner has left hanging by the amazing wooden door of my log cottage), I asked the person to wait as I placed my baby boy on his leash as he would bark at all strangers trying to protect his mother from harm’s way.

I opened the door to a tall guy about six feet plus as I am only five feet four and very petite.

In front of me was a very annoying person who had on his face planted all the annoyances of this Earth. He started to shout and say things I thought were really upsetting and will not write even on papers. I took him to my kitchen where his company had come, measured, and taken all steps to make this a nice journey ahead. I will not give him credit and write anything he had said but say this world is filled with so much anger and at times we the single women living alone feel really unsafe.

He was nagging and nagging and did not even look into my kitchen but was really a person who had a lot of anger within him. He was on the phone with another person who he was having an uncomfortable talk with.

I had a very uncomfortable feeling. Following, I told him I was not interested in anything he could or could not do for my kitchen. I had told him to leave. I was so happy my baby boy, my puppy was with me watching this man at all times. How I could express my feelings? I don’t know. However, I was so terrified I had cold chills shoot down my spine. I just wanted him to be out of my home.

I wanted another man to be there who would look into my interest and my safety in installing my countertop. Yet, I did not call anyone as I knew I could handle this on my own. This was a man who just stared at me weirdly and was exceptionally rude with anger burning within him.

I know he left with disagreements of what would be happening in my kitchen.

I had told him it’s his company who had done all the measurements and designed the kitchen for me. Yet, I knew I should just not say anything. He had started to give an attitude as he had stepped into my home.

I knew this is my home and I am the owner so I told him to leave. He left and strangely it was not even a half an hour encounter. Disagreements yes, yet my voice was not raised, nor were anger-filled words laid in the open air by me, but this was a very weird encounter. I had been left within this strange chill that I could not describe within words.

I had called the company and cancelled their services.

They were shocked. They had their supervisor draw and design the whole thing and were confused as to why this guy was saying something different. I went online and found out this particular company has very bad reviews. I had not employed them as the company I hired to install my granite had subcontracted this company to do the job. It was confusing for me too, as these days people subcontract their work to other companies.

Always do the research and check all reviews. I was so busy I ignored their reviews, and had completely trusted the company with blind faith. Howevre,  don’t know how to express my feelings yet for the first time within my life, I really felt uncomfortable and cried for a long time for unknown reasons.

I thought about who do I cry to? My soulmate whom I wait for? Or my Lord, my Creator for trying to live within the commandments of my Lord and trying to let others know life is but a short journey so to live in peace and spread peace. I teach all along the way, do not become the prey or fall prey, for there is The Judge and we are all but the judged.

I knew tears are the complete blessings to a soul as they bring upon this physical body peace and calm as does a heavy rainfall after a long heated summer.

However, I also know I did the right thing. I had asked him to leave and did not fall prey to his anger filled words and hatred. I knew we all must stand up and do what just feels right. We should never fall into the pressure of a stranger and let them be victorious. I knew this was an anger-filled man. He wanted to show off power and get some victory by showing off he is mightier. He could control a woman who has a kitchen he knows must be renovated and he could use this to take advantages.

I felt uncomfortable in ways I could not explain, I know I just did not want this person within my house. Today I was not alone as I had my baby boy watching over me with his wagging tail. At all times if any one of you ever have this strange feeling of something being missing please do not be scared and do the right thing, ask the person to leave. All the money on this Earth would not change this uncomfortable situation and you should be the one taking control.

Never let the other person take control. That is how they win. I believe for some people, it’s just the control issue. They feel if in control, they have the world within their hands. Life is never about who is right or wrong.

Within this life, each person is but an individual vehicle you are in control of.

If another person takes control of your vehicle, then ask yourself who is driving the vehicle, you or him? For if he is driving, then you become the passenger of this driver. Within my life, I had dreams of being driven in a car where I was in the back seat and had watched others driving my car and I could not control as I was in the back seat.

As I had awakened from my sleep, I knew I must be my own driver. I cannot let others be in control of my vehicle. Spiritually, I know I am the one who must walk for myself. I know my footsteps but take me through the journey of my life.

Today I had a small victory as I had asked a stranger to leave my property. I finally had sat on the driver’s seat and took control of my vehicle.

The odd feeling is still with me though.

I know I will take this strange feeling within my learned lessons of life and I advise all of you if the situation feels weird to just walk out of there. We must stand up for ourselves and not wait for our knight in shining armor to come and rescue us, but be the rescued at any cost. We must stand up on our own feet and do our own walking.

Do I believe in my knight in shining armor? Yes I do, and I will always believe in all the truth, just, honor, and love of this life. I know I believe in all humans and blessings of humanity. I also know amongst us we also have people who have lost their basic human values and this is why we have racists, rapists, burglars, thieves, and all of the deceivers of life.

To all of my social media family and blog readers, today stand up for yourself and know it’s completely okay to say NO or GET OUT if you feel uncomfortable.

Being nice is different than being safe and secure. For always remember, there is no limit to safety but your personal instinct. Don’t fall prey to niceness and kindness, and become a victim.

Be safe everyone and know this basic instinct we all have is but a blessing in disguise. Stand up for yourself, be safe, and protected always as you follow your own basic inner feelings. Today I am but within the safe hands of my basic instincts.

UPDATE: I have since had beautiful black granite installed from a very nice company. They were excellent people to work with.

Blessings from Seattle,


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