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Hope and faith, are the answers to keep going. From faith, I find the strength to believe in hope. The glitters of hope come upon our doors. As she knocks, we must answer her and welcome her with complete faith. Throughout the struggles, remember this is a test of faith. For then, hold onto the hands of hope and she will guide you slowly, but steadily towards the light.

Remember throughout the dark nights, do light a candle for all of the lost and stranded souls so they too can find their way back to The Creator, for are we but not a creation first. With this candle in your hands, may you too become the lighthouse that guides all back home.

For amongst all the creation, The Creator but is always waiting for all of the creation. May we all unitedly light, “Candles Of Hope,” a very special prayer for all race, color, and religion in my prayer book, Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest. Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Be in peace as you spread peace.

Blessings from Seattle,

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