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Prayers are the answers to all true miracles calling. From sunrise to sunset, we struggle to stay afloat. During the dark nights, we swim through the dark oceans searching for daylight. Life brings pain and joy upon our boat. We take the spiritual journey through this ocean of life, always praying for the lighthouse to guide us. I had written in one of my books of quotations, “The lighthouse lights throughout the dark nights for all lost souls to be found. May we not fall asleep and miss her call of warning.”

Throughout the journey of life, may all creation equally be blessed and help one another as we unitedly cross this ocean of life. There is one Creator and we are all but the creation. I have written a prayer book which I call, Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest. May all the creation of the Creator find peace and serenity in my books as you too learn to swim through this ocean of life.

I pray may my prayer book, be of a spiritual solace to all who seek peace as the support of life. My prayer for all is, be in peace as you spread peace. 

Blessings from Seattle,

*The image is from my house, the view of Puget Sound. 

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