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HEAVENS ABOVELife is a blessing from Heavens above. I have taken this blessing as my daily bread. Throughout the storms of obstacles, I hold onto faith, at all times I know my faith is what carries me throughout the unknown waves of obstacles. I write about my obstacles so they may be like a lighthouse guiding all of who but need a little boost in life. I will be there for all the children of Mother Earth. Remember to love all of the creation on this earth as we are all related to each other through this unbreakable bond of Mother Earth. Awaken spiritually, love yourself first, then love this universe as even when all is but gone, love lives on forever throughout time. Treasure all life, for life is a blessing from Heavens above.

You can find information here on my website about my prayer book, Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.

Blessings from Seattle,

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