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      Introducing you to Beeja Meditation, a modern day meditation teacher and his techniques. However, this article represents my views from yesteryears to the present years through meditation. Unless otherwise mentioned, all words and research are my own.  

“Meditation will enable you to return to the peace you’re always looking for – at the center of your being.”

Swami Kriyananda

Meditation is a practice of the mind, body, and soul, where one seeks peace through a technique. Each person and his or her techniques are as individualistic as the individual. Throughout time, different religious scholars had taken on meditation to find peace including Hindu Swamis, Buddhist Monks, Christians Saints, Muslim Sufis, and others. Some have found it to be easy to meditate with light music in the background. Some find it easy to meditate within nature and the sounds of nature. How you meditate is a subject even scholars could not define or agree to. Personally, I believe it is personal perception, as I say, “Perspective is the perception of the personal mind.”

Today, meditation has been linked to different physical benefits.

Meditation aids through blood circulation since it benefits the cardiovascular system. Through our nerve system, meditation helps our neurological system. As meditation benefits our psychological system, it reduces stress, anxiety, and insomnia as well. Research is being done every day as to how meditation can benefit an individual. You must always seek the advice and guidance of your medical providers before starting any physical or emotional exercises.

The earliest evidence and historical texts of meditation (Dhyana) can be found in Hinduism from around 1500 BCE.

The Vedas (Hindu transcripts) discuss meditation as Lord Shiva is known as the Yogi. Later, this also spread to Taoist China, and Buddhist India.

Even to this day, people from all around the globe journey to India to gain more knowledge about meditation which in the Sanskrit language is known as Dhyana. There are various types of meditation and an individual needs to look into different techniques to find out which one suits them the best. Vipassana – the meditation technique of Gautama Buddha teaches you do not need to go to any extreme to find meditation. Vipassana has been widely practiced even 2,500 years after Gautama Buddha had left us.

Techniques and teaching methods or practicing may be different. Yet, I believe in the words of Swami Kriyananda, we are all searching for peace.

Buddha was asked, “What have you gained from meditation?”

He replied, “Nothing!”

Then he continued, “However, let me tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and fear of old age and death.”

Today, there are modern day teachers who are there to guide you through this sacred practice of the mind, body, and soul. I have personally found this to be very beneficial. Each time I go into deep meditation, I recite one of my own written prayers as my inspiration.

“Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

I had written this quote as obstacles had taught me the lessons of life. After I crossed the obstacles, I knew I could help others as I hung up a caution sign for the travelers behind me.

Today, however I will talk about a person from across the world. He has been guiding people from across the continents to meditate. He had awakened through meditation as he himself had experienced the obstacles of life.

Will Williams2

A traveler, this person had become to tackle the obstacles of life.

Travelers we all are, searching for the answers of life. The path is here, and we are all placed upon this path with all the obstacles of life. We walk alone and must always walk on our own feet to finish this journey through life. If obstacles are teachers of life, then I believe meditation is allowing your mind, body, and soul to take a vacation from all the obstacles. Meditation is allowing your complete self to rejuvenate within peace and harmony. To find glowing hope within the darkness, is the answer we the travelers seek throughout this journey of life.

meditation picc.jpg

Darkness evolves all around us as we search for the candles of hope. I want to introduce you to a person who had been walking with a candle within his hands to become the glowing hope for all whom follow him. I realized he wanted to be your candle through the dark nights. As dawn approaches, he shall leave you with glowing hope within your hands. You too then become the candles of hope for yet another soul seeking your help.

This world is filled with humans with humanity who awaken themselves first, then try to awaken the others quietly through the candles of hope. A patient can describe his or her pain better than a doctor as the patient had suffered through the obstacles of life. When we the victims walk and can find our ways out through the darkness, it is then the darkness becomes our teacher. We the students must guide other students out of this situation in union.

Here, there are no teachers nor students, but a soul trying to guide another soul for the sake of humanity.

These sacred students are in my eyes the gurus who wait for all the unknown travelers with a lantern in the dark foggy nights to only guide you back on track.

At times, people ask why you care and what you get out of this by helping. My answer is, I felt I was again stuck in the deep well as you fell in it. Through your pain, I again lived through my pain. I feel the comfort of peace as I watch you climb out of the well safely.

Come walk with me today as we meet yet another sacred person who had walked through the obstacles of life. Now, he lets the obstacles be his teacher as he guides you out of your obstacles of life.

In his own words he had said,

“I established World Meditation Day back in 2017 to make meditation fun and accessible to all and subvert the assumption that it’s all about sitting cross-legged and chanting ‘Om.’ I believe that meditating can have a truly meaningful impact on the world and this day is a chance for everyone to dip their toe in, enjoy themselves and start to free themselves from the stress and strain of modern life.”

will williams picc.jpg

Will Williams, author of “The Effortless Mind: Meditation for the Modern World,” had taken a journey up the Himalayas and through the Ganges river, to find peace within his mind, body, and soul.

After working in the music industry and struggling with insomnia, Will’s life took a drastic turn when he had traveled extensively. He also spent six months learning the ancient secrets of Ayurveda at the world-renowned Raju Institute of Hyderabad.

This world has sacred travelers who take a pilgrimage through the obstacles of life to help themselves and others who also need their helping hands. Today, I have Will Williams, here for all of you to witness within your own eyes. Life is a long journey where we the travelers fall off the path and get lost. He is a person who had also fallen off the road as he had insomnia and was stressed out to the max. Will was a candle burning out, instead of being the candle of hope for all. Will however knew he must learn to walk for himself first, then be there for all others.

For the love of peace and harmony, he took the longest journey through the obstacles. He let his life be an example for all whom follow his footsteps.

As a sacred soul, I know I want only to send all of you my blessings, not the obstacles. This sacred soul too wanted all his learned lessons to be your guide. Will became a teacher to only be the walking cane for you if you need it. Learn to walk with it. Pass it on to the next traveler who also needs this to overcome his or her obstacles of life.

Beeja Meditation / Will Williams

As this group approached me for a possible collaboration, I was surprised how life again brought another soul who wants to be there for you. This day and age, we have technology to take Will Williams to you if you cannot go to him. Will knows it is not possible for all to travel to India or other places as financially we are not able to. So, he has taken the journey for you. As your guru, he now comes to you.

He has united all through his sessions of meditation.

These sessions are held at different places around the globe. Yet, through the internet you too can be there with him from your own home. Today, he has made it easier for all of us to attend these events without leaving our homes. Will Williams had celebrated meditation sessions across the globe on World Meditation Day – 21st May 2019. These included the European and North American sessions.

Will started World Meditation Day 2019 with the European session at the Gherkin in London. He then jetted off to Vancouver at the Museum of Anthropology for the same day North American session. While these sessions were streamed live, we can re-view them on their website.

will williams 4.jpg

With an online audience of two million people expected for the European and North American sessions, many people across this globe received guided meditation sessions. The live streaming and the recordings are to unite all throughout Earth for peace. The mediation sessions are in partnership with Unify, an online community which works to unify the global movement for world peace. Will Williams is also the Founder of Beeja Meditation, a meditation program launching this month, June 2019. Within Beeja Meditation sessions, people can get different programs suitable for their own needs.

I have personally awakened through meditation, prayers, yoga, and other spiritual journeys through life.

This world has given some of us lessons through the lives lived of others. If we could only take all these experiences and bottle them up as sessions for all to learn from, then I would. Today, however, I give you the experiences and guidance of a sacred soul who wants to unite this world through positive vibes of his life’s journey. He wants to unite humans from different parts of the globe for peace and harmony.


This world has landed upon a stage where peace is missing from our inner soul. Through meditation, we can find peace within our inner soul and spread peace throughout this world. These guided sessions are a learning experience we the humans can keep for ourselves throughout the journeys of our lives. You too can become the guide as you the traveler travel for yourself and for all whom seek your guidance.

As a yogini, meditation for me is the best healer for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and all other negativities of this world. The inner peace that a mind, body, and soul seek, I find through meditation.

Today, we have humans traveling up the mountains and through the rivers to find peace for themselves.

Yet, we have very few people who take their sacred pilgrimages to unify all through humanity for peace and harmony. Will Williams is a sacred soul who has found this for himself and now travels through land, river, and the internet to help you find your inner peace. Hold my hands and find peace within yourself as you take a lesson from him and awaken with a meditative soul as you too learn to meditate from him.

beejameditating pic.jpg

I was able to interview him here for you. Journey with me. Learn from his words how he had found peace within himself and now tries to help you find peace within yourself.


I welcome you, Will, to my blog. In your own words, please describe who you are as the author of “The Effortless Mind: Meditation for the Modern World” and as a meditation teacher? 

I am a guy from east London who happens to have stumbled on some pretty incredible ancient knowledge which I’ve spent the last 11 years honing so that my team and I can share it with the world.

Through your journey into finding meditation and spirituality, have you become a different person or are you still the same person? Discuss your life before finding meditation, working in the music industry and struggling with insomnia. Could you describe the changes you have gone through within your inner self to become the person you are today?

I’m still the same me. I’m simply a much deeper, broader version of myself.

The first thing I noticed was I was able to sleep well for the first time in 7 years. Bit by bit I had more and more energy. I then noticed I was so much more productive – I was finishing work 2 hours earlier than normal, which was amazing!

I also found that I was able to have difficult conversations really easily. Also, I found myself being much more creative, and most gratifying of all was feeling like I was now a much nicer person.

Whilst I was good fun, and a generally decent person, I was also moody, impatient, and very self destructive. All that changed within the first year of meditating, and I found myself bouncing out of bed with a smile on my face each morning, and going to bed at night feeling much more at peace with myself.

Since that time, all these benefits (and more) have continued to accrue, and I have found a deeper connection with myself and others, and a whole new world of personal discovery has opened up for me, which would fall under the category of spirituality.

will williams pic.jpg

Your life completely turned around after you had embarked on a meditative quest, meeting seers, masters, learning the ancient secrets of Ayurveda, and much more. Discuss your travel journeys and life after finding meditation. How have these experiences awakened you spiritually and what has been the most memorable moment thus far? 

I went all around the world in search of the very best. It led to some very interesting and eye opening experiences. I was lucky that I landed on my feet in my first month in India and met some serious chiefs who were able to steer me towards some legendary (and unknown) places to go to learn the best stuff and enjoy the most expansive experiences. The most memorable moments are too personal to share but its fair to say I’ve had times when I felt like Luke Skywalker, others like Obi Wan Kenobe, and still others where I felt like I’d hit the rarefied heights of Yoda!

All I can say is it is far more profound than any psychedelic experience one may find through plants or chemicals, and far more love than one might experience on ecstasy. But the real beauty of it isn’t the pinnacle experiences, as lovely as they are.

The beauty is in the fact that when done in an integrated way. That heightened level of connection and perception stays with you, day in, day out, even when you’re right in the heart of London dealing with a crazy amount of work and stressed out people. And what that gives you is the strength to live in love and wisdom, even when others are pushing for you to be stressed, and self destructive.


You bring upon the sacred souls, so many blessings through your experiences. I have personally traveled through India and the river Ganges, through the lives of yogis of the past. Yet, today I have found you to be a modern-day teacher trying to awaken all humans to be teachers themselves. As a humanitarian myself, I must ask, why do you want to become a teacher for the future travelers?

It’s such a beautiful question, although I must admit I’m not really sure I have a choice. My soul calls me to do this, and I simply listen and surrender to it as best I can. The role I appear to have chosen is to help everyday people access their full human potential. My life thus far has been one of an everyday person being adventurous and having a giggle and simply trying to do the best I can.

The main difference is that in the old days, I would always choose #1 when push came to shove. Whereas now, it’s all about the highest good of humanity. Whatever I can do to serve this need, I feel compelled to do it, even if that means letting go of many of my ‘personal’ preferences to do otherwise. If I am to bring logic as to the ‘why’ of it, it would be that I wake up and see people feeling sad, anxious, angry, stressed, tired, and a shadow of their greatest selves.

Collectively we are destroying ourselves and the planet through ignorance and confusion. I know that I can help in a big way, because I’m privileged to be a teacher of arguably the most profound body of knowledge on the planet. It helps people lose their stress, heal their wounds, and accelerate their growth like nothing else I know. So naturally I wish to do what I can to help.

The earliest text records of meditation (Dhyana) can be found from Hinduism around 1500 BCE. The Vedas (Hindu transcripts) discuss meditation. Meditation for me is a personal awakening session. What do you think meditation is for an individual? As there is no one technique to follow for meditation, how does someone find the perfect form of meditation, if there is any? Do you believe even if the techniques of meditation differ, the eventual goal is the same?

Dhyana in its essence is the letting go of every aspect of individuation you feel so your spirit can merge with the field of consciousness that pervades the universe and you can harmonize your consciousness with that of the universal flow. The result is to live in complete accordance with cosmic intent and participate in this grand play of life, in the best way you can.

One finds the best form of meditation for them by tuning in and seeing what resonates. The main tip I can offer is, if you’re a householder (ie not a monk), then go for techniques developed for householders and not monks. Otherwise you will never quite feel like you have found your thing.

The eventual goal, as espoused by the original masters, is always the same. However, their followers often didn’t understand the full depth of the teachings. So these days, a lot of the goals are limited by a partial understanding of the nature of reality.


Let’s discuss your new meditation program, Beeja Meditation. You recently streamed two live meditation sessions to a global audience for World Meditation Day. What services does Beeja offer and what sets Beeja apart from other companies?

With our app, we are attempting to democratize high quality meditation. Anyone can access it, wherever they are, and actually learn a very decent practice for themselves. Rather than trying to make them dependent on an app or a teacher, it is designed to set you free. To enable you to do it whenever, and wherever you like, with nothing but your own skill to take you to a deeper place.

We also teach live courses (7 hours over 3 days) which are the most profound entry points one can take. There we will give you a personalized technique that will give you a level of life experience you probably didn’t even realize was possible.

If people wish to go further, we can take you all the way to full blown Jedi status if you wish.

What sets us apart is the quality of teaching, the comprehensiveness of the aftercare, the playfulness and accessibility of our approach, and the willingness to question everything. Avoiding any dogma, and instead, weaving in other branches of knowledge from other traditions to ensure that what you come away with is the best and most comprehensive set of tools we believe is available anywhere in the world.

Dawn will bring peace and harmony within this one world as we awaken first and then awaken all. How can meditation unite this world and remove the individual obstacles from our lives? As a teacher, how would you advise the student to embark on his or her meditation journey?

With curiosity, courage and humility. Become aware of the hero’s journey and allow yourself to learn through every stumble. Never listen to fear. Cultivate discernment, and if you can, find a teacher who is willing to be challenged with any question. If they are happy to be (gracefully) challenged, and it feels like the right path for you, work with them until you have learned all you need to and then move on and let life be your teacher.

Meditation is a journey for oneself to grow to unite and awaken the mind, body, and soul. Share your top three meditation tips.
  1. Avoid expectation
  2. Learn to surrender
  3. Embrace uncertainty


As I have discussed previously in this article, meditation is being described by scientists as a breakthrough to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia, and much more, offering various health benefits. Do you agree with this?

There isn’t much benefit to trying to grow if you don’t first heal. Stress, anxiety and insomnia are blockers to progress. We can’t imply shortcut past them. We must first deal with what our mind and body are trying to tell us, work through that, and then keep dealing with all the layers of stress, emotion, and trauma until they have been cleared or transformed. Then the expansion phase can begin in earnest.

Saints and highly conscious beings arrived at the state of consciousness they did by courageously moving through their karmas and traumas, and by doing so more quickly than most. They clearly had a willingness and ability to learn their lessons more faster than the rest of us!

What would you want all my readers to take back with them today as we walk through this amazing journey with you?

I would love it if they came away understanding that dogma and flowery language are mere distractions. That growth and learning work best when they are founded on humility and surrender. That playfulness is just as important as diligence. By keeping it real, and integrating our light into the world, we do best by both ourselves and the world.

Today, I ask all of you to remember, meditation is for your meditative soul.

This is to awaken you the individual. Through this journey, you are blessed. As you find peace, she also finds you and you become the teacher for all whom need you.


You can find Beeja meditation at:

Beeja App – Available to download on iTunes and Google Play

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Phone number: 0207 127 5008

Address: 45 Hoxton Square, Shoreditch, London, N1 6PD

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby





This is a sponsored post. As always, views remain my own. Readers are always advised to follow the advice of their medical providers. I indicate no endorsement of personal views or beliefs. All images used in this blog post have been provided to me by Beeja Meditation.

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