Dreams, The Sacred Journey Through The Parallel World

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Do you believe in dreams?

Do you awaken with a blessed message received from the unknown?

Do you ever think about why we have these unknown dreams?

Scientific, mystical, and religious theories have examined the topic of dreams. Throughout time, research papers have risen from all over the world showing different views and opinions about dreams. Yet to this day, dreams remain a mystery the human mind travels upon. Where do we get these miraculous dreams from?

Why do we see dreams of the future warning us from afar?

Why do the dead come back to life through dreams?

Some questions remain within the human minds and have no answers yet more questions arise as we examine them.

I have taken dreams to be just that, a miracle from the beyond, guidance from the unknown. Answers to the questions of eternity are all inclusively hidden within the mysterious doors of sacred dreams, a path traveled by mystics, by scientific and religious scholars, or even by sometimes just an ordinary person walking down the same path.

Travel with me through this mystical door and enter a parallel world awaiting for you to explore.

For more information about my personal dreams, travel through the pages of my very personal book, I call her, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.”

Blessings from Seattle,

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