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“May kindness spread all throughout eternity and unite humans within the blessed path known to all as humanity.”

“Live your life to the fullest,” I have been told by my family and friends. This journey of life for me became full of obstacles, and as a companion I had tears within my eyes. I thought about myself and had awakened from this self need.

I knew even if love does not find me, I will find love through all of my Lord’s creation, the love between the human mind, body and soul, and humanity.

For the journey of my life, I walked into a homeless shelter with simple donations, and found a Mother and her three children overjoyed with excitement as this Christmas, they would have food on their plates. This lonely day, I felt completely blessed as I had shared a sacred day with a very special family.

I watched an elderly gentleman filled with so much love and joy as he had shared his life stories with me.

I realized how lonely he must be as he had retold his whole life in an hour with a complete stranger like me. This day, I loved to be within the company of an elderly gentleman who had so much more to live for, yet life had taken him to a place where he only lived in the past. I held his hands and prayed may he be completely filled with the joys of life. For him, I knew it was the past that brought back all the joys of life.

I had watched some lonely young students missing their hometown and families. They could not afford to travel back home for Christmas. I shared my home and time with them. Therefore, I felt like they but do have a family. I am here for all of the lonely souls. I realized home is where you are and families are but all the people around you.

Also, I had watched an elderly couple walk hand in hand after all the struggles of life as death and divorce had ripped their souls apart, yet at an old age they found each other. True soulmates finally found each other.

I realized true love does exist, and from that day, I too keep the hope alive. One day, I too will find him, my soulmate.

I had walked past a couple trying to raise their young children and save for a family vacation. I realized how nice it must feel to give up all the unnecessary things of life, and be able to take your family on a vacation. Yet, I realized giving up is nothing when the reason to give up is so much more.

Yes, I have met with people from all aspects of life and realized I have lived through them. I feel for each and every single one I have crossed and have not crossed yet. All of the faces that are known and are but unknown to me, talk through their personal lives lived.

I let my soul feel for all humans as how can I, the creation, not care for the children of my Creator?

This journey of my life I live for every single one of you. Along the way, I know I will pick up love, joy, and all the blessings and obstacles life but gifts us; however, throughout my life journey, I will light the, “Candles Of Hope” for any and all of whom but need this glimmer of hope.

I know at times what is a pebble amount of pain for one is but a mountain to another. May I be there for you, at the time when you need the candles of hope.

I hope all of us, the humans, become the candles of hope for one another, without expecting anything in return for the blessed gifts of life for me are the love and joy of humanity.

My prayer for all today is,

“May kindness spread all throughout eternity and unite humans within the blessed path known to all as humanity.”

“Candles Of Hope” is a prayer I had written within my book, “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.”

Blessings from Seattle,

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