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I just had one of the hardest weeks in my life as without warning, life gave me a surprise scare. Life is a journey where miracles and obstacles live side by side.

When they land upon our door, we must accept them with joy or like me in fear. Miracles come in different forms. Some obstacles that land upon our door are actually miracles in disguise.

I had a dream. I was sitting on my bed as I saw in front of me, there was a woman who was overweight, white, had blonde hair, was about 6 feet tall, and was being treated for something. She was having a seizure. As she was shaking, the doctors and nurses were all over her. I knew in my dream, she might have a hard time through life. I was confused as I saw her face and had no clue who she was as I never saw her in my life.

As I woke up, I shared this with my close friends and told them I really feel terrible and think maybe that was me in my dreams.The problem was I am not overweight and I am only 5 feet, four inches. I am not white, but I am a mix of white and brown with dark brown hair. I am small and petite.

Why did the woman in front of me whom I thought maybe was me in my dream look so different?

I landed in the hospital last week as I was feeling so tired and my pulse was really high. I did not care about myself. As a single, conservative, vegetarian, I had the struggles and joys of life. I live my life in meditation and always try to love all humans and all around me, for I always say, how can I the creation not love my Creator’s creation.

I was shocked as the hospital admitted me in as they were worried what was going on. All my vital signs and blood work were really bad. They were confused as blood after blood was drawn and so many other tests were done. I had some really good, scared friends who were tearing up as I realized how my friends and the doctors and nurses I hardly knew were so kind.

Surprisingly, they told me I had an infection going on somewhere and to top it off, I am now diabetic and my pulse was really high. I also had hyperthyroidism which makes you lose weight and makes the pulse rate goes up.

The doctors and nurses were worried about the infection which all the tests could not pinpoint.

I had a another dream in the hospital. The Holy Spirit walking with me as he told me to calm down as the human body is a vehicle and like all vehicles, the body needs a break and a checkup and refill.

I saw I was walking with Angels as I saw The Archangels were walking within the light of The Holy Spirit. They told me my ear was infected even though I had no signs. They reassured me not to worry about being diabetic or having hyperthyroidism as they can be controlled.

I woke up and told the doctors without mentioning the message from The Holy Spirit, as they said I would have a fever and pain if I had an ear infection, so it’s a possibility but not the likely cause of the white blood cell count to go up so much.

They, however, checked and found out my ears were infected and started the medicine at a low dose to handle the infection. Guess what? My white count went to normal within a day and half after being on the medicine.

I still have diabetes which I have to learn to live with. I have had hyperthyroidism which is the reason for my weight loss. But, this happens for being under high stress of life which is my companion of life. I have had hyperthyroidism as I have learned to live with it. My biological family members are all diabetic and have hyperthyroidism as they had to live with it.

Life gave me this trip of obstacles and I know being diabetic is not a gift but to know what is going on and being treated for it, is a blessing in disguise.

Human bodies give us warning signs which we ignore.

I did but at least now, I know I must be careful so I can have a healthy life. I needed to cross this obstacle to live a healthy life, not be scared and avoid it and not have bad health on the plate.

However, I must say the doctors and staff at the hospital were amazing and knew how stressed and scared I was being there with so much tests going on and feeling terrible at the same time. The doctor and nurses are angels in disguise. They try to help us but at times it is so scary we don’t see this and they know this.

Life is a struggle. We must learn to live with this struggle as we can. I had another shock in the hospital as I was sitting in my hospital bed my two friends sitting next to me on my two sides talking about why I had the dream, thinking The Lord wanted me to come here and get checked.

The door opened as I saw in front of me in the other bed in front of me was a white woman with blond hair weighing about 300 pounds screaming for help.

The doctors ran into the room as nurses and doctors all over her trying to do all humanly possible. She was shaking uncontrollably. As they were treating her, my dream that had begun this trip to the hospital became alive in front of me. I was frozen as were my friends who knew from my description, the woman from my dream was sitting in front of me. In front of me this unknown person was being held by doctors and nurses.

All of us were shocked as to how this is possible and I just watched her with tears in my eyes as I could do absolutely nothing but pray and know the doctors will do all of their best. The doctors repeated Annette! Annette! We are here! Come on! We are here!

I was shocked as her name was so similar to mine. I remembered how in my dream, I had thought the woman was me.

As the woman became stable, I saw they had moved her to somewhere else. I must say I could not even ask what was going on as I did not want to pry or bother even though my heart wanted to, as the woman from my dreams disappeared. The doctors though wanted to protect me and all the other patients. I only knew The Lord knows what none of us do know and I shall pray for peace.

Please pray for me, and all of whom need a friend and a helping hand.

May I be there for you, as may we the creation be there for each other. I meditate and learned to control my life through spiritual guidance. Like a quotation from my previous quotation book that I had written from my soul.

“Physical pain treated through medication, emotional pain treated through meditation.”

May we, all the humans, be a friend to all of those whom need us or do not.

Blessings from Seattle,

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