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Dear all,

Why have I written a religiously unaffiliated prayer book, I but call songs? Songs are the sweetest energy of life. They bring to union all race, color, and religion. A song for me is also a prayer, a spiritual awakening where my love for all humans comes to life. Through this, we the creation unitedly can call upon our Creator without any religious affiliation, where peace, harmony, and bliss exist. Nothing more. Nothing less. Here, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a religious individual, or one with no faith at all can unite in a heartfelt song we sing together while keeping our own faith and including all humans as the children of The Creator. Let us the judged not be The Judge. Every day, I repent for the unknown sins of the mind, body, and soul.

I pray for all humans to be just friends, to be just nice to each other. May our actions not ruin a day for a neighbor or a stranger because we choose our own way of life.

May our paths, even though different they may be, create a bond of humanity amongst all the humans.

These thoughts came pouring down onto my lap as I was gifted with blessed dreams from Heavens above. I believe in dreams as they have guided me throughout my life. Some dreams I have shared with others and some I have kept within my soul. I have kept a diary of my dreams as they have been remarkable as time passed by me. Never had I thought I would share them publicly, but some of my friends have shared their thoughts. So for now, I have decided to write another book about my dreams, which I call my Dream Diary. One such dream explains why I have written my book of songs, which I call Spiritual Songs. Here is my dream. May my Lord be my guide.

In 2012, I had a blessed dream. At the time of my dream, I was living in Florida in a Spanish style single family house. In my dream, I saw the following:

I was in a high-rise apartment and I had come downstairs to get the mail. The elevator had jammed and we were all stuck in the elevator. I say “we” as I saw some of my friends were there with me. We waited as the elevator opened and the firefighters were all crowded in the lobby. There were a lot of firefighters who had Angels of God written on their clothes. I thought that was a nice name for the firefighters. I walked out and was glad to be safe.

I went to a corner of the lobby where I bumped into a firefighter who asked me, “Ann Marie, have you written the songs yet?”

I asked him, “What songs? I only write prayers for my Lord.”

He smiled and said, “Yes we know.”

I asked him, “What? How? I have never shared this with anyone. How do you know?”

He asked, “May I have a hug?”

I said, “Yes, sure. Who are you?”

He replied, “Archangel Michael. I am glad you are finally out of the elevator.”

I woke up crying for a long time as I had this dream in my heart. Yet, I knew life was really a struggle, so I did not know how I would be able to get my prayer book out. I had shared this dream with very few close friends. I forgot all about this dream as life had brought obstacles as tests in my life, until one day life had given me a strange knock on my door.

In 2014, I was living in downtown Seattle in a high-rise apartment.

I went downstairs to the lobby to get my mail. The elevator had stopped and we were stuck in the elevator for a while until someone opened the elevator from outside. We all walked out as we were not even panicked for this elevator always did this. As we all walked outside, there were firefighters and the lobby was really crowded. I thought maybe I would use the staircase this time. I would have to go ten floors up, but I had done that before. After getting the mail, I thought okay let’s go up the staircase as I saw the elevator shaft was left open. A person had a t-shirt on which said Angels. He told us, “Hey don’t panic. It’s end of time anyway and we are all here.”

This was a very nice, polite person who was always friendly. This incident reminded me of my dream and I thought maybe my prayer book should be out now.
I again ignored this until another dream came in 2017 which was as follows:
I was walking by a river where I heard sounds of people crying and asking for help. I knew I could do nothing but pray. So, I placed my prayers on a paper and placed them in bottles and let them float. I prayed may they reach the people who but need them.

I have this dream written in detail in one of my books. As I woke up this time, I knew this is it. I must do my share and help those who need a little support, or prayers to awaken each creation individually and spiritually. When they need to share a sweet song with their Creator, may they find solace through my songs as I did. After years of fighting a war within my soul, I knew I had to get out of the elevator and even if it helps one soul, let that soul find peace through my words.

I have had more dreams about writing prayers, and much more which I will one day summon up my courage to write about in my Dream Diary, maybe. I have finally published my prayer book which I have named, Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest. From my heart, I give you my prayer book.

All my prayers are religiously unaffiliated and are only from a creation to The Creator.

I have written prayers for all religion, race, and color. If I could, I would give a free copy to everyone who but want these prayers. This world is hard and even if I wanted to, I cannot afford it. Maybe one day, The Lord shall help and I can give one copy to all.

I started to work on my prayer book as the words just came, and with tears and love, they poured onto papers and now I have these words for all of whom but seek them. They gave solace to my soul and I awakened spiritually as I realized I love to write for peace and harmony.

I have for support my struggles and tears, and the joy I find in complete strangers. I started to write inspirational quotations as a complete spiritual solace and have published three original quotation books: Spiritual Travelers: Life’s Journey From The Past To The Present For The FutureSpiritual Messages: From A Bottle, and Spiritual Journey: Life’s Eternal Blessings.

My books I but call my Spiritual Collection. May they find a place in the hearts of all whom but need them.

Blessings from Seattle,

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