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My blessed Monk Manual was waiting for me as I arrived home after my spiritual journey through Europe to finish my upcoming books. A traveler’s journey through time is what I call the journey we the travelers take to unite the past, the present, and the future through our journey of life. As all things come to an end, the memories of a traveler remain present throughout history through the memories forwarded throughout time.


Monk Manual Cover

This manual could have not arrived at a better time. As all of you know, spiritual awakening and the blessed journey through spirituality are my journey through life. Time passes by us, yet the past, the present, and the future are united through our endeavors of life. Time is but nothing as you realize to take control of her through your own steps through life.

“The endpoint isn’t getting more-done-faster, the endpoint is focusing on the most important things and being in the present moment.” – Steve Lawson (founder of the Monk Manual)

I agree with him as he has created this spiritual manual for all who need the extra tool to awaken them. This manual was created for me and for you who need an inspiration from the inspired, who know we the humans need a helping hand throughout time. A ninety-day planner where one could have a better guidance to their daily life. Guide yourself first, awaken yourself first, then you can place your helping hand upon the others to awaken them too.

Life is a learned tool where we teach ourselves first then we become the teachers throughout our journey of life.

Awaken yourself first and be the teacher as you awaken all whom but need your guidance. I had awakened myself first then I have been the tool to awaken all whom seek this path. The first step to any divine wisdom is organization.

Meditation, yoga, diets, and daily routines to guide yourself to awakening through peace have been the only path the mystics, the religious scholars, and even the scientists have educated all throughout time. Life is not about the outcome, but where you have come. Life’s goal is not the finished line but the complete journey.

A manual created for peace and guidance.

A manual encouraging all to spiritual awakening through daily encouragement and wisdom, created for one and all whom seek peace and harmony without any religious faith or any particular group’s personal agenda being named. The manual is for you to find your own self as you are your own teacher.

I always say, learn to stand up first, then take the first step to walk and help all others around you. As you walk through life in peace and harmony, guide all whom you can.

This manual is a perfect gift for all who need a helping hand to awaken spiritually. This world has all the obstacles of life all around us where we need all the encouragement, and the guidance, we can find within our life. This world we live within has some blessed awakened souls who have been guiding us throughout time to awaken ourselves first as we go out and awaken all who seek this path.

Today, I am honored to say this manual I hold within my hand is a perfect journal a motivational tool for the seekers of peace.

The creator of this journal has taken our daily lives and brought upon our path a perfect diary to guide us through this spiritual awakening.

I am a spiritual influencer and you all know I have devoted my life journey to peace and harmony, and I find this journal a perfect gift for myself. This journal is a daily guidance I shall use as my personal manual and I know all of you seeking peace and harmony would find this a perfect manual to awaken you too.

I know this life journey is a struggle as we land upon the obstacles of life. We want to meditate, and we want to help each other awaken spiritually, yet we wish we could find some help from around us. I would personally recommend a manual to anyone who devotes their efforts to help us awaken from within ourselves.

A manual to guide you is a perfect gift and a keepsake for the spiritual gurus and the spiritually awakened souls.

Take a look at this ninety-day manual and see if this is your first step to spirituality. Maybe this could be your first step to standing up on your own feet to awaken yourself from within. For me personally, my spiritual prayers, my spiritual guidance through my own research, my published books, and my personal blog, have been my guide to awakening, yet this manual comes to me at a time I needed her the most. The Monk Manual, I call her a blessed guidance for my personal journey through life.

Give this as a gift to yourself as a sacred journey through your life. Life is a sacred journey and I know we all need all the help and guidance we could give each other as a sacred gift.

My gift to myself is guidance through the sacred lives of the mystics, the religious scholars, the scientific scholars, and even the self-awakened human who only wants to be there for all of the humans for humanity.

Hold the manual and find this a sacred step through your own journey through life. 

I will keep this as a sacred journal as I walk for peace and harmony. I love the name as she calls herself, the Monk Manual, guiding us as we the humans take this as a journal to guide ourselves by.

Again, Steve Lawson, I would like to personally thank you for creating such an amazing tool to guide all who need her. My blessings are with you as you try to guide all whom seek to have a fuller experience within their daily lives, through this blessed manual.



Blessings from Seattle,

DISCLAIMER: I was kindly gifted the Monk Manual for my blog by the company. However as always, any view mentioned is honest and 100% mine. For more information on the manual, and if you have any questions be sure to contact the company Monk Manual.

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