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Life is mortal, yet our journey through life is immortal.

-Ann Marie Ruby

Each life is a page from history.

Each one of us have a different story to share as we journey through time. I have awakened spiritually and realized throughout the journey of my life, I have come across different blessed souls. Each person had a different perspective and a different story to tell in their own way. I realized as I was listening to each individual that we all live in our own world. Whatever is happening within your universe is all about you. Within each wall, there is a different story bring created at the same time as all other stories except each individual story is blocked off from one another by the walls we call individual houses. I felt it was similar to the feelings we keep hidden within our souls.

Different thoughts, different ways, and differences are created as we hide from each other. What if we never had any walls? Just the sky as our roof and the green Earth as our home. Would we still be divided or have individual dreams, individual thoughts, or visions? How would it feel to be so open and free. I thought about this for a while and came to my own thoughts, then how would we be different? How would you stand out from your neighbor or friends?

I started to write my thoughts out and opened my book of prayers.

I saw within different pages there were different prayers. Different thoughts and different words all placed together, as I had my individual songs I call my Prayers. I had a blessed trip through the pages of my book as I realized how warm and blessed different words placed together in a poetic way are. Therefore, I then, and only then, have a prayer. I opened my windows to a cold night’s sky and realized my neighbors were all around me yet far away in their own houses living their own lives. However, I know they will be there for me as I will be there for them, yet within our own individual houses we have space to create our own songs of life. Individually we are different and beautiful as each individual life for me is an individual prayer of life.

I see each individual life as a complete prayer left behind as a beautiful song for all the future generations to listen to as they cross through life and look back through the pages of history. This night, I closed my eyes and breathed in the blessed realization that each individual life is a complete miracle and I call this miracle a blessed prayer bestowed upon us throughout the pages of life.

You too journey through your life and know each individual you come across, may you agree with the person or not, is a complete prayer you have come across as you journey through your life.

Blessings from Seattle,

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