Seattle and moving



Today is the final night I will spend in my beautiful home.

I know by choice, I had placed the house on the market and thought it’s the right thing to do.

As the time has approached, I have a chill within my soul as I asked myself was this the right choice or not. I watch the Puget Sound watching over me as the skies drizzle cold chilling rain all around the grounds. I know as we go through all the choices of life we only should look forwards not backwards.

The sun will set soon and I know on this cloudy night the moon will play her favorite game “peekaboo” with me.

I know within all houses the moon shines with all her glory reminding all the children of this earth even when all is dark she is here watching over you. I know after the moon sets, the sun shall shine and bring dawn within the lives of all the children of this Earth.

Also, I am moving to my new home in about two weeks.

In the meantime, I will have a vacation from house hunting and all the worries of life. How do we not worry and leave all the problems behind? I have done so, as I have given all my devotion, my love, my mind, my body, and my soul to my Creator. I have within my soul faith. Faith is believing not questioning, as I have written within my books. I believe in this and always carry these words within my soul as life comes and knocks upon my door.

Always have faith and even when all is confusing, please don’t be confused or feel lost or ever give up on yourself. Stand up on your own and know when you are standing up it is then all shall seem steady as the dizziness you had felt will be gone.

For me right now the transition time is the dizziness I am going through will disappear as life finds her reasoning for all the obstacles and blessings she pours upon me.

I will keep you posted as I find and settle into my new home. All of you hold on to faith and know I will be there for all of you and today please say a prayer for me as I settle down through yet another unknown night.

The rain continues through this rainy night in Seattle.

Blessings from Seattle,

*All pictures are from my house.

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