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I have had dreams from Heavens above as a guidance throughout my life. I call them my guidance counselors from Heaven. Dreams are another form of reincarnation. Dreams are given to guide us throughout our spiritual journey on Earth. I believe if you believe in your dreams, they shall come true.


Make it happen, stay on it, and don’t ever give up. For where there is no hope, no way out, call upon The Creator. For as your call is made, the prayers are answered. The first step is to believe in yourself and wake up spiritually, then watch all your dreams shall come true. I believe in dreams as blessings from The Creator and yes only good dreams are known as dreams. There are no bad dreams for they are known as nightmares, not dreams.

Join me and let’s awaken spiritually, as we complete our spiritual journey holding onto the hopes of our dreams. Be in peace as you spread peace.

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