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Hope is the eternal blessing of life. Time leaves us, as nothing stays still but hope. Let not the past or the future keep us away from the present. If we had only this day to ask for anything, I would ask for my soul to redeem, repent, and awaken spiritually. Let’s not let time pass by and find out we are but in the past. How blessed we all are to have this day, this time, and this hour to awaken spiritually and say a prayer from the inner soul to The Creator as a creation.

Let us the judged not be the judge, but know we are all but the creation of The One Creator.

Today is here for all of us, as we reflect upon the journey of life, I want each and all of you to love yourself first as then you shall spread this love throughout this universe and know we are all but the blessed creation of The Creator.

Remember hope is always there awaiting at the doorstep for your invitation. Invite her inside today. 

Blessings from Seattle,

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