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“Time of reflection.” We all use this phrase, but do we take the time to really reflect? Passover, Good Friday, Easter, all around the globe as we celebrate, please take some quiet time for yourself and think of your past, present, and the unknown future. I did just that today and realized how lucky we are, who but have this time to repent and awaken ourselves.

Life is a journey through the ocean of sin.

Let us not drown within this sin but help each other stay afloat as we swim across this ocean. Pray for yourself and all others as the teardrops of my Lord but fall for all of the creation. All of you whom have a house of religion to go to and all of you whom but don’t follow any or are looking for one, know The Creator loves you equally.

May all of the creation of my Creator find peace as you spread peace. Find peace within your soul and let your soul guide you. May my prayers reach the door of The Creator, as I have one prayer, may we the creation of The Creator find our way back home to “The House Of My Lord,” the title of a prayer in my prayer book, Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.

Blessings from Seattle,

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