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A curse is a wish or expression of the curser that some kind of misfortune will befall on the cursed.

Today I watch people all around us curse and bring in religion to curse one another, justifying their anger. I would want all of you to take a deep breath and do the breathing techniques I talked about in my other blog posts before you think of your anger and unjust curses you received or do give out. In my eyes, people curse to release their own emotions. It’s a one-way street where the person being cursed might have no idea he or she did something wrong. Curses fly around the air from their holders to the people targeted even at the cost of severing a relationship.

Sometimes it’s as simple as putting down the innocent people who have no voice.

If the game of war was fair and square, then curses too would have battled in the court system and the truth would have prevailed. This battleground at times is not fair and I have seen people put down others simply by cursing. In a world where the mighty and powerful get their ways, curses too become a weapon against the weak and the fragile. I believe life is a hard jogger’s path where people want to move ahead faster than the others. If someone is blocking their path, they curse and move ahead, not thinking about the consequences and magnitudes.

The scientific scholars have said cursing is related to the deeply laid structures in our brain. It affects our memory and emotions. The cursers usually feel like they have won the battle and move on. Yet the cursed never forget and live in fear. Here you have created an abuser and an abusee. The abusers will always think they got away with it and shall always use this threat when needed. The abusee might become a permanent victim and will always fear curses or become a person who will declare war with the cursers through the journey of life. Either way, there are no winners.

The universe through religious lessons taught us the devastating effects of curses.

Anger is the sole reason of curses, however, today we see people unjustly cursing one another, land being divided because of race, color, or religion, and even violation of pledges such as marriage vows or religious vows because people are unfaithful, or when people of a religious group go against God and God’s ways, or trigger a person or a group or a society and unjust curses start flying in the air.

Sometimes curses have led people to evil ways. Yet I asked myself what is a curse? How powerful are curses? What about the innocent people? How does Karma come into play? I want you all to think about individual curses that everyday people throw towards one another. Also its effects on the cursed individual.

Scientists have said it pleases the brain to curse. I believe it shows a person’s lack of intelligence.

If a person could articulate his or her words, then there would be no need for cursing. Yet when a person is not articulate or always has anger for the better of his or her judgment, they curse or swear a lot. They do it to be more powerful and think it’s effective while it’s ineffective overall.

Sometimes a mother would let her children let the anger out and allow the child to scream and yell. It’s a way to calm down one’s mind and body. Yet one must be aware of his or her actions as you never want to threaten another person and let your curse be in between both of you.

As an example, if a person curses another to death and God forbid if the cursed person dies, this unjust action between the two will remain a devastating message for all involved. I would suggest if you are a person who can’t resolve an argument without cursing then try to avoid the situation. Keep calm for a while and let time heal you and the one you are angry at.

Sometimes these curses are deeper such as the hope diamond curse. The hope diamond belonged to Goddess Sita and was stolen from her, so if anyone else wears it or steals it they get cursed. Yet these days mere mortals throw curses out like they spit out in anger.

Religious scholars will tell you curses are God’s way of handing you abundance or scarcity, or maybe life or death.

Yet I believe our loving Creator would never let us fall without our own actions leading us to it. When something I really want does not come to fruition, I just say it was for the best.

Do I believe in curses? What about the evil eye? Do curses exist?

Yes, I do and no, I don’t believe in curses. I believe curses do exist, yet I believe through forgiveness all curses can be lifted. I believe curses gives the curser peace of mind knowing he is powerful. I also believe it warns me of the actions of the person and is a warning for me to avoid what he has cursed me to.

I want you all fearing the curses of the others to remember the person is not God. God loves everyone, all race, color, and religion. God gives us another chance as we go through Day of Judgment or for people like me who believe in reincarnation, we get another life to make it all better. Either way, I don’t believe in the wrongful voices of the evil. I believe in my own voices that say forgive and forget.

An evil eye can’t change the path of the good if you don’t believe or give it the power.

Did you know I was told to always close my eyes if I have any anger as a child? I guess it’s so I don’t give evil eyes to others or fall in front of the others who have evil eyes. So, just keep your eyes closed and then even the evil eyes won’t touch you. Unjust curses will evaporate through the air if you are powered with forgiveness.

Recently a person said he had a dream where he had cursed me. The reason was I was standing in between him and some children he intended to somehow hurt. I asked him so his fight was with the children, and I only protected the children from him, so I got cursed? He laughed and said yes.

I also had another incident when some people said they had a dream their family member had died. I told them not to panic for it was only a dream. I warned them to not take dreams literally. Dreams are guidance and at times, they are our own feelings or fears. They got upset at me and cursed me to death.

I watched them and called their family member as then they spoke with the people and found out the person was very well alive.

I feared their curses and let time go past us.

Years later, they are all right and have forgotten their curses, yet I had lived in fear for years. I asked my Lord why people curse and say things to people who don’t deserve it. I realized they get their emotions out. Yet at the cost of what? I have forgiven all as I know this is how the brain of some people works. They feel good putting others down. My brain works differently. I always place others before me, which is at times very painful, yet it’s who I am.

Science did explain the basic theory and need of people to curse is to get their own relief.

Yet in religions, they say the following.

In Islam, “Allah does not like obscene words or deeds.”

In Christianity, the Bible says, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” Also, Jesus says, in Matthew 5:34 “to not swear oaths.”

The evil eye symbol (🧿) is worn worldwide to avert evil which dates back 3000 years. This belief actually is in Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Hey, I have one and if you don’t have one go get one!

After my own research, I have found curses don’t really work as they are just words from an angry person who just spit up in the skies. Yet he forgot it does come back and fall on top of his head, not as curses but as lessons from the wise.

It’s advisable to calm down and control your unjust anger and words. Remember even in all religions, we were asked not to curse, so how will the cursers’ curses work if he is in the wrong lane? If there was a car accident, the guy in the wrong lane going opposite the right is at fault. It’s as simple as that.

All of you fear not the words of an angry man or woman. Fear yourself and remain calm for now it’s your turn to curse or forgive. I pray we can all forgive one another and live like humans who will be angry at times. Some might be upset for a while, yet the wise amongst all of us always forgive. I always remind all not to curse in anger as we don’t fear the unjust curses. We fear what if we don’t receive the forgiveness of person who was unjustly cursed?

How do you remove a curse?

By forgiving the angry and unjust mouth of the bitter human. Above everything, forgiveness is the biggest prayer amongst all of us. All unjust curses and feelings disappear when a person remains calm and prays for forgiveness. If you have cursed someone, just ask for forgiveness. If you were cursed by someone, just forgive the others and know they did this out of anger as you forgive out of love.

I am a big believer in forgiveness, so tonight let’s all in union forgive ourselves and all others we hold a grudge against.

I promise you tomorrow you will have a better day as you remember my words, forgiveness is the greatest prayer in existence. So tonight, all of you living in fear what if the curses come to life, remember they won’t as forgiveness is a bridge protecting us from all unjust curses.

Be safe and send your forgiveness out as you forgive yourselves and all others. Don’t ever forget forgiveness is our saving grace.

I wrote a prayer poem for all curses and evil eyes to not befall on the innocent.

Angels fly for they have wings,
Yet then my Lord,
Do curses too fly?
For they don’t have wings,
Nor do they
Have the glad
Tidings of my Lord,
As curses were
Against the will
Of my Lord.
So, I fear not
The curses
Of the wrong
Yet I fear,
The forgiveness
The cursers
And should
Ask, Seek, and knock,
As it’s the only
Door that
Shall set all free.
No curses shall be heard.
No evil eyes shall see,
For I have tied my
And my mind,
Completely within

To read more of my prayers, find Spiritual Songs and Spiritual Songs II.

Blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby

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