The World Hate Crisis


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Teardrops of Mother Earth fall upon all of us as we watch her children fight amongst each other. Humans living in the world today in 2023 are witnessing a horrific world hate crisis. A catastrophic storm started to brew a long time ago. I had predicted this crisis as I saw this storm brewing all around me. It was like all the neighborhoods in all the countries were being divided through race, color, and religion. When these differences crossed borders and entered different countries, we now have an apocalyptic war that has broken out as the after-effect of the world hate crisis. Humans must now unite for humanity.

Dividing amongst race, color, and religion gave birth to world leaders. Hidden angers buried under the decency of moral values erupted as the veil of decency was lifted. Walls separating differences amongst neighbors were taken down as hate became the face powder, not the cover up.

As a child we were all taught to not say something about the other person unless you can say something nice.

Yet we see newly elected world leaders are doing absolutely nothing to de-escalate this conflict.

They have found supporting voices amongst the rapture, and they have used this sound to climb up the escalator dividing humans.

Who wins when we are all divided, I ask you? Do you become the worshiped as you create worshippers only by badmouthing the others? How did we land upon a time zone where people are so divided through race, color, and religion?

Today around the globe, 84% of the world population believe in some form of religion. So my question again is if you do belong to a religious group, how is it you can possibly support unjust amongst humans across the globe? The power of all religions together can create miracles through united prayers recited for one another unconditionally. That in my eyes is known as humanity.

I guess while searching for which race, which color, and which religion is greater, humans have lost their basic moral values we all call humanity.

Humans and humanity above all race, color, and religion are my core moral values. For how could I walk away when I see my human race is under attack, either from COVID-19 or from a war?

Who is right and who is wrong can’t be judged by the victims as they will only see their own pain. Yet the sufferings caused by the brutal unjust thug squads or the unjust rulers will only be even more painful for all the humans involved. These unjust actions will be written down on the history papers by historians. Yet today it matters not as all the people involved only think they are on the right side of history.

Let us the people with humanity not divide people with our inner angers.

You the human should today let go of your anger and not instigate fury. Race, color, and religion should never divide humans with humanity for we the humans of all races, all colors, and all religions belong equally within the chest of Mother Earth.

As we learn from the past and try to build a better future, remember to close the door behind you. Let’s not open the door left behind us. When you open the door left behind, you will see a draft of wind that shall pull you back to the past like a vacuum cleaner sucking. So when you move one step forward, you move two steps backward.

Let’s learn from our own mistakes and keep them as lessons learned. Let the children of all races, colors, and religions walk hand-in-hand with one another for a better future. The history books will be the guide for the future as they see the world as one home and all humans as one family with one basic moral value called humanity. Learn from the mistakes of the past and create a better future as you move on with hope for a better future where we can resolve all the differences unitedly as families always do!

We can’t turn the pages of the history books to see who was right and who was wrong as history is being written in front of our eyes. Yet I know we have all placed a blindfold on and don’t want to see either side as we are all a part of this divided world.

I ask all of you to stop thinking about your own race, color, and religion.

Place a blindfold on yourself today.

Then give a call to your best friend called humanity. Ask her or him if you have lost your inner humanitarian as you don’t feel for the children on the opposite side of your own party. It matters not that they are crying for help. Ask yourself if kidnapping a stranger’s child is all right in your eyes. Ask yourself if a dead child’s image does not bother you!

If none of the above bothers you, then I am worried for you. You have landed in a dark place where if your sister is kidnapped or your child becomes the image you try to ignore, no one will come to your door to help if and when you need it.

Yet if these scenarios do bother you, then awaken yourself to humanity.

Remember all humanity before any religion, any color or any race. For when humanity still exists, all will find a time and place to settle down. We shall have the misery of loss, tears, anger, and why me, that we will have to process. Yet today let’s all try to calm down and search for our own humanitarian selves first.

I had written in the last chapter of my book The World Hate Crisis, about a US Coast Guard who was responsible to protect our land. He was apprehended on on 20th of February, 2019. His crime was he had wanted to have a white nation. We were blessed he could not get his way.

Today I watch people all around the globe want to have their own religion, their own race, and their own color as the only way for the human civilization.

Yet then I ask you the human, why did your Creator create all the others? Did he create them so you his creation could remove all of them? You too are mortal as your Creator is immortal, and shall create after you as he had created before you. So why are you trying to be the Creator and not live on during your given time period on Earth as a creation?

I know my voice had gotten lost as my book was published in 2019. As a Dream Psychic, I had predicted a catastrophic storm that will come and become an apocalypse if we don’t do anything. I forewarned you all about COVID-19 in my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby. I forewarned you all about the apocalyptic storm brewing around as the hate crisis that will hit this world in my book The World Hate Crisis, from my own eyes.

Yet now as the pandemic and the apocalyptic hate crisis has hit the world, I again ask all of you to awaken yourselves first.

You can’t say you can do nothing. As I asked you before, I will ask you again, change yourselves first. Change your children next, then let’s in union change this world for better.

All religions were created to bring peace and spread peace, not give tears to the eyes of the others. How could you sleep in peace knowing your neighbors are suffering? Is this the behavior of a religious person?

I don’t know the answer as I want to believe all religions, all races, all colors, and all humans are my one human family. Let’s be one with humanity first.

Also in my book The World Hate Crisis, I had asked one certain world leader to take some action in eradicating the world hate crisis. I hope he has done something as I do see he has taken upon his blessed hands some of these world issues.

I hope and pray more world leaders awaken and join hands and help eradicate our world from all hate crises.

You the brewer of hate can become a leader who will be the powerful hands of the society. People will follow you and whatever you say they will recite today. Yet tomorrow as the pages of history recall your name to the future generations, you will be the brewer of hate and people will recall you as and compare you to a monster, not a hero.

Yet if you are the brewer of peace and love, if you offer your hands and advice to only better this world to combine all religions, all races, and all colors into one home of understanding, through your most loving inner selfless soul then, it matters not what the history books say about you. It matters not which page of the book you are mentioned on or what the world remembers you through. You will see united humans awaken with humanity because you had tried.

Let’s all in union brew up a storm that is called humans for humanity, where we won’t accept the kidnapping of innocents or brutal attacks on innocent civilians in the name of eye for an eye.

We will only spread love and peace not be a part of the division or hate. Let’s be with one another and for one another as we say no to all religious and racial discrimination.

May peace spread from my heart to yours as we plant the seeds of peace and make a sea through our tears for peace. Let’s wash off the teardrops of Mother Earth through the waterfall created by the combined teardrops of her children.

May peace find all the beholders who seek her and try to spread only peace. Be kind to all the people around us as you don’t know what they are going through tonight. Maybe just say hello to your neighbors or ask them how their day was.

These simple acts of kindness will give them a warm feeling and maybe you will have a friend who will always remember you.

I still remember the kind gentle man who had comforted me with his kind words in a crowded bus in Den Haag, the Netherlands when he realized I was claustrophobic and was having a hard time in a crowded bus. To this day, I still pray for the unknown stranger.

My love and blessings be with all the children of this world, the Muslim, the Jewish, the Christian, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the believers of any and all religions and the ones who don’t believe in any. Let’s unite with one another for one another in the name of one simple cause that’s called humanity.

You can order my book The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic right here.

Blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby

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