Queen Wilhelmina Garden In San Francisco
I took this picture of Queen Wilhelmina Garden at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.


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Autumn leaves fall off of the trees. We feel sad how the leaves have left us yet remember they will come back again next year. Our teacher Ms. Autumn teaches us to never quit. Summer left us with sweet memories, to hold on to until we meet again. Winter is around the corner as Ms. Autumn comes warning all to be ready for yet another cold and long winter. The days are becoming shorter as the nights will become longer. Yet all the changes of nature come into our lives as they were preprogrammed to arrive. Ms. Autumn’s musical notes arrive with a blast of color. Singing the sweet songs of fall, Ms. Autumn arrives with her lessons of life written on all fallen leaves of fall.

What was never pre-planned or written was our individual diaries on Earth.

As we individually live our lives in sorrowfulness or within happiness, it’s only then our diaries will be completed. The journal begins at birth and will only close at the end of our lives. The musical notes of our lives are different as the journal holders are all different. Like the fallen leaves of fall, all look and feel different. Some have water droplets stored within them, some are bursting within the sun’s rays, and some are intact like they just fell off completely intact. Yet remember the complete truth of what each one felt or lived through is only known by the individuals. The only thing that is same amongst all the humans on Earth is our entry and exit which is a one-way path. Maybe we can learn Ms. Autumn’s musical notes and accept the changes yet treasure the past and walk into the future holding on to courage, honor, and faith. We can all promise to be happy individually and for one another. Let’s hold on to the hands of all who are spreading tears in sorrow. Maybe we can be there for those who are waking up scared if they can place food on the table tonight. Let Ms. Autumn teach us the sweet songs of humanity.

You the lonely and scared individual, try to breathe the fresh autumn air and let go of all the negative thoughts stored in your soul.

Nothing on this Earth is without pain, as the sweet-smelling roses also have thorns. Yet we don’t let the thorns discourage us from appreciating the roses. I love rose gardens. I have always dreamed of planting a rose garden in my home. When I buy my house, I will make space for a rose garden. Yet as a young child, I had pricked my fingers and totally disliked roses. Now as an adult, however, I love watching them from far and plan on having a rose garden at the right time. You know I love roses more than all the jewelry on Earth. I can watch the roses grow and sing the sweet songs of the roses eternally in my soul.

Did I ever pick fresh lemons?

I did during one of my road trips in California and realized lemon trees have thorns too. Yet I love my fresh lemons and enjoy my fresh squeezed lemon water. This fall, learn to breathe for the first time with courage and determination. Repeat to yourself we will cross all the obstacles that lay in front of us. The time and space we have in between ourselves and our goal and achievement will be fulfilled through our determination. Start the day with hope and end the day with hope for hope is waiting for you to sing her sweet songs of faith and hope.

Your life is your diary written through your footsteps.

Let this journal be written your way through your own words. Enjoy writing this journal through all the joys, sorrows, obstacles, and achievements of life. Don’t let fear become a bridge between your goal and yourself. Go and smell the fresh roses, pick the fresh fruits, and enjoy these small achievements. Remember not a single achievement is small if only you can achieve it. Life is a journey where we can only move forward, but with lessons of the past we have left behind. Get up and wipe off the tears you have shed along the path. Let your feet be washed off through your shedded tears as you know ahead of your journey lies only better days. Keep on moving forward as you will find an exit from all the obstacles somewhere in the future. Tomorrow is another day as she will greet you in the morning with her sweet songs of dawn.

I always thought about the saying that the neighbor’s grass always seems greener.

Is it true or is it just a saying? You are probably trying to figure out the answer for yourself today as you sit on your front porch or balcony or your dark room. Remember tears are stored in all the eyes of all the beholders. Some of you may see tears falling. Some people like myself only keep our pillows as witnesses. Yet I firmly believe we will all be just all right if only we believe. Through your financial, emotional, and physical struggles, remember to breathe and let go of your worries. The weather changes and winter will arrive soon, as after winter, spring will come to our doors with a smile. Dawn breaks open with a big smile every day after a dark night’s struggle. It’s true as we have all witnessed dawn all throughout our lives. Tonight though, do remember to keep repeating to yourself this night will be over soon. Don’t forget Mother Nature is here to always teach us with her seasonal songs.

Hope is the friend you need to get acquainted with tonight.

Throughout the struggles of my life, I have held on to hope. I have always believed hope never gave up on me even during those nights that I had almost given up on hope. So today, I bring to all of you hope, laughter, and love through the pages of my books. Each and every one of my books carries this message, where there is hope there is a way. As a humanitarian, I strongly believe I must do something for the people across this globe. Some I know as I have met you during my travels, yet most of you I have not met. I do believe, however, we are all the same. We might look different and have different names, but our pain, sufferings, joy, and laughter are all the same. We all get scared after watching a horror movie. We laugh after a funny movie. We cry after a sad movie. These are the songs of our lives I try to place within the pages of my books. They are my sweet songs for all of you.

For all of you, I have written my prayer books, my quotation books, and my thought-provoking books which I call my spiritual collection.

They are for you who is lost and needs to open a page in a book and find some phrases of hope. My romance fictions and family dramas are a collection of believing in miracles where reincarnation, dreams, and time traveling are gifts of the beyond. My poetry books are there for you to believe in love, and to get yourselves acquainted with humanitarian crises and know this world has so many problems. We can take one crisis and work with it. My children’s book, Enchanted Tales: A Kasteel Vrederic Storybook For Children, is a gift to the children of this world. Travel through the pages of my book and sing along with your children all about the seven continents of this world as you travel with superheroes from around the globe.

This fall, why don’t you pick up my latest book I call Shattered Wings: Diary Of A Child Bride?

Sit in your favorite corner and take a break. Sip your favorite drink and read about a girl named Ahana Roy. I weaved her up through the pages of my fictional book. Her paranormal story will teach you about a humanitarian crisis we all keep at the back of our minds if not forgotten completely. Today read about her life story as she has become alive through my book. Forever Ahana Roy will be alive and you too will cry for her, cry with her, and maybe these tears will help relieve some of your own inner pain. Then we will all say if Ahana can fight for herself, then we too can fight for ourselves. Now sing a song of positive hope for the future, as Ahana has weaved the message through her struggles.

This autumn when you feel the first drops of rain showers falling upon your feet, know a girl had walked over shattered glass to fight for herself and her children.

Life is a road filled with thorns. We all walk upon them sometimes during our lives. Yet when we cross the obstacles, we forget about the pain and the struggles we had walked through. Tonight do take my book Shattered Wings: Diary Of A Child Bride with you to bed. Maybe reading about Ahana Roy will awaken your inner heart to these heart-breaking stories that go missing in the pages of history. This fictional book has been bound as the ink of my pen has dried and given life to Ahana Roy. Today she too is living within the pages of my book. May all child brides around the globe find a way out from their obstacles of life as they meet Ahana Roy through the pages of my book. This book will open your heart through the saddest songs of a child bride.

Autumn is the season to reflect on life as we get ourselves ready for a harsh winter.

Reflect on what you have achieved and what you have given back to this society. Let your gifts be a seed you plant this autumn. Watch her grow and become fruitful this coming spring for your newly planted tree will give fruits to the strangers who pass by her. It will become the shelter for strangers who take shelter under her for shade. Your one tree will become a witness to your journey through life as she will witness all of your descendants in the future. Don’t worry about the lonely tree standing all by herself tonight as tomorrow, others will plant more trees and your lonely tree will find a family of trees singing and dancing together in spring. I have planted a tree I call, Shattered Wings: Diary Of A Child Bride, and I hope by spring she becomes a book of hope for all the child brides around the globe. May she sing a sweet song and save some girls from being burned under this catastrophic crisis.

Tonight as you sit alone in your home waiting for your personal obstacles to disappear, remember to never forget this night.

Tomorrow when another person will be sitting alone for her obstacles to disappear, give them a prayer of hope. Retell your one dark night’s story and reaffirm to her all will be all right as these obstacles are teachers of life. They appear like the seasons change and will disappear like the changing seasons. Let the lessons of the seasons be your guide. Tomorrow you the taught one do teach another soul about your journey through the obstacles of your life. It will all make sense then as you will save someone else and be happy you went through this obstacle so to be there for the other person in their time of need. Maybe you can then hold on to their hands and together sing some sweet lessons of life for another soul in need.

I have taken pen to paper where I have written fictional and non-fictional books.

My goal is to awaken humanity across this globe. Mother Nature teaches us through the changing seasons never to give up. I will be there for you through the pages of my books. As everything in this world fades, the pages of a bound book will be there to guide you today and your descendants tomorrow. If you are ever in any kind of hurdle, remember someone out there had gone through this same thing yesterday. Listen to them and talk to them. Always know never are you alone as always in life there is someone walking on the same road before you. Also, keep an eye out for the traveler who walks behind you. Leave some pages of your diary open for them to follow your path and not get lost. Keep on singing the songs of life as all the travelers behind you will listen to your sweet tunes of warning and be guided by you.

My latest book has a young girl who walks alone.

She knew there was no one she could turn to as she said she was born with shattered wings. She, however, did not give up in life as she fought for her life and for her children. Tonight, I want you all to fight for yourself and all others whom you know are spilling tears as they go to bed and keep their pillows as witnesses. Be there for yourself and know dawn will be there soon, as all nights come to an end. Keep on shining the candles of hope for all who are sitting in the dark waiting for some kind of guidance. Keep the musical notes of hope playing all night as someone will hear them and be saved by dawn tomorrow.

Winter will come into the world as she will bring a lot of fun times and a lot of cold harsh nights.

Yet even during a winter storm, remember spring is around the corner. You can bring spring into your life through your belief in her for she begins to travel upon the road as winter approaches. We won’t meet up with her for a while yet know she is on her way. Don’t give up and keep giving hope a call. She will answer her phone soon. It’s you who must keep on calling her for the answer to your prayers called spring has embarked upon her journey. You must believe in her even though you don’t see her. Just open your inner hearts and try to listen to the positive musical notes of spring.

The lessons from Ms. Autumn is to never give up.

With each fallen leaf, she gets another one back in spring. With each failure, people need to remember to only try again until you succeed. Look at all the fallen leaves on the ground and know they were not failures but only trials for the future success as with the arrival of spring, the new green leaves will prove all the triumphs of trying again were successful. Nothing is a failure as they were all the sweet musical lessons of life.

I hope you the reader find yourself all the successes in life as you too are a student of Mother Nature.

All the mysteries of life are hidden within the chest of Mother Nature. Just like she changes her seasons, she also guides all of us throughout time. Seek, knock, and ask her as she is always there as the teacher of all the children of this world. Her one lesson I found all my answers in is never lose hope. The seasons never stay the same. Your problems too will be resolved soon. Keep hope alive for hope never quits on you. So, you too should never quit singing the sweet songs of hope.

Enjoy the arrival of fall and remember to enjoy this season as soon we will all land in winter and then spring will arrive with beautiful colors.

My gift to all of you this fall is my latest book I call Shattered Wings: Diary Of A Child Bride. This book will awaken your inner soul and forever you will keep Ahana Roy, the lead character of this book, alive within your soul as you will retell this tale like a musical note that never gets old.

A reader sent me a note saying,
“Ahana Roy will forever live in my heart and soul, she is not a character but a person that will live on forever. Reading this book I realized how lucky we all are to just be alive.”

May this book and all my books take your mind, body, and soul away from your problems.

Even if it is for a few minutes, I will feel blessed as for all my human families across the globe, my wish is to eradicate all your emotional troubles through my pen and paper. I know through my books, I have created a door for all of you to accept me and me to accept you as my family eternally. This autumn, rejuvenate within new hope. Let the blessed lessons of autumn teach us how to live with peace and harmony. Go and watch the colors change throughout the season and enjoy this miracle of Mother Nature. Maybe you can collect some of the changing leaves of fall and keep them in your diaries, as they are all Autumn’s Musical Notes.

Have a blessed autumn everyone.


Ann Marie Ruby

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