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Before this year ends, will we say 2022 is the year humans lost humanity?

Today we have crossed seven months and eighteen days in this year. The year 2022 had come upon our doors. We all rejoiced the arrival with hearts filled with hope.  However, soon enough we realized we lost trust in one another as we the humans have lost hope in one another. 

This year has gifted us with a lot of hope since the pandemic of 2020. No way have we crossed the bridge of the two-year-old pandemic as of yet. We are walking slowly toward a cure. Yet we are still risking one another by letting go of our precautions and removing all of the precautionary measures. Here we are all fighting to be safe and cross over the pandemic the best way we can.

However, as the year had come, it greeted us with financial, physical, and emotional strain, all across the globe. War ravaged across some countries yet affected the whole world. The problems increased as the elected or want-to-be-elected politicians had started to create a rift, creating political differences. No way are they thinking about you the individual yet only about the politician in question. Through their created rift, they win yet humanity loses its footings. When humanity is lost within unjust hands, all the humans fall from grace. 

This new wildfire the politicians and the world leaders have started has driven humans apart throughout the globe. I now see humans across the globe have fallen victim to these politicians and have for the first time maybe in years, in the year of 2022, humans lost humanity.

The fire you have sown to put yourself up and drown everyone else will also take you down as you too stand upon the same ground you set ablaze.

Wildfires have touched human souls as they now are setting ablaze each other through harsh words of the unjust mouths. Words kept within your hearts and not shared in fear for they will or might hurt the other person, are now thrown out without any shame. All around the globe, people are fighting against each other. People try to put people down and have nothing good to say. It’s like I am standing amidst an ocean of poisonous water and no one is realizing they are spreading the poison not eradicating It. Words of violence can be heard. Words promoting violence against one another are being preached at all social doorsteps. I have never thought people would publicly comment with abusive words on social media. Maybe it is easy to say those words from behind the screen and not eye to eye.

Politicians have nothing good to say about one another these days. The solution to eradicating all troubles seems like elect the person who is preaching hate and division. Easiest way out is to create groups based on differences and stay within your own group and discriminate against all others. The person with a loud mouth and pocket full of cash to keep his group going will win. Yet then how will you solve the problems of this society if you start your journey with division and not with fundamental understanding of let’s unitedly solve the problem?

The innocent victims get crushed under the footsteps of the unjust societal revolution.

Nothing remains of their existence except the dust under the unjust people’s feet. Yet then I ask you all, why don’t you see your own wrong? Keeping your eyes closed to the others does not make them invisible. Ignoring their small voices won’t make your voice louder. For remember like the rising phoenix, your prey too will rise again from beneath your feet. Karma does not wait under your feet nor does he forget the unjust days and nights. For when your wagon of time comes in front of the wagon of karma, it is then you will realize the ashes you stepped upon have risen again like the rising phoenix. 

Stop judging or making judgments on other humans. Stop the religious, racial, and societal violence. So today, I ask you the divider of this society to get a grip on yourself and stop dividing the society. Stop inciting violence if you can’t prevent it. 

The division makers of a society have found a bridge created from their division.

While they stand upon it preaching to their group, they forget the other half of the human population that see through your division is also standing on the same bridge. Now your division has created such a heavy burden upon the bridge which you are standing upon. It is splitting in half and is on the verge of a collapse. When this bridge collapses, all the people standing upon it will fall, those who support you and those who don’t.

If truth and just are our guides, then why are we fighting with one another? The biggest crisis upon us in the year 2022 is the division we the humans have created. This division was created blindly through anger, unjust, and selfish greed of the selfish human minds. It’s like when we follow blindly, we don’t see who or what we are following but it just becomes an obsession.

Through following our own hearts, why don’t you open the blindfolds and see the tears, the anger, and the division that lies ahead of us?

Why can’t we have different religions, different races, different colors? Is it so hard to let others talk and have different opinions? It’s not always possible to love the same thing or have the same favorite color. 

Why can’t we practice what we believe and let our neighbors practice what they believe? Why can’t all the leaders of all nations hold on to the people who vote for him/her, and the people who did not? Also, you think everything will be just all right if your men or women or you are in the political leader’s seat. Yet it won’t be all right if we are all divided and the bridge of love is broken. 

Are you the divider always trying to be on the stage, not off the stage?

Did you ever think songs were written without you? They were sung without you too. Today, why don’t you take a break from creating a division and just enjoy the amazing musical songs written and sung by various singers from around the globe? 

As an individual tonight, think through your own heart, not the voices of the unjust, but the love you still have for just. Let your house be decorated through your eyes. Yet when your neighbor decorates her or his home their own way, don’t judge them through your eyes. Let this world’s hate crisis eradicate through understanding and letting everyone be their own beings. If the Creator wanted all of us to be just the same then we would not be able to recognize one another. 

Nature is so beautiful as it is so different.

The seasons change and bring into our life the changes we do look forward too. The day changes to night and allows us to admire the twinkling stars above the nights skies.  Yet today I asked the moon to hide under the clouds as I am ashamed of my human brothers and sisters for creating a rift amongst ourselves. How and why are you allowing anyone to do this to you? Don’t forget time passes by us and your actions will become the results of your own life’s journey. 

Division amongst the humans has given the dwellers of this generation a name called humans without humanity. I only ask how could we the humans allow another human’s thoughts and ways to create a path for us? Why don’t you walk on your own path and maybe once in a while look into your life’s reflections? Maybe you would see a person you don’t like and then you would wonder, how you had ended upon this path that only has division and hate.

Today as you watch your cities, your states, or your countries create humans without humanity, why don’t you stand upon your own feet?

Alone and lonely you might be. All the different religious houses will tell you how wrong you are. The different political groups will say your thoughts are wrong. Racially discriminatory dividers will say your skin color, or your race is not to their choosing. Yet then do tell them it’s your one world and even if they teach you how to divide and create a division amongst humans, you alone choose not to be on the wrong side of history.

Be the leader of your own group where maybe no one will follow you or even love you. Yet you know you love everyone as within the differences, you find humanity still is alive. Tell the unjust society to not judge but remember at all times, we are the judged, not the judge. You may be alone, yet you are a human with humanity. 

Let’s in union eradicate all the problems of this world and not be responsible for creating this division amongst the human population through hate. For them, we are all humans without humanity. When I was a child, my mother had told me the student rises far above the teacher, as that’s the teacher’s goal. Now remember you the creator of all hate crimes and unjust, you just might find yourself in the hands of your own students. They will eventually treat you like you have treated all around you.

Remember some of the global problems this world face that need our combined attention and help, such as:
  • Hunger crisis
  • Mental and physical abuse crisis
  • Political crisis
  • Climate crisis
  • Health crisis
  • Future pandemic preparation crisis
  • Financial crisis
  • Homeless crisis

and the one we are all confronting together, the rich and the poor, the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the religious or nonreligious, all face The World Hate Crisis. If you don’t wake up today and look at your own reflection through your own committed actions, then you too are a human without humanity.

I the individual human can’t eradicate the division created by an individual. Like a wildfire, this hate crisis spread throughout the globe. Yet I the individual will keep on voicing my thoughts in hope that soon we the humans will in union eradicate the world hate crisis. You the world leader or the individual be a part of the group that spreads love not hate. 

What was my contribution to eradicate the world hate crisis?

As an individual, I can only contribute so much to eradicate the hate crisis. For in front of me there is a mountain and I don’t know how I can climb the mountain or try to remove it. So with my hands, I started to write my book The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic

I hope you the individual at the top of the mountain or floating in the vast ocean will find my book in your hands. If you do, then come and give me a hand and let’s in union remove all the hate crimes, the hate speeches, and the world hate crisis.

For the sake of humanity, awaken yourself and in union let us say there are more people in this world with humanity than the humans without humanity. Let’s not let our next generations awaken in their time periods and ask what had happened in 2022, for it was the year humans lost humanity. 

Be blessed and spread blessings through your kind hearts. Be the person with humanity. 


I’m also answering the question to a particular person who had teasingly asked why an American author would write about the Netherlands. You also wrote on and on very teasingly as people started to question you. It’s so easy to just say something nasty, yet it’s so hard to say something nice. 

My answer is why not? Why can’t I, a citizen of another country, write with love and blessings about a country I love? Presenting a country one does not live in nor is born from in a positive way to the world is a blessing. In this time and place where we hardly have anyone saying anything good about another person or country is hard. I believe my love for the Netherlands is my gift to a country I love without any physical bond.

Love is free and where there is love, there are no barriers or borders. Also as an American author, I write in English as that’s my first language and it’s the only universal language I can present my books to this world through. A waiter in the Netherlands had recognized me and had said he had my book and loved it. He said as Dutch was his second language, he appreciated the book was in English.

Blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby

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