Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic by Ann Marie Ruby


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Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic: Vows From The Beyond

This summer, why don’t all of you take a trip to Kasteel Vrederic?

There you will find an epical, paranormal, and infinite love story. This love story found only tears as its timeless companion until it landed in the twenty-first century. The story has now through the door of reincarnation landed upon the twenty-first century. Throughout time, everyone had said, love stories end at death as vows are made only till death do us apart. Yet in my eyes love is immortal so this saying is wrong. For I believe love stories never end, as the beholders of the stories call upon one another from the beyond. Even if time passes by and life is no more, love stories created through the twin flames become immortal.

Throughout time, some blessed love stories are kept alive in the windows of memories. Some stories through the pages of individual hidden diaries are only found within the blessed hands of the seekers. Yet some love stories create a family tree where even love stories are reborn throughout time. From the one tree, we the future generation find shade on a hot summer’s day. Some lonely travelers seek protection under the family tree as we get restless through the journey of life. Yet others find comfort and hugs under the family trees of the past. Some even try to find their fruits as a branch of support. At times as the travelers become thirsty for more stories, they go and sit under the trees. It’s then they find the gentle breeze comforting them as it’s all being provided by the same tree. They can sense the invisible kisses on their heads reciting, “I am watching over you, my future generations.” It is then to quench our thirsty souls, family sagas begin to take birth.

One such love story can be found within the pages of, Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic: Vows From The Beyond.

Within the walls of sixteenth-century Kasteel Vrederic, an eternal love story had begun. On a cold stormy night, a sweet mistake was committed. A sweet mistake committed in the past, became a love story. This love story was tied to a simple mistake. This mistake then became the blessed fruit on a family tree. Yet how could a love story be a mistake? For it’s not the love story or the fruit from the love story. Yet it’s the human minds and the blistering mouths of the unjust society, which judge it as a mistake. This unjust judgment becomes a rift in between a family and the child that is called the mistake. 

A lover tried to rectify his mistake against his own child, yet lost his battle to the unjust time. Yet what could a person do if life is only a breath away from death? Mistakes are hidden as time passes by without our given permission. A sixteenth-century father lost his battle to the unforgiving enemy of all humans, father time. He had to hear throughout his life, “If only you were mine Papa, I would never let you go.” The question remains why a child would keep on saying “If only you were mine Papa”? This question finds its answer in the sixth book of the series I call Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic: Vows From The Beyond

Even though time had passed by the Kasteel Vrederic family members, the question remained buried within the walls of the home.

Descendants of this home knew a mistake was committed by their ancestors, yet the page where the mistake was written turned over and the book was closed. Time flew by as years become centuries and descendants of this castle wrote their own stories throughout time. This diary from the sixteenth century only collected dust. Mistakes committed by one could never be rectified nor erased by another. Forgotten and forgiven by the family members was the one mistake, as time had passed by them. Yet has karma forgotten and forgiven this one mistake? What happens if the perpetrator of the one mistake is reborn and now is confronted with his own mistake written by his own hands in the sixteenth century, sitting covered in dust in the library of memories in front of him? The answer is found within the pages of Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic: Vows From The Beyond

Mistakes committed by the past ancestors are lessons left behind for the future generations.

I had always wondered with all the messages that float in the river of life and come upon shore, what happens with the mistakes left under the umbrella of a family tree? Do the mistakes fade away on the sand bed by the first waves of the rough sea like the castles built on the sand that wash away? Or does karma keep a tag on all the mistakes committed by all of the humans? If reincarnation is a second chance at rectifying ourselves, then do our mistakes committed in one life too come and pay us a visit in our next incarnated life?

Here you will hear a child’s cries and fears as she the forbidden daughter asks her family members, “Why am I the forbidden daughter? For I was forbidden to enter my home during my life on Earth, as I only entered my home in a coffin box after my earthly body and spirit had separated after my departure from Earth. I had promised to take care of my home and my family members eternally even after my death. Yet as I am faced with the door of reincarnation, how do I enter my home in life if I was forbidden to enter?”

The spirits of Kasteel Vrederic that have protected the home for centuries are no more as they are facing the door of reincarnation.

The daughter now roams around as the girl with a lantern to protect her parents who have been reborn, yet will they find one another, or will they even recognize one another? She knows now her family must face up with karma, as even after traveling through the door of reincarnation, the family must face up to karma. Above everything now, the castle has a murderer roaming around trying to take revenge on the Kasteel Vrederic family members. The forbidden daughter had protected her family members as a spirit and then as the girl with a lantern in her hands. She knows she is fading away to the tunnel of rebirth and her family members must do something to save her, yet if only they were hers. 

Jacobus van Vrederic, the sixteenth-century diarist, is reborn as Dr. Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip and must fight his destiny and time, this time for himself.

Jacobus fought for his daughter and his wife in the two series introduction books Eternally Beloved and Evermore Beloved. He had saved his parents in Be My Destiny, his brother in Heart Beats Your Name, his ancestors in Entranced Beloved, and now he must try to save himself. He must learn to save himself too as he calls himself selfish and tearless for he writes his stories with hidden tears stored away that never fall. The sixteenth-century diarist reborn as the twenty-first century loving cardiologist must open his heart and save himself first. He must recognize his twin flame and his own child, the Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic.

Will Dr. Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip recognize his twin flame in time to save his only child who seeks him from beyond life and death? For he keeps on hearing her cries as she says, “If only you were mine Mama and Papa, I too would place my hand in yours. Yet like the forget-me-nots, I shall bloom and protect my home with a lantern in my hand as the forbidden daughter of Kasteel Vrederic.”

Find out how and why the centuries-old love story of Dr. Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip is challenged by karma in a paranormal, romance, crime, mystery thriller, family saga.

In this book, you will laugh and cry with the characters, as you will hold on to the edge of your seat to find out what happens next. A book where lessons are learned, and mistakes are challenged by karma while a murderer from the past roams around the castle freely.

As a reader has said, “I cried. I laughed […] Written by a multitalented, inspiring and bestselling author, I enjoyed numerous instances of suspense, drama, and culture-based perspectives, cuisine preferences and gender roles.”

A book you want to have in your summer reading list. A book you will hand over to your future generations as a book that makes you feel good and like you just had a nice break from all the obstacles of life. Life is a journey where our mind, body, and soul are always thirsty for one more break, one more glass of our favorite summer’s refreshing cold drink. One more hot cup of coffee or hot cocoa or hot tea during the cold winter mornings. This book has what you are looking for. The romantic poems your heart wants to recite to your beloved are also written within the pages of this book.

I know you will feel rejuvenated within the clean family saga and clean romance stories that once upon a time had taken us away to the lands of if only we had those love stories all over again. Today you do.

For all of you, I have now written a love story you too will want to keep as a keepsake throughout time.

Hold on to all the children of this world as you tell them, they are all the blessed children of this one world, as we are all one family under the one tree, I call the skies above our heads. Our one home we all share, our home is Mother Earth. Today why don’t you pick up this book and send me your blessings and love as I tell all of you, I love all of you from my heart, even if you all are not mine. My message is love is eternal and I would recite to my twin flame, “I would never let you go if only you were mine.” Yet to all of you I would say, never let one another go as we all are one family under one sky.

Today read the book and send the Forbidden Daughter of Kasteel Vrederic all of your unconditional love and tell her she is the beloved daughter not the forbidden. 

This is my summer gift, my gift throughout time, as words written in a book become treasures treasured eternally. For all of you, my unconditional love and timeless gift is Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic: Vows From The Beyond.

Dear readers of Kasteel Vrederic, here I am recapturing the series in one glance:

Kasteel Vrederic has sacredly kept within her walls epical, paranormal, infinite love stories. Jacobus van Vrederic a sixteenth-century diarist started retelling his love story in the first two books, Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go and Evermore Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go as his love story began with one small mistake.

He then as a spirit guided his reincarnated parents in the twenty-first century in Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond. As a doctor of the twenty-first century, he guided his brother to his brother’s twin flame in Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond. To keep his given vows, Jacobus continued to guide his ancestors through the tunnel of light in the paranormal journey through time in Entranced Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go. Now the twenty-first century cardiologist must decide if he wants to live with his memories of the past, or try to recognize his reincarnated twin flame as they both are confronted by karma and the Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic: Vows From The Beyond, the newly released sixth book in the Kasteel Vrederic series.

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Blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby

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