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My body is the vehicle and I am her driver. This time my vehicle struggled yet I had to manually maneuver, get her to be strong, and get back on the race of life and its journey. I felt like my body was captured by an unknown source. I was helpless and tried to fight out of this prison, that no one could see or hear me through as the prison was my own body and I was her helpless prisoner. It took me days to slowly win over this war, which kept me a prisoner. Yet I did and here is my journey through COVID-19. An unwelcome guest forced me into captivity yet I fought back, as COVID -19 paid me a visit.

As you all know, I am single and don’t live with anyone. Yet in this case I did have a few of my family members staying with me. All double vaccinated and boosted.

We all have families and friends. Some of us live in a joint family house and some live with friends. Since we got infected at the same time from the same unmasked person, we decided to stay together instead of going around and spreading the virus. We still wore masks, kept a distance, and sanitized ourselves as much as possible. After talking with our respective doctors, we decided to stay in seclusion together and not forward the virus to any other members of our family or friends.

You must decide for yourself how you will do this and I know it’s very hard as most of us do have family members or friends we live with or as we got vaccinated, we have visitors. It’s hard but we do our best and keep one another safe. I told my family and friends I keep the distance for my love for them. This time, however, we tried to stay in our own bedrooms and wore masks and recovered together. We did not leave the house until we all tested negative and had no fever. 

Friday May 13, 2022, I found myself sick with COVID-19.

Yet I did not realize I had the virus until May 14 as I checked on a home test kit. I was absolutely fine all day and did not have any symptoms until late in the night when I felt my throat was so scratchy and like children would say, I felt like a frog was stuck in my throat. By the next morning, my symptoms did not change much but I felt horrible. It was like I could barely get up and do anything. The hardest part was opening my eyes. I kept on comparing my symptoms to Dengue fever I had developed years ago while traveling in the Caribbean. So if you are feeling bad and actually have a scratchy throat and your eyes hurt even if you don’t have a fever, please get checked.

Do a home test. It’s easy and actually will save lives.

You can be your first defense. I did not take Tylenol as I take medication for diabetes. Call your doctor and make sure you are allowed to take any medication. My doctor did not advise me to take the pill for COVID-19 as I take other medications and the doctor was not sure if the COVID-19 pill would interact with them. He did say I am double vaccinated and boosted, so I should only feel like I had a bad cold. Please follow your symptoms and if you feel like you need the pill, please go and take it with your doctor’s advice. 

Here is in detail, my days with COVID-19. I had tried to jot down as much as I could but my headache and body aches were too much and took away so much from me, I just took it a day at a time. At all times, I reminded myself I just have a bad cold. Yet I kept my oximeter, blood pressure machine, thermometer, and my vitamin water next to me at all times. I must say to the group who made the zero sugar vitamin water actually has saved so many lives, I really think we need to thank them for this wonderful drink. It helped me alongside my hot lemon mint water. Again do treat your symptoms with painkillers and anything that would help if your doctor so advises and checks the interactions with other medications. I would have gotten better much earlier if I had taken the painkillers yet I just did what I had to without any painkillers as I said I take prescription medications for my diabetes. 

Here are my days with this unwelcome visitor! 


Friday May 13, 2022
I actually started feeling my symptoms in the evening but I ignored them and thought it’s just allergies. I had a scratchy throat, sinus dripping, and a sinus headache. I did not check my temperature as I thought they were my allergies. The difference was I kept on feeling like my throat was closing on me. I don’t get scared easily so I looked up on Mr. Google the one-stop place where I find all life’s answers. I actually thought I had seasonal allergies. 

Positive COVID-19 Test


Saturday May 14, 2022 
I had a low-grade fever, my pulse was high with a bad headache, and I was very tired. I had a cough and a scratchy throat with a runny nose. My blood glucose level was normal. The body aches were really bad and opening my eyes was hard. My nose and eyes felt warm air coming out of them. I tested negative for COVID-19 in the morning, so I ignored my symptoms as a common cold at this moment.

My sixth sense bothered me as in the back of my mind I wondered about a dream from a few nights ago. I kept on thinking what if my tests were wrong. Then I tested again in the evening and the test was positive. I trusted my body and how it felt rather than the test as it took more than one test to see that I was positive. 

I was actually glad to know I had the virus rather than think it’s allergies or a common cold. I started drinking vitamin water, lemon ginger tea, lemon mint tea, and turmeric tea. I found my favorite friend, my coffee, made me feel nauseous so I avoided it.

I video chatted with a doctor through Teladoc as my doctor was not available at the time of my need.

Yet I found this service really good. The doctor told me to keep monitoring my symptoms and he did not recommend the COVID-19 pill unless serious symptoms develop. He asked me to keep an eye out for my symptoms and to go to the ER if symptoms worsen. He did say he thought I would recover in five days and all symptoms would go within ten days as I was vaccinated and boosted. I asked about my prescription medications and he said he does not think it would interact with the COVID-19 pill, but he could not be sure as there was not enough evidence either way as the pill was still in its trial basis and given if utterly needed within the first five days.


Sunday May 15, 2022
I still had a headache, a low-grade fever, and body aches. I felt very tired and lethargic. My eyes hurt while I tried to keep them open. I had a less scratchy throat and my fever went down from 99.5 to 98. My blood pressure was normal, blood glucose level was normal, and pulse was high yet it was getting back to normal and going up again.

I felt like maybe the virus was finally leaving me, as I could feel like with all of these symptoms, I still am blessed I had all three vaccines.

I will take the second booster, the fourth jab, when I am allowed to. This evening, my temperature went up to 100.5. The only thing in this day was my headache and whole body pain increased at night. I started to cough a lot and felt the hot air around my eyes, ears, and nose each time my fever went up. I could actually feel my thighs were so hot when I placed my hands on them. I opened the windows and doors and let the fresh air in, while I still had the heater on high. I turned on the air purifier yet preferred the open doors to let the fresh breeze in.

Overall, it felt like a very bad cold or flu. Yet I kept on drinking zero sugar vitamin water, hot lemon water, mint lemon tea, and I also had small cut lemons on the side. Usually I have ginger roots when I do get a cold, yet this time I avoided the ginger as it helped me but also increased my pulse. So I only had small amounts of it in my tea, not by itself.


Monday May 16, 2022
I broke my fever. It was 98.5 in the morning and then later after breakfast it was 98. My pulse was still high in the morning and after breakfast, it was going down to normal. Oxygen level was between 97 and 99, throughout all four days.

Yet today my headache was more tolerable and body aches too were tolerable. It hurt still but I guess if I could have had Tylenol or some kind of painkiller, I would actually feel like I am healed. The only symptoms left were my leftover cough and pain. I hope and pray after this day, it will be only healing. It’s 8:49 PM and my temperature is still 98, pulse is still high between 100 to 107, yet getting back to normal. Oxygen level is 99.

I will keep monitoring all my symptoms and keep a diary for anyone who is going through this virus now or will go through this in the future. Again I avoided Tylenol or painkillers because they raise my pulse. I know you probably should take painkillers to reduce the body aches that come along with this virus which is different from a cold or a flu. 


Tuesday May 17, 2022
First thing this morning I checked was my fever and it was 97. I did cough and blow my nose all night. As the fever left me, the cough and runny nose increased. Still a mild headache yet no other signs of COVID-19. My pulse and oxygen level are normal. I will check throughout the day. 

I spoke with a doctor through Teladoc and he reassured me I am on the recovery path. I was upset as my personal diabetes physician did not even return my urgent phone call in five days. I had asked him if I could take the COVID-19 pill with my diabetes medication. He never returned my calls. After having the same doctor for years, I checked his reviews and they were not kind. He never returns any calls or is late in returning them. I thought he was really nice until now.

The Teladoc doctor told me not to worry about the COVID-19 pill as my symptoms have improved and it would have been for people whose symptoms do not improve. Also the pill is new so no one knows about the side effects, yet it helps at the time of need. On this day, I found the Teladoc doctor was extremely polite and gave me reassurance and told me to be positive as he was positive I was on the road to recovery. He asked me questions about my prescription medications and just talked with me. He did give names of over-the-counter medications I could take to relive my pain, cough, and runny nose. I told him I just wanted to see if they go naturally. He said that’s fine as long as my symptoms don’t get worse. If they do, then to take help from over-the-counter medications and call him back. 

I saw the unknown doctor was a cardiologist. After I hung up the phone, I thought I actually spoke with Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip, my Kasteel Vrederic cardiologist. I felt strange and knew I would be fine if Jacobus had traveled from within the pages of my books to this world somehow to give me a message and reassure me. Yes, I know as an author, we look for people who we base the books on, yet here in real life I realized there are true heroes like Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip, the reincarnated form of Jacobus van Vrederic, in this world. They do appear in the time of our needs. Books are magical, yet true and honorable doctors too are magical. They are the miracle we the world citizens need.


Wednesday May 18, 2022
Today I woke up to warm and brighter skies. I left the windows open and had welcomed the fresh breeze. My temperature was 97.4 this morning. My pulse was normal, oxygen level was normal, and blood pressure was normal. The only leftover symptoms were my cough and runny/stuffy nose which I did not mind at all. The worst part was I actually could not sleep very well during all of these days. Maybe the coughing woke me up or the urge to blow my nose, or I was just not relaxed enough to just sleep it out.

This day I had the urge to cook again and I made soup with rice, yellow squash, green squash, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and salmon. New Orleans style yet my own way. It helped my mind, body, and soul. 

Today I had lot of vitamin water, lemon mint tea, lemon water, and the San Francisco sun as the day was warm and really nice. I could enjoy my balcony and not worry about infecting anyone as I will be in seclusion until all my symptoms disappear. I sat on my balcony where I do have a daybed, and sunbathed for a while. My mother had told me to not sunbathe with a fever or a temperature. So I went out today as my temperature had broken for more than twenty-four hours. 

The sun felt really good as in my dream from years ago, the heat of the sun and something frozen had cured a child from his unknown illness. I thought in my dream the child’s mother too had died from the same thing. Later on I realized, heat kills the virus and Pfizer vaccines needed to be kept in cold temperatures. Somehow I thought the child that was being healed had something like HIV, as in those years I used to think Cancer and AIDS were the few deadly illnesses that take away innocent lives. Yet here we had another one that actually hunts the whole world population. My dream was written in my book Spiritual Lighthouse, published in 2017. 


Thursday May 19, 2022
I found myself with a fever-free morning. My blood sugar was normal yet the doctor who did not even get back in days did finally. He said up to 200 was okay for a blood sugar level with COVID-19. I thought that was strange as I always keep my sugar level near 99, and even on vacations I make sure it does not go over 149. Yet I knew my diabetes doctor was worried if I was nervous about it. He did not answer if Metformin (which I take for my diabetes) was safe to take with COVID-19 pills. I did not call him back as I knew what I should do as the Teladoc doctor answered my questions. He told me he thinks it is safe. Yet as the pill is new, no one really knows. So I did not take it. You decide with your doctor if you should take it. Don’t be scared to ask your doctors anything for once a very kind doctor who had sat with me during my time of need had told me, the only stupid question is the one not asked. I asked, I researched, and I did as I must do for myself, as today I was able to write my journey through COVID-19 for this reason.

Today was not as warm as yesterday, yet another day of nice San Francisco weather. I can’t predict the weather yet thanks to the blessed doctors they can make predictions on our journey through this deadly virus. My cough has reduced and only is itchy when I try to talk too much. As the day progressed, I felt my runny nose was also reducing. No headache or fever actually gave me more confidence I had crossed over the hardest obstacles. One thing that scared me through this journey was the extreme tiredness. I got up and did light cooking. I tried to make a list for clean up after COVID-19. I looked up CDC guidelines on it too. I will let you know about my cleaning day as I know the date. I was told two days after no fever, I could go out with a mask. Also I was told to wait ten days for all symptoms to disappear. I will test again on the tenth day. I have not tested again just to be safe. I don’t want to ever spread this virus, so I won’t go out for the whole ten days, even if I test negative. 

Don’t be scared if you keep on coughing or the runny nose continues. It will go away slowly. However, always monitor your oxygen levels and breathing. Keep calling your doctor and go to the hospital if you have shortness of breath or low oxygen levels. Please don't rely on my symptoms, follow your own symptoms and keep bothering your doctor. These are my symptoms and what I did.

Keep reminding yourself about the time when we were children and sick at home with a cold. The annoying cough and runny nose dragged on. Hey, I just remembered a funny incident from my middle school. There was a boy named Johnny, everyone would call him naughty Johnny boy. He would have a runny nose after a cold and always would run out in class screaming it’s coming loose again. Anyway, even though it’s a dangerous disease, we should all get vaccinated and treat it like the worst flu that we all will beat. Treat your symptoms. Look out for any symptoms that seem scary and get help.


Friday May 20, 2022
A better day overall. I actually made breakfast and lunch for family members. Dinner was made by someone else and snacks, juice, and tea were made by another person. A few of us quarantined together as we thought it would be safer that way. We kept distance and wore masks. We could look out for one another and also lean on one another for support. We all got sick from the same person at the same time. 

I was so frightened what did families do who got sick together. It was scary as we did not want to get one another sick but thought we had no other option. I opened all the windows, always wore a mask around my baby boy my dog, and handled his food and water and walks wearing a mask and face shield and keeping distance. 

Quarantining together gave us extra support as we monitored one another’s improvement. They stayed awake as I was sick and I did the same for them. My symptoms today included only a little itch in my throat. I still had a little runny nose like a mild allergy. No other symptoms. Pulse, blood pressure, oxygen level, and temperature were all normal. We binge watched movies. I must say I am the most boring company one could have, as I fall asleep in between movies and am not a very talkative person during movies.


Saturday May 21st, 2022 
The last person in our group who tested positive also had no fever for twenty-four hours. So everyone broke their fever. I hope this day finally brings my ordeal with COVID-19 to an end. I want this guest to not visit my home anymore as all guests must say their farewell. This was not a welcome guest. 

Today the weather was nice and my family members and I are all getting over our ordeals with COVID-19. Coughing and runny nose were the last symptoms of this virus. I must say if you are going through this and wondering how much longer do I have to suffer, my family members and I as a group found out the fever breaks first. Then you will have to deal with the cough and runny nose. We chose not to take any oral medications for the symptoms if we did not have to. You should take some with your doctor’s advice. I found gargling with hot water and salt actually helped me more. Strangely it not only helped my throat, but it also helped my runny nose. Try it a few times a day. If you have no appetite, just try to make some soup as it always helps. 

So today I hope everyone in this home recovers from our last symptoms, coughing and runny noses. Again I actually had no painkillers throughout this period. I chose to see if I could deal with it without any painkillers. I will take it if needed as other members in quarantine with me did. I found out today all of our bodies were different and as some of my family members had vomited, some had diarrhea, but most had fever, cough, and runny or stuffy noses. The two who had vomited and had diarrhea had it for twenty-four hours. 

If you do get sick, ask your PCP for recommendations on the COVID-19 pill. Get the vaccines and get boosted. Then when or if you do get it, at least we have defended ourselves as much as possible. 

A child asked me if I had an army working for me through this war zone? I guess children also do see the news and know what’s going on in the world. I told her, I actually do have an army working for me. The vaccines and boosters were my personal security against a deadly virus. The attacks are natural and there is nothing I can do against an invisible attack, yet as I have my personal security team installed within my body, I know they will fight for me. The child on the phone said she too got vaccinated. 


Sunday May 22, 2022
Today I woke up with no major symptoms. I still felt some runny nose and cough but like spring allergies. So today bravely after breakfast, I took a self-test on my home testing kit. I tested negative for COVID-19.

I guess I don’t have the virus anymore. Yet I do still feel the leftover side effects similar to that of a winter flu. 

The journey was very hard. Fear gripped my soul as I knew the battle might be an uphill battle because I am diabetic. Yet I survived and I know with proper care and guidance from your PCP, you too will be just fine. 

Treat the symptoms. Keep an eye on your symptoms, check your oxygen level, your heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature regularly. Drink hot lemon water, lemon mint tea, have a good hearty soup, and take your vitamins. The thing that got me through is my zero sugar vitamin water. 

Right now, I know you too will be able to cross this obstacle like I have, with care and blessings. 
Negative COVID-19 Test


Monday May 23, 2022
I found my family members too tested negative today, after we all had tested positive. The strange thing was everyone started to test negative in the same pattern everyone had tested positive. I know with flu, each person’s body is different and we show or get our symptoms differently too. Yet with this virus, we all had more or less the same symptoms and could tell how the other person would feel or react. The tolerance level of each person had actually was different. 

I took a slow day and watched a lot of movies. Even though I tested negative and felt much better, I just wanted all my symptoms to go away slowly before I go out in public. Again I tested my vitals and they were all normal.


Tuesday May 24, 2022
A very sunny day, temperatures outside actually were in the 70s. Nice breeze filled my little home. Today I actually felt like the virus finally left me. Less cough and less runny nose. All of my vitals were normal and I knew my recovery was on track. As the doctor had told me in the beginning, if vaccinated it is a ten-day virus.

I found out from my own journey and of my family’s journey through COVID-19 that even after one is negative, some symptoms such as cough and runny or stuffy nose do linger on. I believe it’s like a common cold. The leftover sore throat or cough or runny nose linger on. You could take over-the-counter medications to get relief from these symptoms. I just wanted to get natural healing to take place. Also I do have allergic reactions to cough suppressants so I avoid them. Lots of salt and hot water gargling and hot lemon mint tea for me did the job.

Today I want to let you know, don’t be scared if your test is negative yet you have lingering symptoms. I understand everyone in this world wants to act like super humans and don’t talk about their symptoms through this virus. I wanted to jot down my own symptoms and my journey to keep all of you informed, who are tired of Googling what you could expect. I must say because I did have the vaccines and one booster, my symptoms were like that of a flu. Please get vaccinated and boosted and be ready to fight this if and when it does come to your home uninvited.


My symptoms and symptoms of my family members were very similar yet different. Here I will talk about my symptoms. Also, where do I believe I got it from?

Throughout all the days I was sick, my only symptoms were a low-grade fever, very runny and stuffy nose at once, wet cough, increased cough at night, heart palpitation, a feeling of blocked throat or a frog in the throat, headache and neck pain from behind and shoulders, dry mouth, hot air in my eyes and nose, and nausea. Symptoms are individualistic as my family members who were all exposed around the same time felt more or less the same symptoms. Yet for some, the fever was higher up to 102, where I did not go over 101. One person threw up for one whole day. Another person felt chest congestion. Yet everyone checked their individual oxygen levels, temperature, and pulse daily. The Lord was merciful and symptoms improved on a day-to-day basis. We all monitored ourselves and all others as our symptoms were improving. I must say two of my family members had a slow recovery. They did not have much symptoms or their symptoms were like allergies. Yet their tests came out positive far longer than myself. I know some people test positive for far longer even if their symptoms do improve or they don’t have any. I told all of them to keep testing and I believe they will test negative, it’s just time.

All of us had always worn masks and will keep on wearing face masks, to protect you from this virus and try to keep ourselves safe. Yet my doctor’s words keep on ringing in my ears, as he had said, it’s not my face mask that got me sick, it’s you who refuses to wear your mask and come and breathe all over me who had gotten me sick. I have tried to keep you safe by wearing my mask, yet you by not keeping yours on have made me sick. 

This is a two-way road. I wear mine to protect you and me, yet you don’t wear yours and are spreading the virus to me and all. 


I asked myself why did I get this? It’s not like I went out asking for it. It’s not like wearing condoms and protecting yourself, for I won’t have to worry about this as I won’t break any of the commandments of my Lord. Why should I worry about wearing a condom or not for I will not have sex outside of a marriage period. The person who gave me the COVID-19 virus is a predator who has committed a crime if they were maskless during a pandemic that is taking lives. They are the predators who have given it to me, and did not follow the rules on their own. Or is it because the lawmakers of this land had opened a door for these law breakers to go and break them? You who had with one signature signed a no mask on public transportation, is responsible for this mass communicative breakout this nation and the world is facing. So for our suffering, you should be responsible for you allowed people to go out and have placed with those invisible guns their breath to spread this virus throughout the air of this world. It’s your freedom or right for why should you not walk and talk around with your own virus? I ask you where is my freedom and my right, to walk out in the air with a mask and not be infected through your breath of death?

With my mask I protect you, yet without yours, you have infected me and the one million Americans who have died from COVID-19. A judge whether a thirty year old or a hundred year old, should not with one signature sign out and risk the lives of a nation. If the person was a minor, this world would have charged the parents. Yet if a judge unleashed people with their deadly breaths to spread the virus, who now are taking their given rights and are spreading the virus, I ask you then, who is responsible for this act? Enough of freedom and right or wrong? For there is only one thing that is right, that’s saving all lives at any cost, not risking all lives at the cost of wishful thinking and my way and my how. If there is a chance a person should not drive drunk then all drinking and driving should be illegal. If there is a chance a person can go and infect another person with HIV virus, then that person would be prosecuted. Then I believe no one judge should allow all people on public transportation with loaded viruses without a mask. I understand like condoms, masks should be used for the protection of others. 

My family members who interacted with one another without a mask, counted our interactions as a group and individual ones with others. We traced back and saw we never had interacted with any other person without a mask or not within a distance of six feet. Yet there were two incidents. 

First option:

We were all together in a room as we closed on a property. There was a notary public who had come and had us sign the papers. Everyone was wearing a mask, distance was maintained. It was a huge open meeting room and not closed off. Yet I wondered if we still got it through something we touched as we had signed the documents.

Second option:

After tracing back our footsteps, we believed this was a more positive reason or maybe where we got the virus from.

One of my family members had a brand new suit custom made and altered. He was wearing a mask, yet the tailor was not. My family member did not have the courage to speak up and say I won’t come in for measurements if you don’t wear a mask. The tailor had taken time and took measurements without a face mask and they were very close to one another as he took the measurements for the sports coat. 

The suit was brought to us as he showed all of us his new custom one compared to ones that you just buy and make do with. He was excited as we all saw how nice it actually did look and we were comparing the prices. In between admiring the suit with my own hands as everyone did, I asked him if it was laundered or did he have it steam ironed? He had said he just got it back from the tailor. The coat was at the tailor’s for days, probably lying on top of other people’s clothing that were not laundered. No one paid much attention to it. It bothered me as I am very cautious about things I do touch.

I had a dream a few weeks ago as it had slipped my own mind through my moving.

In my dream, I was pushed into a room where a man was sleeping on a twin bed. He was mid-aged and had his salt and pepper hair back brushed. He was wearing a very elegant suit. 

I saw he had clothes laid all around him, on the tables, the chairs, and even on his dining table. I saw there was a briefcase, a leather one, which I thought looked like old traveling briefcases. I realized it also looked like a tailor’s briefcase. I asked my family members why have you brought me here? I just moved to the new apartment and don’t think it’s time yet for me to move. I will move when I find my house that I am supposed to buy. I watched other family members walk in. I told all of them no let’s get out of this room as this is for COVID-19 patients who have severe cases. We don’t belong here.

My dream broke and I told my family about it. Yet we all forgot due to new job relocation, business, and move. I did Google tailors and COVID-19 and saw people have stopped going to tailors in fear of getting sick because distance can’t be kept due to close proximities needed to get measurements. 

Yet today I know what the dream had foretold me. I told all of my family members. It was our faith and we had a bumpy ride. Yet we are all strong and shall fight to be safe, healthy, and happy. Luckily we were all vaccinated, boosted, and wear a mask. Yet you the predator don’t wear a mask. So when only one person wears a mask, the protection is so much less than when both parties wear masks. Yet what could we do as the judges of this world now decide about masks and safety issues not listening to even the scientific scholars.

A question I had received a few times by people around me was, “Why do you go to the doctor frequently?”

My answer is I want to know if something is wrong so I can fight and get on the path of recovery. You need to judge for yourself. Don’t overthink and make it more serious than it is. For you can overthink and make it worse. Get the answers for your problems. Go see your doctor. Don’t think it’s too much. Know what you are dealing with. Then work out a plan. Don’t fear the unknown but walk with a candle in your hands and find a way out through knowledge and hope and prayers. This time with my moderate COVID-19, the Omicron variant, I have listed things I had. My suggestions for you all is only what I had for myself. You all need to go to your physician and follow the doctor’s guidance. 

Do drink a lot of vitamin water. I actually had the zero sugar vitamin water and hot lemon mint water. I also had ginger and turmeric lemon water yet this did raise my pulse and I avoided this. 

For my meals, I had increased salmon, berries, tuna, plain basmati rice, a lot of noodles, vegetables, and fish soup. I had baked salmon with tandoori spices, and bell peppers and eggplants marinated in tandoori spices and Italian sauce. I had spinach with vegetarian kebabs. A lot of curries, different types of soups, fresh bread. Lasagna and vegetarian meatballs. Plain basmati rice felt good as it was easy to digest during the whole period. I did have eggs, fish, and a lot of mixed nuts. 

I changed my clothes every day and showered.

All my clothing I had kept separate and laundered in extra hot water. Bedsheets and comforters were all put in extra hot water and dried at a hot temperature. Throw away all toiletries as needed. I am usually a very clean person and do change my clothes and pajamas daily if not twice a day.

Hmm my favorite makeup, I chose to just throw it away. Everything that could be washed in hot temperatures, I kept only things I could wash. Other things I had discarded that were used during that time. I did tie all my garbage in big trash bags that would not open or get anyone infected. 

My meals were prepared by family members who were also triple vaccinated, or by myself as I love cooking. The hardest part is getting up and moving around as the headache and body aches actually crippled the whole body. Do take it easy and try to move with help from your family members. If you feel light headed, have a friend or a family member close by. Get up and do what you have to do as you recover. Wait until you do recover and do not rush the process as we are all different and so are our physical needs. I found it easier for me to just get up and do little work around the house. As an author, I have a few books on the way to be released, yet I did not rush into it as I don’t want my feelings to impact my words. So I closed my computers until I recovered completely. 

The strangest part was, as we all recovered and got better, the person who had brought the sports coat back from the tailor and was actually showing symptoms first but did not test positive, actually did not test negative with us but lingered on. She was still showing symptoms of a light positive so we believed she would test negative soon hopefully. 

So I wonder if you show symptoms and still don’t test positive, you actually might be the carrier. You don’t show first yet when you do, you probably will text negative last. 

Don’t be afraid and be positive that you will test negative and will be all right in due time.


After everyone tested negative, I did a cleaning list and followed it. 


All bedsheets, comforters, mattress covers, pillows, decorative pillows, throws, mattress, curtains, light switches, plants, and decorative objects were all cleaned or thrown away. Personal clothings were all laundered or thrown away. I steam cleaned the mattress and curtains.

I have hardwood floors throughout so I steam cleaned with a floor mop and steamer safe for all floors. 


Bathrooms were all cleaned with a high temperature steamer, bleach, and disinfectants. I threw away all shower curtains and mats. I did my laundry and washed all my clothing in extra hot water and dried with extra hot heat. I threw away all toothbrushes, shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, and personal items. 


My whole house was cleaned with bleach and disinfectants. All pots and pans including plates, glasses, and utensils were washed in the dishwasher with extra hot water and dried with high heat. 

My small apartment, the bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, hallways, and balconies were all cleaned with a list in my hand.

All the windows, doors, floors, and balconies were cleaned with either Lysol, glass cleaners, bleach, or disinfectants. I also love Mr. Clean to mop all surfaces. I did leave the balcony doors and windows open for three days to let the fresh air flow in. 

I use touch less soap dispensers for all my hand washing stops. Yes, I also threw away all my makeup I had from before COVID-19. I had help for all the cleaning as my refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and all appliances too were cleaned. I basically have a new home and all my stuff I could wash I have kept, yet things I did not wash or want, I just threw away. 

My home actually feels like it has been spring cleaned in expectation of a better and brighter summer. I will let the summer sun and heat enter my home. 

Don’t be afraid of the cleaning part, just make a list and start cleaning. Any objects that you had touched during your illness needs to be cleaned or just thrown away. Remember cleaning is not hard yet remember to put everything in a list and just follow through it. I always did wear a mask and all the people who helped wore masks and gloves. All of the people who helped were in my home together as we all quarantined together, healed together, and finally cleaned together. 

I know you can do it, as this part actually felt good. I got to redecorate my home once again. 

I did start writing this journal to keep myself aware of my own symptoms. I had tried to Google other people’s symptoms and it’s actually hard to find people’s day by day events through COVID-19. So I tried to jot down my journey through this unwelcome visit from COVID-19. I hope this will help you as you are going through maybe a light case of COVID-19, or if you are fighting through this obstacle right now. Please know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please get vaccinated and boosted, as those are your candles of hope as you wander through this dark virus. You will make it through as you have your supporting guards fighting for you from within your body, through the vaccines. Don’t fear the dark and unknown as you walk through the door with your candles, the vaccines in your hands. Don’t be afraid to get vaccinated as the vaccines are there guiding you through these dark stormy days of our lives. 

Unexpected guests are sometimes the fresh welcoming sunshine we all wait for all of our lives. Yet this time I did not expect, wish, or want this unwelcome visitor as, COVID-19 PAID A VISIT.

I wrote this poem as I sat and waited to recover from COVID-19 from within my windows, to keep you safe and healthy. 

Be safe, be healthy, and spread love not any viruses. 


I am the woman in the window,

Who only prays for you.

During my travels through life, 

I have masked up to protect 

Only you.

Yet you have unmasked

Yourself and opened up

The door of germs to me.

I closed my windows 

Not to keep you out but to protect, 

Only you.

Yet you are walking bravely 

Showing off your might,

Your power over all.

As you are infecting all 

On your way not even looking

Back at even me.

Maybe you don’t know me. 

Maybe we have not met. 

Yet I wanted to let you know 

I am the women who sits and prays,

For only you,

The woman who sends her blessings to you 

And all around her,

Not differentiating between who

She knows or not. 

Today you have sent me 

A dangerous and contagious virus,

Through your utter ignorance and not caring. 

Even though I cared for all not 

Only you,

You don’t care who you infect.

I do pray the day comes 

And opens the window of knowledge,

Upon your path,

When you shall know,

You shall see,

You shall hear,

You have infected the woman,

Who had sent her blessings,

As for that had kept her windows open

For only you.

I wonder will you one day admit,

You had received without your knowledge,

All the blessings,

All the love,

All the hugs,

From the woman in the window?

Today though,

You have caused her to,

Close her window of blessings

Even for you,

For you are walking freely,

Without any guilt or any 

Human values,

And giving all 

The deadly virus,

The dangerous virus.

You are the one,

Who is spreading it around in the air.

You are the cause of this infectious disease to be even deadlier,

For you have chosen to be,

Mask free and guilt free.

So today, the open windows

Of prayers,

Of blessings,

And of love,

Close down to only you,

For you are the mask-free, guilt-free human. 

Please do remember to look up high in the skies,

And remember the woman in 

The window,

Is stronger. 

She is safer,

And she is better,

Without you, 

For today she finally is courageous enough to,

Close her windows,

Only for you.

Yet I shall always wonder,

When you do pass this one house,

Of a stranger through the journey of your life,

Would you even look up and think

Why the windows,

That were open forever

Are now forever closed,

Only for you?

I ask would you maybe,

A day in the future,

Maybe regret and live eternally

With regrets,

For not wearing the mask,

Even for the,

Woman in the window?

Blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby


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