Picture of nighttime San Francisco from my apartment. The view reminds me, are we attracted to fear because we are afraid of it, or is it because fear is our body’s automatic sensor?


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Fear cripples the mind, body, and soul. It’s an obstacle in the path of the individual sensing this. Yet do remember being brave is not the solution as being afraid actually makes you aware there is something out there. So fear is actually guiding you through an obstacle. So what is fear? I believe fear is guiding us through the obstacles of life. For it is our body’s automatic lighthouse that turns on as we sense fear. So my answer is, fear is our body’s automatic sensor.

Scientifically, it’s our human body’s protection mechanism tip, which alerts us to imminent threats.

Maybe tips were given through different sources, such as physical changes, situation, or lifestyle changes. Life’s unexpected situations trigger our mind, body, and soul into becoming a victim of their sources. Fear actually protects us as through the door of fear we realize there is an imminent threat. Spiritually, fear is an after effect of life’s unanswered and unexpected obstacles.

So be prepared to answer yourself the question your mind is always asking you, what is fear? 

As a child, I realized to move away from the flying thorns of the beautiful roses. Once I watched a thorn fly toward me while I was trying to pick a rose. While fear gripped my soul, I immediately ducked my head knowing I should close my eyes and not let the thorn fly into it. It was fear that had protected me then. Again as a child, I was trying to swim by myself, not knowing I needed to learn swimming before I could jump into the nice cold water on a hot summer’s day.

Yet my swimming teacher missed my fall and I started to scream in fear. A classmate saw me and he pulled me out of the water, holding on to me, while he asked for help until the teacher could come. Again fear protected me and my classmate gripped in fear had protected me. 

Through the obstacles of life, I asked myself what is fear? It was then the answers to my questions flew in through the journey of my own life. Fear was my protection blanket. Fear was the life vest I needed while I learned to swim. 

Fear will take us onto the wrong path if not conquered.

Fear causes mental stress and we the individuals react differently to this obstacle. Some of us try to cope with it through anger. Some of us go into depression and then we try to hide our feelings. It’s like as a child I would hide under my blanket as I tried to cope with fear after refusing to watch the Dracula movie with my family. Yet my father kept on saying it’s only a movie, get over it. I did not know what to get over as I never watched the movie.

I realized later on, the only way I could have gotten over my fears was by conquering my fears so later on in life, I did watch it and it did not scare me as I told my family, “Oh well not my type of movies. I like funny movies which relieve my tension and actually give me a good laugh.” Inside I knew I just conquered my internal fears as I am the winner in this game of life. 

I told myself never fear through life for at the end, it is only a journey.

Do I fear life?

Yes, I do as the journey of life is a story in its own. In all individual life stories, we have a romantic novel, a horror novel, a paranormal novel, and the list goes on. You choose your own life story, as you create your own destiny. As I wrote my novels, I chose Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond as my first book ever written. This book became the third book in my Kasteel Vrederic series, later on. Yes, I chose Be My Destiny rather than Destined To Destiny, as I chose to overcome my fears and be the brave not the person gripped within fears. 

You the reader fighting your internal fears tonight, take a deep breath and remind yourself, you are not in prison with fear. Yet you have overcome your fears and are not scared to admit this truth. Life taught you to be fearless and be victorious. Overcome all your inner fears as you talk about it in the light, not live with it in the dark. 

Since fear is our guiding lighthouse, let’s be honest and let this lighthouse guide us through the obstacles of life. Where there is some kind of worry, don’t let it be an obstacle, but let the obstacles be removed by you as you see them. Fear guides you through the foggy nights when you need guidance. Let’s call our fears the captain of the rough seas as we are all the passengers on his boat. 

The storms will come and go. We can’t avoid them. Yet while the storm is upon you or brewing around you, hold on to the fears and be the brave warriors. Appreciate this captain who only wants to guide us. 

What is fear, you ask?

Fear is the basic human instinct. It is our inner sense guiding us through the foggy roads of life. I believe fear to be my guiding lighthouse, in the cold sea. I believe fear to be the captain of my lonely boat. I believe I have the will and wit to overcome the obstacles of life as fear told me there was something there brewing in the dark night. 

If I know of the obstacle, that is when I can try to overcome it. So let’s all not be afraid of the cold chilling feelings of something is out there. Let’s celebrate the fact we know there’s something out there. Now we know we must take a different path. 

What is fear? Fear is our guide letting us know it is time to be brave and victorious. Fear is there to guide us through the obstacles of life. So today I ask you not to fear fear, but be brave. As fear is our body’s automatic sensor. 

Why not befriend fear?

Fear warns me to not be scared of him for fear is trying to warn me there are dangers looming around. So why be scared of him, rather than befriending him? For in our times of need, it is fear that grips us and warns us to be extra careful. As the scientific scholars or the psychic scholars would tell you, it’s a good thing because it means our senses are in order. It’s a clear to go checkup by our inner senses.

Be brave everyone and let your inner soul guide you through all the obstacles of life. Remember you are the brave, the conquerors. You have as your guide, your inner fears for he shall guide you through the obstacles you fear. For keep an eye out for your personal inner lighthouses, as fear is our body’s automatic sensor.

Blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby

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