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The world today is moving forward in a space that seems too fast for most of us.

It seems by the time I get a new iPhone, my phone then becomes last year’s model. How does one keep up with this pace? Do I walk with the crowd or against the crowd? If I walk with the crowd, would I then not be just another person in the crowd? Or if I walk against the crowd, then would I be the targeted one who walked against the crowd? My thought was how do I walk on the right path without being one of them or against them? The answer came to my mind as empower yourself through optimism.

It’s like I must climb a mountain, yet I couldn’t see the top, nor did I know what laid ahead.

Yet I know I must take one step at a time for if I skip a step, there might be a chance that I will fall, and then I would have to go back and start all over again if life can give me a second chance. Or I could just take it slow and steady and be optimistic about my future. I must believe in myself for my life begins with my dreams and converting my dreams into reality is my chore of life. Yet I can only complete this with positive affirmations. I call these affirmations our optimistic minds.

Keeping my life as an example, I will tell you, it was then I found myself. I realized I could only be happy with my achievements of the day. What I could not achieve was my goals for the future. Draining myself out for what could not be will only take away from what I actually do have which is today. I set my goals for tomorrow through the failures of today for I believe everything we cannot achieve is our future goals. That’s what keeps life going. That’s our optimistic manifestations.

Today, however, I chose to dream and manifest the positive energies to myself.

I let go of all the negative vibes through my positive manifestations. You can do it too. If you are trying to get a better job, keep on looking for it. Don’t stop looking for it if you get some rejections. If you are trying to buy a house but the mortgage rate hike scares you, be patient and wait this period out. Enjoy renting a house and dream about tomorrow. For in the future, you will be in your own home. Whatever trouble you are facing today, remember tomorrow you will be able to walk over this trouble as there will be a bridge created for you. Let this time be a reflection through your positive manifestations. Let this time be of dreaming about the future. Be optimistic about the future.

Recently I realized I missed driving my Suburban. I missed driving through Route 66. Here I am dependent on the bus and trains as parking spaces are scarce in downtown San Francisco. I had planned to buy my new car as soon as I came to San Francisco, yet I know I have to wait it out. I was upset but I realized it’s nice to be with other unknown people. It’s nice not to worry about parking or if the car was broken into. It’s nice not to have to worry about the rising gas prices. So actually, even though this was not my dream situation to be in, it worked out just as well.

I realized life is as good as you allow it to be.

Even if it seems cloudy and nothing can be seen all around you, the sun will reappear. I realize the storms are so different for all of us. Just like the summer rainfalls are not that bad as the winter rainfalls. Yesterday I walked out into a very cold rainfall. The rain was not very hard nor was it slow. It just drizzled very chilling raindrops that actually made me freeze inside. I watched Mother Nature and thanked her for the rain as it was unexpected yet something I could handle. You too will be able to handle your troubles through life. Just hang in there until the next sunshine.

Through the next sunny day, you will face yet other challenges in your life. Take them as opportunities of life. Challenges knock on our doors as opportunities from the future. Remember what I had said, “Obstacles are teachers of life.” Take the obstacles and let them know you are not scared as today you are happy with your dreams of the future. As the future comes upon you as time passes by, don’t let the opportunities slip for this is your chance to take this challenge on.

Life is a journey through the seasons of life.

We are all in a gondola floating through the different seasons of life. Sometimes we will find ourselves in the season of sadness and will spill tears of sadness. Just allow them to fall. Then we will find ourselves in the happiness seasons. Enjoy the time and keep them all stored up in the diaries of good memories. Yet throughout your journey through life’s different seasons, hold on to the hands of optimism.

Throughout time though, keep on saying you have won this battle. Remember it’s not what others want of you or think of you. It’s what you think of yourself. Listen to the others, yet as you are listening to them don’t forget what you had wanted to do or thought about yourself. For life is a journey, where you must take it through the days of your life. Life comes a day at a time, so you too must take a step at a time. Eventually you will reach your goal.

As an author, I realized I too had to believe in my own work, not what others might say or write in a sentence as a review.

For it takes only one sentence to criticize or place a person off of the track. Yet it takes so much love and effort to write a book. It’s a magical journey where you are the beholder of the blessed pen, not the eraser of the critical critic.

I had a very hard beginning yet today so many of you have written how my books have given you hope. I knew I have to keep on writing for you all, not stop at the critics but keep on going for one who said, “Your books keep me going. When I lose hope in life, I just open the pages of Spiritual Songs and find my needed hope.” Also the one who wrote, “The Kasteel Vrederic series is my escape, when I need a family to go to, I open the pages of Kasteel Vrederic.”

Dear readers, you are my candles of hope.

You are my blessed lantern that keeps on glowing even throughout the darkest night. Yet you glow like the bright sun on a clear day, smiling back at me with all of your love and blessings.

Today my message is simple. Never blow out the candles of hope. For even throughout the dark nights, I will keep on sending you the glow from my lanterns. I know with hope, we shall all be fine throughout all the rough storms of life. Life is a journey where we are all in a gondola floating through the rough storms of the ocean. Yet let’s keep one another calm and safe through our positive messages. I will place all my positive messages out in my books for all of you to catch and be positive and happy as you read them.

Maybe tonight you need some romantic poems or some paranormal family dramas, or some spiritual books, some travel related books, just go and visit my website. All my books can be found there filled with only positive messages. For my life’s goal is to empower all of you through optimism. Through my journey as an author, I learned to lean on all of you and myself as I empowered myself through optimism. Now I want you all to believe in yourself and learn to be strong as you now learn to, Empower Yourself Through Optimism.

Blessings from San Francisco.

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