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The winter breeze blew the open pages of my almost completed diary of 2022 as I watched my new diary sitting on my desk, waiting for me to open it. December in downtown San Francisco, where the street lights and the magical cable cars tell a tale about a miraculous Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and a blessed New Year’s celebration is in the air.

Before I welcome the New Year, I know I must end this year first for I know an end marks a new beginning. As an author when I write the conclusion chapter of a book, I feel lonely and sad as I bid my farewell to the world I created. I close the book and know there in front of me awaits a new book, where all the pages are blank. Yet with my pen, I will fill them all up. Another story will be written. As this month comes within our life, we the citizens of this world in union say the conclusion chapter of 2022 marks the prologue of 2023.

Let’s dream a little tonight and let our positive minds convert our dreams into our reality.

I will hold on to the hands of my dreams and hope all my dreams come true in 2023. Hold on to positive manifestations, and let your minds awaken your positive thoughts into reality. Whatever we all left behind the doors of 2022, remember to take along with you the lessons of the past, as you walk in the present with them, and create a better future with the learned lessons. 

This year, I had moved to San Francisco, California. I left my home and my mountain views of Washington State behind me and welcomed the city lights of San Francisco. The twinkling stars were replaced with city lights. The mountain elks, deer, geese, and the barn animals were all replaced with the sounds of city busses and the musical sounds of the human voices. I also kept listening to the song “Downtown” which actually gave me so much support.  

Having the city as my home and the people as my neighbors helped to end my lonely days. I love the city so much, I knew this is what my soul needed for peace. I needed to be with the people, not away from them. Being in a farm and away from the people are what dreams are made out of. Yet for me, it was not looking up at the stars above the skies but at the blinking stars of the downtown life.

I realized with all open doors, there are hidden obstacles we must cross.

Obstacles are teachers of life. I learned my heart wanted to be within the people yet with this, I too got something I did not want or need. I had gotten COVID-19 after I moved to San Francisco. Even though I was cautious as I wore my mask and kept a distance, people around me did not. 

I fought the virus as I was boosted and had masked myself. I wrote about my visit with this virus and how I had fought it on my blog. Also, I want all of you to know you too can fight this virus and be victorious with help from our scientific scholars. Life is a path where thorns are left in the dark, sometimes by our own neighbors. Yet there are those neighbors who will light the candles of hope for you so you don’t step on the thorns. Hold on to the hands of hope and move onto the path that has been walked upon by your friends as you move to the future with a candle in your hands to guide others. 

I opened the pages of my blank book and filled it up with hope, love, and the girl with the lantern as I wrote my book Forbidden Daughter Of Kasteel Vrederic: Vows From The Beyond.

In this book, you will see how karma had paid its visit to Kasteel Vrederic. One mistake made in the sixteenth century had caught up to the family of the twenty-first-century van Vrederic/Phillip family. 

My love for all the children of this world who too want to be born and have a home where they are loved has woven this magical book. In this book, a couple must be able to find one another without recognizing the face. For what is it that attracts you to one another? Is it always the face? Or would you just know through your heartbeats? Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe in twin flames, do you believe in calls from a child? You will find the answers in this everlasting magical love story you can read with all of your family members. 

The year was quickly coming to an end. Like all of you, I too had so much on my plate yet I knew I had to pick and choose. Not everything can be achieved nor do all the failures mean failures. I believe everything that does not happen is a lesson learned. Everything that does happen is a blessing. Yet every path we walk upon and cross is a page filled with a lesson for tomorrow.

I sat in a park and watched the children play with empty pages. They made airplanes and boats with them. I realized I use the pages to write on them yet the children use them to play with one another. Strangers become friends though these simple gestures. So I decided I too would use my pages to unite the children of this world. 

The birth of my latest book, Enchanted Tales: A Kasteel Vrederic Storybook For Children, had happened.

In this magical book, you will be able to travel the world through the seven continents. You will meet and greet local superheroes, who with the help of the girl with the lantern, Griet from my Kasteel Vrederic series, will solve mysteries. You will get to see magical children, mythical creatures, and magical animals who will unite you with all the children of this one world. All along the way, you will actually travel through the local landmarks, local foods, and cultures. 

This book is my gift to the children of this world. In this one book, all the children around the globe have found a home. They have unitedly created my new storybook for children. I know this book will be a treasure all the kids will keep in their inner chest eternally. This book is my gift to all children of today as you all are my future too. I am related to you from my love for you and your love for me, throughout eternity. This book is a gift from the bottom of my heart. 

As we all come to the conclusion chapter of the year 2022, let’s dream of our prologue chapter of 2023.

Remember the pages are all blank in the book called 2023 as we must fill them up with our footsteps. Take with you the book of 2022 and let it be your guide as you enter the book of 2023. Be guided by your learned lessons of the past yet dream about the future and know dreams will come true as you call upon them and let them be your reality. 

I believe in three things as my positive manifestations, I believe in hope, faith, and love as my positive direction. I will learn from the past, walk in the present, and dream about the future as I say the conclusion chapter of 2022 marks the prologue chapter of 2023. 

“Dear 2022, thank you for all the lessons you have given me as I enter 2023 with the lessons of the past, holding on to the present and hoping for a better future.”

From, Ann Marie Ruby

Blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby

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