Malibu Country Mart
I was able to capture Egrets nesting on this Ficus Tree in Malibu Country Mart.


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If only Mother Nature could pour anything upon us, I would ask for a shower of kindness. The human populations living on Earth in 2023 need to to be reminded about kindness. They need to recall how it feels to give and not expect anything in return. They need to get a booster of kindness from Mother Nature. I hope during the next pouring rain showers, Mother Nature decides to bathe all her human children with showers of kindness. Then, we can all grow a tree of kindness in our own soul.

The days are dark and unstable as humans have become really divided amongst each other.

Political, racial, and religious differences were kept within one’s own walls for the sake of decency. Yet today they are all out in the open like a naked emperor. You don’t even realize you are standing on the stage naked. You only think you are the emperor, not that you are the one without any clothes like the weird dreams that had haunted so many throughout decades when you see yourself naked. Today, people are actually standing shamelessly with their own views not even thinking about the others. The pouring rain did not come down with showers of kindness, nor did Mother Nature plant any tree of kindness within them. The dark clouds too did not evaporate as they still hang above us.

Even amongst all the odds, there is still a chance our prayers will be answered. Like a chance of showers, there is always a chance one person is out there who will spread the seed of kindness around this globe. Maybe we will see the trees of kindness soon will start to grow around us. Then, maybe we will soon have new blossoms around us.

Everything starts from within the soul of a person. So, I tell all of you out there, don’t give up even when everyone tells you it’s hopeless. Don’t fear the unknown even if there is no light around you. Don’t pour tears today. Get up on your feet and dry the tears. Remember, the dark night will disappear as dawn is around the corner. So at the first sight of dawn, take a deep breath and know everything will be all right.

I believe in my written prayer, “Where there is no hope, there is but one.”

Let me tell you without expecting anything in return, I will always give you a jug of kindness through my written words. I will remind you of my best friend called hope. Today, I will tell through my words don’t ever give up on hope as she never gave up on you. Now smile and tell one more person there is hope, so do smile.

Remember the person you despise and are jealous of, might be going through a hardship. You might not care and you might say you can’t change your thoughts toward him because of his fall today for throughout your life, he was evil toward you. Yes, you can’t change his feelings yet maybe you can change the way you act toward him. Feel good being kind even toward the people you know have hurt you!

Here is s very nice and wonderful reminder from the past.

1 Peter 3:9 NLT
“Don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you. Instead, pay them back with a blessing. That is what God has called you to do, and he will grant you His blessing.”

I love the world filled with beautiful colors.

The fall and spring color changes fill my inner soul. I love watching the amazing rainbow and as I have written in so many of my poems, I love moonbows. I love kindness so much more that I don’t think I can express it in words. Also, I realized how could I express this feeling as it’s colorless, shapeless, and can’t even be placed in a bottle. For if I could place it in a bottle, I would have sent it your way. Yet I can express my inner wishes through my words on paper and then have the paper sent your way. I hope my words do reach you and you grow a tree of kindness from them within your soul. If you ever get to meet me, just smile and know I will cherish your smiles and kind words eternally.

Maybe today let the grocery store clerk know you appreciate them. Let your bankers know you appreciate them. If you see a neighbor who dislikes you, just smile and let time pass by. Maybe your kindness will be contagious and she too will eventually smile back at you. She might plant a tree of kindness in her heart in your name.

Did you know kindness has no voice nor can she see or hear anything?

Yet kindness can talk and see and hear through you the kindhearted soul. Befriend kindness today and let’s spread kindness around this globe. You will see this world too will be happy as she finds herself being blessed with an orchard of kindness.

During one of my travels, I had forgotten my diabetic test strips which I need to check my blood sugar. I had told a hotel receptionist about it as he asked me why I looked so upset. He asked me to wait for a minute as he ran to the back room. Then, this complete stranger ran and came with such an amazing smile on his face as he told me he is diabetic and always carries his own strips. He gave me enough for the duration of my stay. A simple act of kindness touched my soul so much. As I sat down to pray that night, I prayed for this kindhearted, unknown stranger and sent him a prayer. I knew in his heart, he had the blessed tree of kindness.

I remember when I was in the Netherlands, I had jumped into a very crowded bus. Yet, I did not know what I was thinking. As I am very claustrophobic, I started to panic. A Dutch stranger came close to me as he held my hands and talked with me during my whole ride. I did not even realize how I passed the time. A few other people too kept me busy as they all realized about my situation. As I got off my bus, my stranger friend waved his hand and asked me if I would be all right.

I told him I was blessed to have a kind person like him. I knew in my dreamland, the Netherlands, they have the Wishing Tree at the Peace Palace. The tree reminds me of my hopeful tree of kindness.

Today I would ask you all to remember our friend called kindness.

I know if the skies or Mother Nature won’t pour kindness down to us, we can all in union place our kindness in a balloon and send it to all who need it. The work is not easy, yet it’s not hard as I know under all of the hurt and pain, we all have human kindness within us. Let’s open our inner chest and bring it out. Smile, be happy, be positive, and manifest the positive vibes to you and all around you. Be kind to yourself and then be kind toward others around you. It’s how you too will plant the trees of kindness.

I believe in miracles and I know miracles are just that, miracles. Science can’t explain miracles, yet we all know they exist. Kindness too is a miracle that waits to be spread around the globe. Forget the racial, religious, or social differences, and accept all humans in our one human family. For above all differences, we the humans are just that, all of us are equally humans. This simple truth will allow you to forget another person’s mistakes as we all make them. Know even if you can’t forgive them, you don’t have to be unkind to them. When and where we can’t agree, we can agree to disagree and move on. Smile and let your forgiveness be a tree of kindness.

Time too will pass by us as she will retell a story of a divided world population to our future generations.

I would want time to also retell the story about all of us, the humans who fought to unite the divided world population for the sake of kindness. So even if the heavenly skies don’t open up and pour kindness down upon Earth, we the humans can on this day bless all and shower all with kindness. Let’s in union plant orchards around this one world as we individually plant our own tree of kindness.


Kindness is a seed.
It needs to be planted,
Within our inner souls.
Then be patient.
Be kind.
Nurture it
As you keep it gently
Within your inner soul.
Now watch it grow.
Watch it multiply
Day by day,
Month by month,
And year by year.
Kindness shall
Only grow.
Through time,
You will sit under a huge tree,
Where you shall see
Your future generations too
Will take a seed from
Your given lessons
As they start to grow
Kindness within their souls.
This is how you will see
From your one tree,
Your future generation
Has started
An orchard,
Which had begun
From your one
Tree of kindness.

-Ann Marie Ruby

Sending my love and blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby

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