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A quotation from my book, “Words are painful so don’t throw them out and live to regret. Words are powerful too, so do use them as a gift.”

As words became my support of life, I have been writing. Words have been my keepsakes as I believe in another one of my quotations, “Everything is lost in time, but the words remain as a gift from the past.” I spiritually awakened myself first through the most powerful tool given to us, words. I wrote two spiritual quotation books through words. No religious affiliation, just love.

I know life is a struggle and at times, we need support to stand up and just keep going. These quotations are my support, like a cane. I use them throughout my journey of life. The path of life is entwined into complications and love.

With love and words as my guide, I have learned to walk.

As words came towards me like a windstorm, I knew at times, they almost knocked me down. The unfelt, unknown, invited or uninvited, powerful stranger called words just comes and leaves behind love, joy, and pain. So I have taken them as my friend and written my books for all of whom are searching for a friend who is also named words. First one, “Spiritual Travelers: Life’s Journey From The Past To The Present For The Future.” Second one, “Spiritual Messages: From A Bottle.”

“Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest” is a prayer book with 100 religiously unaffiliated prayers. 

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