Spiritual Inspirations: Sacred Words Of Wisdom

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Book Cover: Spiritual Inspirations: Sacred Words Of Wisdom
Editions:Paperback: $ 9.50
ISBN: 978-0692919521
Pages: 162

Words are sacred. I believe, “Inspirations are words of wisdom here to guide all. They have traveled through the journey of time and endured all the obstacles.”

Inspiration is a blessed journey throughout life. I have woven all of my inspirations through words as I walked throughout the pages of this book. Like always, my inspiration and devotion is life and all the obstacles and endeavors of life.

Throughout this book, I have written the words of wisdom as I believe words are the most powerful blessings of life. Words inspire all towards hope, faith, dreams, and humanity. Hold onto your hopes and dreams as you walk throughout the pages of this book today and tomorrow. Leave them as a blessed friend for the future.

May these Sacred Words Of Wisdom be an inspiration to all of you as you walk through this book of words.

“May my words be prayers in the wind blowing peace throughout the world. May all houses have their windows open to let this wind of peace into their homes and hearts.”


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