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Life is a sacred journey filled with hurdles and obstacles. Within this journey, I had always found tears as my best friend. At this junction though, I feel like a tired old soul who can’t even open the door for tears. There is a cold chill that just stays within your heart where you feel like, “Okay let’s shake it out and just awaken from this nightmare.”But, it matters not how hard you try. Dawn does not seem to be around the corner. What do we the humans do?

I know we must cross through this dark night to face up to dawn. So, do we imagine dawn shining through the windows and cross this night within hope? I chose to walk the night and let the night come full force. I know even throughout this night, within all darkness, I will be a candle of hope. Also, I will carry the candles within my hands, not fearing the burnt ashes. Yet, with the knowledge I will only have to walk until my Lord brings back within my life, dawn with her full glory. May hope and blessings be upon all of whom are traveling in the dark like me.

Don’t fear the cold and freezing ocean, or the blazing desert sun, or the worst of all fear – life with her gift of obstacles.

Let hope walk within your soul when even tears but abandon you. Do hold on to the hands of hope. I am also holding on to the hands of hope.

May my prayers be there for all of you traveling upon this path. All of you my Angels in disguise, do say a prayer for this unknown soul for I believe my love for all the unknown strangers and your love for me is my only thread of hope throughout eternity.

*This is a picture from my trip in the Netherlands, taken at Sint-Laurenskerk, the only remaining building from medieval Rotterdam.

Blessings from Seattle,

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