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Supernatural philosophy is a belief system which allows the mind to exercise beyond reality. The ink of my pen experiences these beliefs through the pages of my books as I take your mind to travel with me into the realm of what if. Life is only one breath away from death. Yet I ask you, have you never heard from the dead? How about the visits you have had from your beloved departed family members in your dreams? What about the messages they may have given to you in these dreams? Now come and enjoy The Immortality Serum: Vows From The Beyond which will take you on a journey through the realm of my supernatural Kasteel Vrederic universe.

Connection between the dream realm or the supernatural world and reality becomes the bridge between Andries van Phillip and Tara Bella!

The call from a beloved arrives through this mysterious world of dreams. Two souls are connected as they are twin flames yet the caller is confused, why is she alive if her twin flame is dead?

Fire burns behind a white house as a beautiful woman dressed in red screams to alert all the people inside of the house to get out. She knocks upon the doors of the burning house. She cries and calls out for help, yet no one hears her cries of warning.

Andries van Phillip, son of the famous Kasteel Vrederic family, hears the calls and arrives at the burned down white house from his dreams. The intact house standing tall on the hills opened its door to the paranormal family. Yet why did the whole family see in all their dreams the house was on fire and a woman in red was crying for help?

The paranormal family of Kasteel Vrederic travel to Malibu, California, to an an ancestral property.

The house was burned down in a wildfire and everyone wonders what else had burned down with it.

This is a book where I have sculpted Tara Bella to rise from the ashes as her paranormal twin flame and family in-laws would be the only ones who could see her. My ink has dried upon the pages and now this paranormal world is alive within this book.

The sculptures I have created are now all alive and wait to welcome you into their world. The paranormal world of Kasteel Vrederic awaits your arrival as they have sent out the invitation card to all of you through this book.

Today my Kasteel Vrederic family members are in Malibu, California and are trying to rescue a woman in red who is distressed as she can’t get out of the scene.

She is knocking upon the doors of an unknown family not for help but to help them. She is wondering how could she help her dead twin flame and his family members? Yet the mystery is how does her immortal family members tell her she is calling from the world of the dead?

The book is now alive as it opens its pages to let all know this is another world where the reality is anything is possible if only you believe. Come and travel to the world of Kasteel Vrederic. As you buy a ticket to enter this world, you too will say, “I want to revisit this paranormal world over and over again.”

Tonight, why don’t you dream a little? Scholars in the past have traveled this path. I know they will take the same journey in the future too. Today you can travel this path as you travel though the realm of the Kasteel Vrederic series which I have sculpted through reincarnation, time traveling, dream, and now the immortality serum. My pen and its dried ink have now left for this world population the ability to travel through this universe of mine and maybe wonder, what if I too could live in this universe? You can as you open the Kasteel Vrederic series.

Now, let’s all travel through the tunnel of rebirth, the tunnel of time, and the tunnel of dreams as we land in the realm of The Immortality Serum: Vows From The Beyond.

Enjoy your visit as you open the pages of the seventh book in the Kasteel Vrederic series. Now let’s all dream a little as it will open the doors to the past, the present, and the future, as through the Kasteel Vrederic series we are all believers of the miraculous supernatural world.


Ann Marie Ruby

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