Ann Marie's Kitchen

Ann Marie’s Kitchen

Ann Marie’s Kitchen

Quick and easy hot meals in minutes. 

Aside from yoga and meditation, I spend my free time cooking international hot meals for myself, my family, and friends.

Cooking makes me happy. It rejuvenates my inner soul. Cooking heals the mind, body, and soul. Not only is home cooking healthy, it also unites friends and family into one home and one table. 
So come and enjoy watching some low-carb pescatarian meals from my kitchen. I won’t bore you with all the ingredients. It’s just the aesthetics of the complete meal in less then two minutes.

I will show you the complete process and guide you to the ingredients used. I don’t measure my salt or pepper or even the spices, I just add to taste. So, why don’t you come along this journey with me and maybe you too will pick up some quick and easy meals for your family and friends. Enjoy watching and if you would like to have the complete details of how I made everything, do send in a question and I will try to give you all the answers. I am not a chef or a cook but just a girl who loves cooking to reenergize my mind, body, and soul. As a diabetic, I had to change my way of life and watch out what I had as my meals.

Without sacrificing the taste, I came up with my own low-carb meals.

Now you can enjoy them as my guest. I am not a chef who is teaching you to cook but a friend who has invited you to her kitchen. You get to see what I have for dinner, and I hope you too enjoy them as much as I love cooking. As an author and a full-time business woman, I rarely get any time off from my daily life. So my daily life had to be adjusted to quick and easy low-carb meals. 

I will try to upload as many as I can in between my daily work schedule. 

Why do I love to cook?

My passion for Christ, my inspiration of the last supper. Well, I believe breaking bread and sharing it with all brings all differences and divisions to an end. So come everyone from all around the globe. Now let’s break bread together in harmony and in peace, now in my kitchen. 

Now come and break bread with me as I take you through some of my home-cooked meals. Don’t worry, just spray some olive oil and garlic powder, salt, pepper, and some red chilies on a slice of bread, and bake it in your toaster oven. Now don’t burn it, get it out and join me as we break bread.

I will try to bring you an item each week. 

Enjoy this new way of getting to know me a little bit more personally. It is food that actually creates a bond between friends eternally. You all know I love my bread and butter. So come and let’s enjoy our bread as we all wait patiently for my upcoming meals.

Happy cooking everyone.

Sending my love and blessings.

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